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I won't try mirka deros vs festool 4d say sanding is fun, but it certainly better with the upgrades. It is made for them by Nilfisk - who also makes it for Milwaukee. Way too many settings to mess about with and I always felt that I was fighting with the sander. Quote feshool jimmy wood shop on July 26,PM. Recommended Posts.

Not having this makes it more difficult to control the sanders direction because it wants to go where it wants to go. Finally, the planex head can only pivot 90 degrees. This means it forces you to use the tool in more awkward positions and you need more swinging room. So for smaller areas it gets very awkward. I think with any high end tool you are often better looking online, rather than trying to buy from a trade counter. However it is always worth shopping around. Click here to check latest prices.

It solves all the problems the planex has! A full degree head is amazing for doing walls and makes doing ceilings far easier! The 5. I was able to hold it with one hand and sand the wall no problem. The motor sits in the centre and the two hoses enter the tool on the pivot area of the head which means the hoses have little effect on the position of the sanding head.

As with the Festool, it is normally cheaper to buy high end gear like this online. It is always worth shopping around for the best deal. Click here to check the latest prices. Read More. Charge Your Worth as a Decorator by Mike Cupit March 14, Professional insight 0 Comments Professional decorator Percy Hotspur has a clear message for anyone in the trade who is working for a client on a budget — charge your worth!! Ryan Agius on August 28, at pm. Thanks Reply. Anonymous on August 28, at pm.

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Cookie settings Accept. I think it starts with an H. In any case, something to find out to see if you can get their model on the used market. I believe the festool frame will fit it perfectly.

They havent redesigned those two sanders, ever. Heres the problem with my belt sander solution to your problem. As you already know, the drum sander can leave behind pretty deep linear scratches. A handheld belt sander wont be nearly as bad, but still it leaves a uniform linear scratch pattern. To me, this is where the RO comes into play. Ultimately, this is why everyone ditches drum sanders, because widebelts allow you to change grits easily and sand at grit without burning.

In my experience, it is very difficult to sand a large surface greater than 3' without loading the paper and burning at You simply dont have the surface area on the drum paper to handle bigger surfaces.

I will let you know what the revelation is like when i step up to a widebelt one day. Ya I have a drum sander and use it a lot but it is undersized for some projects. I do not have the space or bank account for a big boy belt sander, but can have my larger stuff done by a somewhat local chap with one. Still, even with them using grit, the linear lines still need to be removed as you can attest. That is a known fact. I have suspicions that it may not be, but may in fact fit my particular need.

I would like to demo one, but cannot locate where they are sold locally near Seattle, north of there if at all possible. I dont own a deros, but i considered a few ceros and deros in the past. Both, on the used market and buying new. I never compared the mirka offerings to the RO line, because i believe the Mirka offerings to be finish sanders. Lastly, compare the wattage for each tool.

Grit is going to determine a lot, but you also want the power to drive that grit effectively. Got it. And, having put many hours behind the Rotex, I am very familiar with how beastly these guys are I am not trying to shy away from the Rotex, but have heard so many complementary things about the Mirkas that I hoped they would have a comparable offering. The Deros is available in 8mm stroke but even then it isn't a match for the RO for your usage they are simply two different kinds of sanders.

I have a 50" drum sander and that is the only reason I don't have the RO any more. BTW you really don't need multiple dust extractors if you work alone. Just connect the cord to the hose and switch out sanders, it is really quick. While I don't use a Festool dust extractor, I use a Oneida Dust Cobra plumbed as a full shop system with auto tool activation, I have hoses for both the Festool and Mirka world setup and just switch between them.

Awesome, thank you for the info! I may have misspoke about the dust collection. I didn't mean I was going to get multiple DCs, was just looking to marry up a dust collector with the sander. Since I do already have a cyclone not plumbed all over , is that sufficient in lieu of a Festool or Fein collector?

Obviously, would need to have smaller more manageable hose than my 4" stuff I use for stationary tools. From what I have gathered so far, this is really not optimal as they produce very different suction characteristics. My shop is currently bathed in dust due to not having dust collection at the source for sanding so it is important for me. This is in spite of also having an overhead air cleaner in use.

Sanding dust simply is very hard to control when not dealt with at the source. Thanks for the tip about the Makita and Bosch offerings, will look into them. Just didn't know they did have something in the league as the Rotex. As I mentioned Oneida makes the Dust Cobra which is more like a super vacuum and I much prefer it to portable dust extractors but that is a different conversation.

Dang, I thought trip was back but then saw date of the original thread. I dont know much about the Mirka but if youre going festool, go festool. So everything can easily share the cord and hose with no extra stuff hangin around, its the coolest. I cant comment on long term use, but after a discussion over at festool admirers group, theres a few things worth noting. Same motor same body etc. The can accept the 5" and 6" pads from festool, making it a combo sander like the deros.

Not sure how theyd know, but thats on your honor. I think the different strokes are less significant than they seem. Without hesitation I would put them on equal footing with Festool. These two are made in Japan and are extremely well built.

I have been using the 6" sander recently, and I can work with that thing for hours with no problems. When I used the ETS, it required a bit more control, and I would get a bit of numbness from time to time I would expect the ETS to similar to the Makita, however, due to it's increased weight over the I can't speak for their other sanders, most of which are probably made in China.

I got rid of the RO90 because it is simply too weak for aggressive stock removal. For that I go to my porter cable belt sander. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. AcworthWW 9 Posted December 10, Posted December 10, Link to post Share on other sites. I was trying to decide between getting a deros and the festool and i went with the festool and dont regret it.

I already had a bunch of festool stuff so that swayed my decision a bit. As well, festool service is amazing and I read about mirkas being questionable. Trip Posted December 10, Kev Posted December 10, Popular Post. Llama Posted December 10, Posted December 10, edited. At this point there's a performance inflection point -- not huge, but it's there It's at this point that there is a dramatic performance inflection point The rest of the BORG offerings Edited December 10, by hhh.

Cliff Posted December 10, Back to the OP ChiknNutz 25 Posted March 7, Posted March 7, I realize this is an older thread, but it seems pertinent to my question. Pwk Posted March 7, HuxleyWood 73 Posted March 7, Coop Posted March 8, Posted March 8,

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