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In this article, we'll explain why dust is more dangerous than it seems and what steps employers and safety professionals can take to control it. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. William Leventon. The shop floor dust control 5g industrial revolution will allow for very high and unprecedented data flow. From Wi-Fi to 5G.

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To learn more read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy". Manage consent. When high-speed machining, excessive vibrations can cause unacceptable surface defects. Can 5G, the latest generation of cellular mobile communications, transmit critical machining data fast enough to slash the number of such part defects in industrial settings?

One partnership aims to find out. Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, Aachen, Germany, has joined forces with telecommunications firm Ericsson, Stockholm, and machine tool builder GF Machining Solutions Management SA, Geneva, to create an extremely fast-acting process monitoring system based on 5G technology.

Ericsson supplies the 5G communication technology that transmits sensor data, and GF is responsible for making the wireless sensor technology work in machine tools. Fraunhofer IPT has a test bed for developing 5G machining technology. According to the partners, wired sensing systems and even wireless LAN cannot meet the speed demands of this application.

The goal is to allow real-time monitoring of sensor vibration data and dramatically shorten reaction times when cutting parameters need to be adjusted to prevent defects.

With its high-value components and stringent quality standards, the partners believe that the aeronautics industry may be an early adopter of 5G production technology. In this industry, any small defect is a risk, Perez said. In their battle against part defects, he said, aircraft companies spend a good deal of time and money reworking parts and incur the cost of high scrap rates.

Any effective dust control program should capture as much dust as possible and capture it at the source. This generally involves moving airborne dust particles into a hood or machine connection point, through a duct system, and then to the dust collector.

Make those who are responsible for cleaning the dust aware of any areas that are easy to overlook, like inside ventilation shafts, on top of support beams, and behind false ceilings. These areas are out of sight and often left alone, which results in excessive accumulations of dust. Good workplace design can go a long way to preventing dust build-up.

Eliminating or reducing flat, unused surfaces is a good way to make sure dust has nowhere to accumulate. If your business undergoing renovations or retrofitting, you may want to implement some dust-combating designs.

You'll be controlling a hazard while also reducing the amount of time your workers have to spend on housekeeping tasks. Ventilation equipment and systems only keep your workplace safe if they're in proper working order. That's why employers need to establish procedures to ensure all ventilation systems are inspected regularly, maintained according to manufacturer recommendations, and replaced as needed.

Part of taking the risk of dust in your workplace seriously is knowing just what you're working with and communicating it to your employees. Dust is a hazard that gets overlooked because too few people know what kinds of risks are involved. Once the dust in your workplace has been clearly identified as toxic or combustible, your employees will make greater efforts to minimize its accumulation.

There are lots of dust control system options out there. Here are three key things you'll want to consider when selecting one. Filters with large surface areas are usually best. Opt for a manufacturer that has plenty of experience with dust collection systems and a good reputation in the industry. Employers don't always consider ergonomic factors when purchasing dust control equipment, but it can make a big difference to those who will be cleaning the filter on a regular basis.

Look for a dust collection system that offers easy access to purge levers. For employers whose work processes generate dust, there are some important regulations to follow. This includes explosive and toxic dust.

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