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Pegas Scroll Saw - 21 Inch with Tpi Scroll Saw Blades 2020 Raising Arm and the Pegas Blade Clamps Shipping in April - Reserve yours today as each shipment from the factory is selling out before it arrives. Price includes Import Fees as the saw is shipped directly from the US warehouse. 21″ Throat Depth, Upper Arm Raises, Proven Motor and Linkage. The Pegas Scroll Saw features a tilting-arm design that allows you to cut on an angle while the table stays flat. The arm tilts degrees to the left and degrees to the right (because of the dust collection nozzle). The top arm lifts, Craftsman Pin End Scroll Saw Blades Mod which makes it easy to top or bottom Pegas Scroll Saw Blades Australia Keyboard feed the scroll saw blades. Aug 26,  · The Pegas scroll saw is the first saw of its line, though it’s manufactured Scroll Saw Machine Blades 2020 in the same facility that produces the Excalibur scroll saw. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this saw has seen impressive reviews, but does it really live up to the hype?

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