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I am in the process of converting and old welders shop 36 x 40 to a woodworking shop 24 x 36 working area with a 12 x 24 able to be sealed air tight for   The question is what is the best dust collection system to install. I dont have all the interior walls up yet & exterior walls are open 8" deep wall cavity & /2" ceiling after spray foam was installed. The whole thing is under A/C so I dont want to open the doors & windows (I live in FL) to let all the heat & humidity in. Ultimate Guide To Dust Collection - Choose the right dust collector and dust collection system design for your space and woodworking projects.  Video 1 shows a low cost dust collector system with great performance that I used for over a year. Video 2 shows the ultimate small dust collector system which is what I am currently using. I honestly think this guide to dust collection systems is one of the most important guides I have Wood Shop Dust Collection Design Free written so far. I know it sounds crazy to be so excited about dust collectors, but I’m passionate about sharing this information with you. My goal is to help you build better guitars. Your dust collection system layout should take into account your tool layout, minimizing static pressure losses, convenience/ ergonomics, and aesthetics. In my first shop, which was my apartment bedroom, I had no dust collection except for vacuuming afterwards. This sucked. Literally.  Above all, you want the dust collector to be “out of workflow” in your overall shop layout. I didn’t want to compromise my “work flow ergonomics” at all.  Dust Collection System Effect Diagram: Most people ignore how the duct enters the fan assembly, but it’s important to reducing static pressure of your system. This principle of straight duct of around 6 duct diameters applies to both the inlet and the outlet. Another way to think about it is to avoid elbows or other fittings near the fan. Jan 06,  · 1. Use closed storage cabinets in a woodworking shop. Storage cabinets, tool chests, etc. can provide a perfect solution for organizing tools and accessories and making them easier to find. Cabinets with doors that can close (like the one shown below) can also simplify shop cleanup by helping keep dust off small Woodworking Ideas To Sell s: 2. May 16,  · A single duct of 30' or more that wraps around more than two walls of a shop reduces air velocity and increases the risk of dust buildup. Instead, hang one shorter main duct, with diagonal branches leading to the tool drops. The 90°; elbows in the dust-collector Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Apr 12,  · Today I'm back at it showing you how to setup a dust collection system in your workshop. If you're interested in setting up dust collection in your shop, the.

Dust Collection System Design. Diameters of 4" and up ensure that you find the size best suiting your system. Even with less than half the suction, my tools were just fine. Before getting started installing the dust collector, unbox all of the pieces. If I want to move them I can!

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