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I ryobbi I didn't pay that much for it, but now it's nothing more than a paperweight. I chose to ryobi band saw review 5g the band saw to my bench. Digging into my hardwood scraps, I found that the BSG band saw would slice through anything I fed it. Accept Reject. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. In use, the bar sometimes caught on these tabs, stalling the cut.

To stabilize its running blade, the Craftsman BAS is fitted with the exact same ball-bearing thrust bearings and steel pin friction side guides both above and below the table as found on the Central Machinery and Ryobi saws. Friction pins are easy to adjust and do a fine job of stabilizing the blade during cutting.

Unfortunately, the upper guides on the Craftsman mount to the same molded plastic guide post assembly found on the other two saws. These posts raise and lower smoothly, via a rack-and-pinion mechanism. But the posts also deflect relatively easily and could possibly break if impacted by a sharp blow.

The bright blue and yellow Ryobi BS band saw is sold exclusively through the Home Depot chain of building supply stores, and comes with a very generous three-year warranty. Like the similarly appointed Craftsman and Central Machinery models, the Ryobi sports a blade tension release lever, something more typically found on full-sized band saws. The BS crosscut well using exactly the same little plastic-headed, aluminum bar miter guide as comes with the Craftsman and Central Machinery saws.

Just be patient, as the feed speed must be slow to prevent bogging down the blade. Dust collection ports, located at the bottom of the lower wheel housing, are built into all of the saws in this test.

Hooked up to a powerful shop vacuum, the Ryobi had very good sawdust capture. With its cast frame and curvy design, the Skil is a standout in this group. It offers a nice blend of features and performance in an attractive package.

To help keep the saw Metal Cutting Band Saw Blade Reviews Events in place during use, the frame is mounted to a base made from heavier cast iron. It adjusts up and down via a concentric pair of knobs, much like the JET. The lacks a blade tension release lever, but you can always loosen the blade tension knob at the end of your work session.

Tightening angle adjustment lever to set and hole the table pulls the table down on the adjustment side and tilts the table UP on the other side.

It's really irritating and basically makes this machine useless. I know I didn't pay that much for it, but now it's nothing more than a paperweight. I purchased it with the need for precise mitered cuts, and it is not capable of what I need straight out of the box. The cutting table was warped and I spent hours Ryobi Band Saw Fence 2019 sanding it flat, and the miter gauge is so poorly made that its nearly useless. That said, the price is unbeatable and now that I have leveled the table and purchased an upgraded miter gauge I think I can make it work.

Would not recommend to anyone in need of a high level of accuracy, but is a good little tool for a hobbyist. Additionally, the Rated 5 out of 5 by Nickbm from I love this little saw! I have resawn and done most things folks do with a band saw. Please do a video as well for saw setup and tensioning! I hate reading reviews that Central Machinery 12 Band Saw Blade Driver say a tool suck cause the information is lacking.

BOx did not show any outside damage but upon setting the new bandsaw on a level surface, the bent base on the left rear was evident. I repaired as did not want the hassle of returning. Compared to my son-in-laws 5 year old Ryobi saw, the quality has suffered. His adjustable height blade guide is a lot more smoother and without play. My bottom blade guide roller is kicked to one side so the guide bearing does not line up with the blade.

Manufacturing issue as the securing screw threads are not perpendicular to the flat machined surface where this pin is inserted in the guide. The control knobs were intuitive and easy to adjust. There is a nice little window for checking blade tracking while the unit is running.

Installing the table was a bit tricky, but take it slow and it fits together. I was able to connect my shop dust collector hose without a problem. I chose to clamp the band saw to my bench. This allows me the option of being able to move it around, depending on the project I am working on. Another useful option for later may be making a rolling stand for the Ryobi BSG.

Squaring up the blade to the table was easy, although I did have to find my smaller machinist square to do the job. Then it was putting the switch key in and doing some cuts. Straight cuts and curves cut easily, but the 2. I setup a simple circle jig and found that the motor would stall if the radius was too tight.

While doing some freehand cutting on a yin-yang shaped top that I was making for a box, the saw did well on the curves for that. Digging into my hardwood scraps, I found that the BSG band saw would slice through anything I fed it. Again, small is the operative wood on this saw. The dust collection worked well for the pieces I was doing. The dust collector port is on the bottom wheel housing and very little stayed in the machine while the vacuum was on.

There is a brush on the wheel to knock off any dust. The Ryobi BSG is mostly made from high quality plastics with metal part in strategic places. The construction seemed solid, but the table was slightly out of flat near one edge and the miter gauge had a bit of a wiggle in the miter slot.

Both could affect the accuracy of the saw. While there was some attention to detail in the design, the use of plastics and the general lightness causes some concern about the durability of the band saw. A quick internet search did show a good number of blade options for this size. In the end it really comes down to what you want Ryobi Band Saw Blade Replacement Error to do with the saw.

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