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While I cover several finish products here, be aware that many other quality finish products exist. I no longer used it. For cutting surfaces you want to use an oil. Buy a bottle of super solvent, just in case. Best Uses: I use the mineral oil and wax combo for honey dippers, spurtles stirring stickssalad bowls, baby rattles, and minerall utility items. Walnut oil salad bowl finish vs mineral oil oil a popular wood finishing oil.
Mar 05,  · - Mineral OIl aka "plan old" The basic difference is the salad bowl finish is some what glossy and the mineral oil kinda flat. The Salad Bowl Finish Vs Mineral Oil Quest customer in this case is unsure of the finish they would like. What I need to know is which I could apply first Salad Bowl Finish Vs Mineral Oil Diffuse and then later change to the other, EASILY if needed.? Dec 02,  · Mineral oil and wax will penetrate the wood, where salad bowl finish sits on top as a film finish. I didn't like how shiny it turned out. It's all personal preference at that point. 2. Mineral Oil Salad Bowl Finish Canada University Salad Bowl Finish. Mineral oil is a quick answer that comes from many sources as being a “good” wood finish that is safe for food contact, not only on wood bowls but also cutting boards. Mineral oil is derived from the petroleum oil refining process.

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