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You can hop over to my Instagram and leave a comment or send pocket joinery jig list a direct message. She is SO talented! Now, you need to adjust the jig to match this board thickness. But, this takes practice. A dust spout connector keeps your workspace clean as you drill.

And the newer ones come with a handy thickness gauge that doubles as the set screw wrench. Depending on which jig you buy, you may have additional accessories. The Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K4 Amazon Zara first thing to do is figure out the board thicknesses you are working with. Right now, you are just concerned with the thickness of the board you will be drilling the pocket holes into. Keep in mind that when joining two boards, usually only one has the pocket holes. Find the thickness of that board. Now, you need to adjust the jig to match this board thickness.

The Kreg has little tabs on the back to adjust up and down. The older K4 and K5 both have pins on the front that you pull out to allow you to slide the drill guide up and to match up the markings on the sides.

It adjusts the guide as needed when you clamp your piece into it. Check out this post to learn more about the series and to find out which jig is best for you! Now, you should already know your board thickness from step 1. But just in case you need some reassurance about it, the newer Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs come with a handy little gauge to help you see where to set your drill bit collar. Use this handy gauge or an Allen wrench to adjust the stop collar on the drill bit that comes with the pocket hole jig.

Loosen the set screw on the side of the collar and adjust it up and down until the circle hits the thickness you need. Then, tighten the set screw to lock it in place. NOTE: On older versions, the bit may not have these marks and the collar may not have a hole. Err on the side of too short rather than too long.

If you set it too far, you will run the risk of drilling too deep and either having a weak joint or the screw will pop out the end when you assemble your boards. Once your jig and your stop collar are both set for your board thickness, simply clamp your wood in the jig and drill your holes. For boards or plywood panels wider than that, drill holes spaced out as needed depending on your application. Be sure to drill each hole until the stop collar makes contact with the jig. The jigs come with a dust collection port to suck the particles out as you drill.

As far as Kreg Jig project plans go, this is my favorite. It just turned out so great. Cute, easy, and lovely. Could be done without a KregJig , but the pocket holes make joining wood boards together so easy and secure.

A modern spin on a more traditional picnic table. We originally had this table downstairs on the bottom deck in our backyard, but we turned that in to more of a lounge space. I am dying to try a DIY like this. Allison is amazing at everything she does. She is also hilarious and loves her dogs. Top quality person. Check out her full dining room post here too. This cute modern step stool would be a great beginner project for getting your feet wet working with pocket holes.

Check out her library of plans to keep you busy. The perfect way to hide blemishes in our small backyard. I love this project, and other than the staining and finishing time, it was quick and easy.

This screen is only two sides, and it slides out of place. Stunning job on this one. I love the added pipe trestle. It makes it a unique build, and I love the stain color. The pavers that make the top of this table are HEAVY, so the added support of pocket hole joinery on the base is essential. This table definitely got a workout last summer, and it was cheap to make.

A quick and easy project to dress up your deck railing. This would be another good beginner project. No crazy angles or cuts, but a beautiful finished product. This was the very first project I used my KregJig on about 2. Look at it sitting there on the workbench, so young, so unused. Although both are a lot dirtier now, ha. You can also see a post about how to drive pocket holes in small spaces , which comes in handy on some projects. A simple way to create more functional space in a laundry room.

I dream of having a laundry room instead of a laundry closet! And last but not least, this one blew me away. I love it! It looks very stylish while also being practical. Metal trumps plastic when it comes to durability, which is why this pocket jig from General Tools is such an attractive option.

Made from aluminum, this affordably priced heavy-duty pocket jig holds up through many, many pocket drilling projects. General Tools equips the with an easy-to-use built-in clamping system, which allows you to speed up your project. In addition to the jig, this kit includes a drill bit, stop collar, and hex wrench along with a starter set of 48 screws, 24 wooden picket hole plugs, and a hard plastic carrying case.

This kit can function as a portable jig or be mounted to a tool bench. You get everything you need to jump-start your woodworking projects with this complete starter kit from Kreg. It also includes carrying cases for the hardware and jig. Kreg gives you an excellent and affordable portable option with its Jig This set keeps all of those loose pieces together in one durable plastic carrying case making it easy to transport from various sites.

The manufacturer includes a set of 40 indoor and outdoor screws and simple instructions. Accessories include a drill guide spacer, drive bit, stop collar, thickness gauge, and 40 sample screws. It is equipped with a powerful 5-amp 2,RPM motor for quick and powerful drilling, making for fast pocket hole creation. It clamps and drills the pocket hole in a single step. Adjustable spring-loaded stops allow you to drill identical holes in multiple pieces quickly.

Other features include a built-in storage tray and a dust collection hose. With the Kreg Foreman, you get a power pocket jig with the functionality of a professional-grade machine. This simple yet effective pocket hole jig is a great option for those DIYers looking for an everyday pocket hole solution for wood joining projects ranging from picture frames to furniture.

This kit includes a two-hole jig with a square driver, drill bit, and limiting depth stop collar.

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