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At the same time, the moving rifle 2016 were bone dry and in need of proper lubrication before shooting. I use 3M fine line tape for the sides. The initial business plan called for establishing some success with commercial products, then using that momentum to rifle 2016 into the government and military business. The AR-5 was rifle 2016 modular rifle chambered in. The one obvious advantage of the bolt system is you can safely get the most out of this round. Aguila —— gr FP —— —— decent load.

I use a barrel bedding too l shown above and sandpaper to clean out the barrel channel. Since this is a used stock, any existing compound from the previous bedding job should be removed at this stage of the process. Take a look at the Brownells catalog and you will see a wide variety of pillars.

Some are adjustable, some are synthetic, some are precut. The aluminum pillar we will be using in this post are sold as Brownells pillar bedding sleeves.

I coated the bottoms of the pillars with some red Dykem so I can mark their length later in the process. There are a few options to drill the holes for the pillars. A fixture like this would only be worth buying if you had a few different rifles to work on. The fixture sits inside the top of the stock. A tapered pin is used to locate the front action screw. To mark the pillars to length, I need to make sure they are properly seated against the action.

I place them in the stock and ensure the concave surface of the pillar is in line with the action. I cut the pillars to length on a lathe. The rifle can now be prepped for bedding. The bolt and trigger are removed from the barreled action and the steel is degreased I wipe it down with alcohol on a clean rag. Only the rear surface of the recoil lug should contact the bedding. The sides and front of the recoil lug are taped to accomplish this.

I use 3M fine line tape for the sides. This is an automotive painting product that works extremely well for this task. Voids in the rear of the action are packed with modeling clay. This will make clean up easier. The clay is cleaned up with a razor blade. This will help prevent a mechanical lock when the bedding compound is applied. The metal parts are coated in more release agent. I have found Acra-Release works the best. Alternatively, clear shoe polish or paste wax can be used.

All stock surfaces are degreased prior to applying the bedding compound. I prefer to use Marine-tex for fiberglass stocks. For wood stocks, I prefer Acraglass.

The surfaces of the stock and pillars are coated in Marine-tex. The bottom metal is taped to the bottom of the stock and the action is set in the compound. I normally use the factory screws to attach them. I would only use the bedding screws if the action screws had a slotted head. The hex head screws coated in release agent are easy to remove from most bedding jobs.

The excess epoxy is cleaned up with cotton swabs, a razor blade and some alcohol. The screws are removed and the action is tapped with a block of nylon to remove the barreled action. This is what the surfaces look like.

I clean up the excess bedding material on the mill, however, sand paper and files work just as well. He wanted to remove the front and rear sight assemblies. The sights on these guns are similar […]. Although the Air Force considered the MA-1 a superior design, it deemed its existing stock of M4 and M6 rifles adequate for its needs it had nearly , in inventory.

Only about a dozen MA-1s are believed to have been acquired. But by the U. The ArmaLite management saw the writing on the wall. The company claimed that reports of the AR-5 in the press resulted in a flood of letters asking for a civilian version of the rifle. Like all ArmaLite products, the new rifle would be a team effort. Where the new rifle differed was in its operating mechanism.

Instead of a bolt-action. ArmaLite called it the AR-7 Explorer. Production of the AR-7 started in late , and the first rifles shipped in July Ten thousand AR-7s were manufactured in the first 18 months of production.

ArmaLite had high hopes for the AR In fact, with a little practice the rifle could go from stored inside its stock to assembled and ready to fire in about 30 seconds.

The light and handy rifle was perfect for a day in the field or teaching a youngster to shoot. The design caught the eye of Hollywood as well. By the s, ArmaLite had decided its destiny lay with military sales. The move gave the handgun manufacturer its first rifle product. Charter President David Ecker put one of the first AR-7s the company produced through its paces for three months before announcing its sale to the public, storing the rifle on his saltwater fishing boat and using it to dispatch the occasional shark.

Barrel lengths of 6", 8" or 10" were available and finish options included gold, camouflage and a corrosion-resistant silver, in addition to the standard black. Sales of the Explorer II were dismal, and the model was discontinued in In , the single event that did the most to keep the AR-7 alive occurred.

Henry Repeating Arms Co. By then the AR-7 patent had expired, so the company reverse-engineered the design. Survival Rifle. While the company touts the improvements it has made, its version stays very close to the original. The most obvious changes are external. Instead of being encased in aluminum, the steel Henry barrel is shrouded in plastic and the receiver is given a Teflon finish.

The rifle is offered in matte black or a Mossy Oak Break-up camouflage finish. In an optics rail was added to the upper receiver. Henry has redesigned the inside of the stock so that the action can be inserted with its magazine in place. This feature, in addition to space for two spare magazines, means that 24 loaded rounds can be carried, compared to previous AR-7s which had provision for only a single magazine in the stock.

The resulting rifle weighs about a half-pound more than the original ArmaLite AR The weight difference is found mainly in the action, which features thicker castings than the original. In the field there are three questions to be asked of an AR-7 ; is it reliable, is it accurate and does it float?

With its many manufacturers through the years, certain AR-7s have gotten a reputation for dubious quality and reliability. Henry states that reliability was its top priority when designing the U. To achieve top functioning, it recommends using only factory magazines and round-nose gr. Under those conditions, I found the rifle completely reliable through rounds of testing. In addition to gr. The rifle functioned perfectly with those as well. Henry also recommends cleaning the rifle every rounds, solid advice for any semi-automatic.

After all, it is designed for less-than-ideal circumstances. The Henry AR-7 faced hundreds of rounds and a few dunks in muddy water. The yd. Out to 50 yds. I found Best Rifle Bench Vise Quiz the best shooting position to be a two-handed grip on the buttstock, similar to the hold for firing a handgun. Does it float? Well, sort of. While the original ArmaLite AR-7 used a foamed-filled stock that made it a reliable floater, the Henry uses a hollow plastic stock.

With the rifle stored inside, that occurs in about two minutes—or about six minutes with the rifle assembled. Either would be ample time to recover the AR-7 if it were dropped in water. Nearly 60 years after ArmaLite designed it to keep its company afloat, the AR-7 is not only surviving, it is thriving under the auspices of the Henry Repeating Arms company. Are there other. The truth is the AR-7 is a very specialized piece of equipment and in Rifle News the last 50 years no one else has come up with a design that fits its niche better.

In the mids, strange little AR-7s featuring sliding wire stocks, foreign markings and ported flash hiders were being re-imported to the United States from Israel by Briklee Trading Company. Appearing in the pages of Shotgun News, the guns allegedly had mysterious military origins in the Middle East and were a rare piece of clandestine history. It sounded typical of the tendency among gun enthusiasts, when lacking information about an interesting firearm, to make up an extraordinary story.

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