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Catchy and easy to use. This research is to prove that charisma can cross the paper, wood, water and other substance. The subtle hyperbolic shape of Trumpet blends almost imperceptibly into the hihg. And I really like the easy and clear drag and drop features. This describes us perfectly.

The Netflix original docu-series, Abstract: The Art of Design , takes viewers inside the minds and behind-the-scenes of our creative process. Aerial filming by Halo Aerial Image. Aerial photography by darkhorse. The plus story building is developed by Silverstein Properties and will serve as the new headquarters for 21st Century Fox and News Corp. C until August 30th, Alphabet of Light starts from an abacus of essential geometries and forms a new font that translates into light, like an alphabet used to write and express thoughts, or a tool to give shape to spaces.

Either straight or curved base modules made with precise geometric proportions allow for the combination of elements to build countless light structures, both essential and complex. It is an elementary principle generating an open system. Gople Lamp enhances the beauty of glass, hand-processed according to an ancient Venetian technique that gradually turns white glass into crystal glass by combining both upon blowing, thus making each piece unique. Through an innovative and sustainable metal vacuum deposition process, finishes are avaliable in silver, bronze, copper and blue.

The classic shape has been upscaled and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one form. The fixture hides the low energy light source, ensuring a comfortable soft light. The pendant consists of an acid treated opal glass shade, an aluminium suspension and an extra thick silicone cord. Collaboration KiBiSi. The Keglen Collection is a systematic design language for a wide range of lighting typologies.

This family of lamps have similar characteristics, yet are maximised for their intended use with varied sizes and unique personalities. The main feature of the lamp is the organic shaped glass that sits perfectly underneath, as if shaped by physics and cohesive forces found in nature. Ripple is inspired by repeating elements found in nature that grow and expand in organic ways, like molecular growth.

The lamp can grow or morph into different configurations, and the soft elements can be added to provide acoustic properties to suit the needs of certain interior environments. Trumpet is a fixture which accomodates many building services such as lighting, audio and ventilation.

The subtle hyperbolic shape of Trumpet blends almost imperceptibly into the ceiling. The deeply recessed LED module provides lighting with minimal glare. With a specially developed surface with small laser-cut points, Trumpet creates an extremely homogeneous distribution of light. This versatility makes it ideal for use in offices. Silverback is designed to create an interface between the architectural space and light.

Neither integrated, nor flashy. Silverback has a soft water drop like shape that combines a metallic part with an opal white diffuser. The metallic part mirrors the ceiling or wall the fixture is mounted on, giving a unique morphed experience regardless of the background qualities.

La Linea is a flexible tube of light, capable of twisting and turning throughout endless distances for countless applications in a wide variety of locations.

Elegant and sleek, La Linea is created for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Each individual modular element is 5 meters long but can be extended endlessly and seamlessly thanks to its concealed joints without visible shadows or signs. Voxel Sofa is a modular sofa system expressed through the concept of a building block, a three dimensional pixel — a voxel.

The grid-like system creates a family of units that can be configured into multiple seating scenarios, from single unit couch to a large, flexible configurations. The Brick sofa series is designed to have strong architectural references. It consists of a chair and a pouffe, as well as both a two- and three-seater sofa.

The point of departure was a classic brick bond forming the cushion pattern. The cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailor-quality button made from fiber concrete. Roulade is a meeting between generations and genres, a meeting between mattress and Chesterfield, chair and couch. Roulade is a Swiss Roll turned sofa — a contemporary, iconic and humorous character with a cozy and comfortable expression. Roulade is made from High Density foam cut into a fixed shape reminiscent of a rolled up mattress.

It is upholstered with top class materials such as Kvadrat fabrics. Resembling the soft oval shape of a lily pad, the Lillum series welcomes you with a curious and inviting gesture made of honest materials and designed as a contemporary, urban expression. Lillum is designed for the modern, flexible and pragmatic time we live in, when outdoor furniture is not necessarily only used outdoors but can also blend in naturally in the living room, the lounge area of a restaurant or in the workplace.

As a flexible module, VIA 57 can be configured to fit into various interiors such as lobbies, receptions, lounges and private homes. The chair is composed of a steel frame embedded in molded soft polyeurothane foam. These two densities create the soft yet firm comfort. The wooden base creates an elegant finish towards the floor letting the chair almost float in space. Scoop is a contemporary chair for all spaces. The innovative gyroscope-like suspension system enables the user to tilt the chair forward and backwards, conveying a free, suspended feeling.

The Y-shaped aluminum beam creates a visual and functional overlap between seat and base. Scoop merges craft with technology: the innovative technical edge increases comfort and maintains a clear and simple Scandinavian appearance. Scoop is available in a conference and lounge chair edition.

The XTable desk is a piece of office furniture accommodating multiple working positions and daily reshuffling.

All technical features are constructively integrated in the tabletop. It uses a century-old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other iconic tools. The principle is a radical redesign of the traditional office desk.

XTable is designed with an optional storage solution for office supplies and other belongings. The BIG-reformed kitchen cabinet is designed to work with the IKEA flat-pack kitchen, and has an affordable price yet novel characteristics. The elegant, unconventional handles are made from seat belt fabric.

Available in a white or an oak finish, the simple yet refined design evokes a holistic feeling for a modern-day kitchen setting. Totem Shelf is a freestanding bookcase consisting of a series of stacked volumes. Each volume is split diagonally into quarters, creating small frames or dioramas for personal belongings.

The shelves come in wood, aluminum, chromatized, blackened, galvanized and stainless-steel variations. The new habitat for two giant pandas were created in the yin-yang symbol, based on the Chinese philosophy for balance and opposition within a simple shape.

The wooden figure Panda mimics this simplicity, with the rotation of the upper mody and movability of the arms and legs. The Panda figure is available in the large or small size. Similar to soap bubbles, porcelain balls are joined together to form an object with a strong character that will stand out in any interior.

HAV has a distinct fish scale ornamentation in a mix between a blue and greenish black colour, resembling the coastline shrouded in morning mist. By using an airbrush hand-spray painting technique, the scale decoration on HAV appears elegant in its tactility and modern in its expression.

Friday Lock is a smart home product which combines a minimal form and enhanced security features. Controlled via smartphone, the smat lock can automatically unlock a door when it senses the resident approaching, lock it as they leave, or allow them to remotely control who has access to the property. It is designed it to fit on the inside of almost any door in place of the traditional thumb turn.

Friday Lock is the smallest and smartest retrofit lock to safeguard your home. The Pebble Collection brings luxury and high quality design to ubiquitous, everyday objects. Pebble is a playful, contemporary collection which includes a soap dispenser, shower shelf, towel rail, toilet brush, toilet roll holder, coat hook, lever handle, key escutcheon and thumb turn offerings.

Once connected, the light turns on automatically. When not in use, the magnets on the front and rear units pair them into one compact object, ready for storage. The Taper Collection is a series of bathroom fittings that merge countertop, faucet and running water into one visually seamless design.

Taper marries advanced engineering with a minimalist style that is deeply rooted in the principles of classic Mid-Century Danish design. The design takes cues from the practical function of the products — to facilitate the passage of water — by stripping the forms down to their most elemental essence.

An Architectural Future History , takes readers on a chronological journey across time and space through a collection of exclusive essays, a selection of BIG projects from the last decade, planetary proposals, and a glimpse of Masterplanet. The Danish Maritime Museum is placed underground, just outside the wall of a dry dock in a formerly abandoned shipyard. In text, photographs and architectural drawings, Peter documents this remarkable adventure in architecture, civil and structural engineering.

Through the scorching heat of the Arabian Desert to the unforgiving chill of the Finnish tundra, HOT TO COLD: an odyssey of architectural adaptation takes visitors on a journey across the globe to explore the forces that shape our cities and buildings. The book Superkilen celebrates the dawn of a new type of urban public space. Click on the image and read more about the book and how to buy it. Published by the Chinese publisher Liaoning, this book is a collection of more than forty projects completed by BIG between and Buy the DVD including 45 minutes of bonus material.

Introduction by Boris Broman Jensen. In English and Spanish, the issue presents 16 of our newest projects all over the world, organized in a thermodynamic itinerary from hot to cold. The special issue highlights BIG's latest projects ranging from the large-scale urban projects to smaller residences worldwide, including recent pictures from construction sites in Miami, Copenhagen, NYC, Shenzhen, Bahamas, Mexico and many more.

Our journey started in Copenhagen in , followed by an office in NYC in , London in and Barcelona in Working on new projects, typologies and challenges — we are joined by new BIGsters with the skills, experience and expertise our projects need! This is how we continue to grow and get better at what we do.

If you are interested in joining BIG, view our current opportunities here or sign up for updates here. We look forward to hearing from you! For all new business requests, please send an e-mail to newbiz big. For all media requests worldwide, please send an e-mail to press big. If there is additional material to go along with your request please send to lectures big. For exhibition requests, please kindly reach out to exhibitions big.

You need upgrade your browser to see the projects. You need upgrade your browser to see the globe. Corbetta Award for Quality Concrete Merit, STC — ST. Big Practice Strategies speaker: Jesslyn Guntur.

Work Life United. Registration is required; please click on the lecture title to register for the event. MAR 18TH, - 9. City speaker: Kai-Uwe Bergmann. The presentation provides an overview of the past ten years worth of projects. BIG, etik og arkitektur speaker: David Zahle.

How can sustainable cities and buildings improve our quality of life? A meeting of minds from the worlds of architecture and the wood construction. Mayer, Alexander Rieck — Frauenhofer Institute. Soundtrack by Mikkel Metal. GOPLE LAMP Gople Lamp enhances the beauty of glass, hand-processed according to an ancient Venetian technique that gradually turns white glass into crystal glass by combining both upon blowing, thus making each piece unique.

RIPPLE Ripple is inspired by repeating elements found in nature that grow and expand in organic ways, like molecular growth. LA LINEA La Linea is a flexible tube of light, capable of twisting and turning throughout endless distances for countless applications in a wide variety of locations.

TAPER The Taper Collection is a series of bathroom fittings that merge countertop, faucet and running water into one visually seamless design. Bjarke Ingels. Agustin Perez-Torres. Andreas Klok Pedersen. Beat Schenk. The series tended to address contemporary issues head-on; i. Noteworthy episodes featured Jason Alexander as Death wanting to retire from harvesting souls, Lou Diamond Phillips as a swimming pool cleaner being shot repeatedly in his dreams, Susanna Thompson as a woman whose stated wish results in an "upgrading" of her family, Usher as a police officer being bothered by telephone calls from beyond the grave, Brian Austin Green as a businessman who encounters items from his past that somehow reappear, Jeffrey Combs as a hypochondriac whose diseases become reality, and Katherine Heigl playing a woman who went back in time on a suicide mission to kill the infant Adolf Hitler.

The series also includes remakes and updates of stories presented in the original Twilight Zone television series, including the famous " Eye of the Beholder " starring Molly Sims. The original show was about the paranoia surrounding a neighborhood-wide blackout. In the course of the episode, somebody suggests an alien invasion being the cause of the blackouts, and that one of the neighbors may be an alien. The anti-alien hysteria is an allegory for the anti-communist paranoia of the time, and the remake, starring Andrew McCarthy and Titus Welliver , replaces aliens with terrorists.

The show also contains " It's Still a Good Life ", a sequel to the events of " It's a Good Life ", an episode of the original series produced 41 years earlier. Bill Mumy returned to play the adult version of Anthony, the demonic child he had played in the original story, with Mumy's daughter, Liliana , appearing as Anthony's daughter, a more benevolent but even more powerful child.

Cloris Leachman also returned as Anthony's mother. Mumy went on to serve as a screenwriter for other episodes in the revival.

The series did not enjoy the same level of critical or ratings success as the original series or the s revival, and only lasted one season. The episodes are presented in their production order, not their broadcast order. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Last Lap. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A rebellious teenage girl Amber Tamblyn and her exasperated family move to a gated community with a stringent emphasis on conforming to certain norms and a unique way of dealing with troubled youths.

An up-and-coming medical doctor Tyler Christopher suffering from severe headaches encounters a suicidal patient Jason Alexander claiming to be Death looking to take a break from his life's work.

A Caucasian man Vincent Ventresca finds himself being mistaken for an African-American man after refusing to save a college professor Hill Harper from being attacked and killed by skinheads. A graphic novelist Adrian Pasdar suffering from a severe case of writer's block struggles to determine what is illusion and what is reality after bringing his ideal woman Shannon Elizabeth to life.

A woman Katherine Heigl goes back in time to Austria in a desperate attempt to rewrite history by assassinating Adolf Hitler in his infancy and preventing World War II from ever taking place.

An English professor Ione Skye juggles preparing for her wedding and convincing her friends and family she is being followed by a mysterious bus that started haunting her after she and her dog narrowly avoided being hit by a car. An orderly Ethan Embry suffering from blackouts discovers his condition is the result of a police officer using his body to prevent an assassination attempt on the President of the United States and the First Daughter. An emotionally distraught widow Portia di Rossi obsessed with bringing her dead husband's murderer to justice discover she can see his life and the events surrounding his death through his eyeglasses.

A pool cleaner Lou Diamond Phillips working for a wealthy couple starts suffering from recurring nightmares involving a man Mackenzie Gray who approaches him, tells him to wake up, and guns him down.

A boy Rory Culkin beset by abuse from the neighborhood bullies and his alcoholic father learns a valuable life lesson about vengeance and courage after willing his favorite barbarian superhero Patrick Warburton to life.

A lineman Jeremy Piven gradually discovers everything comes with a price after being struck by lightning, gaining the ability to hear other people's thoughts, and using his newfound powers for personal and financial gain. A talentless wannabe rock musician Lukas Haas gains talent, wealth, and international stardom at a surprising price tag after purchasing a classic guitar with dark powers and an equally dark past.

A housewife Susanna Thompson juggles moving into a new house with her dysfuctional family, fantasizing about the life she wants to live, and preventing her seemingly idyllic fantasies from becoming reality.

An idealistic young police officer Usher dedicates himself to doing whatever it takes to protect a prostitute and family friend Samantha Becker from the vindictive ghost of the pimp Dion Johnstone he was forced to shoot and kill in the line of duty.

A destitute man Jake Busey sets out to unearth what he believes to be a conspiracy after the arrival of two persistent evangelists Andrew Moxham and Kim Hawthorne coincides with several disappearances and a potential nuclear Armageddon. Members of an elite special forces team Scott Bairstow and Marisol Nichols living in a futuristic utopia that is free of violence and criminal activity sets out to track down and execute a vicious creature responsible for the deaths of several civilians.

A toy doll voiced by Pat O'Brien with a sinister personality encourages a timid pharmaceutical employee Wallace Langham to stand up to his business manager Christopher McDonald and take control of his life.

A sports agent Rob Estes and a real estate agent Elizabeth Berkley stranded in a modern version of the Garden of Eden struggle to keep their idyllic world from crumbling when an injured motorcyclist Nicki Aycox with a working cell phone arrives.

A man Frank Whaley with a dead-end job at a big-box store and a dysfunctional family learns that leading the privileged life isn't everything he hoped it would be after trading his future for that of a man with a trophy wife Sofia Milos. A troubled businessman Brian Austin Green receives an opportunity to go back in time, revisit his past, and make another attempt to win the heart of the young woman he once loved Moira Kelly.

A deliveryman Christopher Titus suffering from consistent bad luck sets out to challenge fate after getting into a car accident, hitting his head, and gaining the uncanny ability to see the events surrounding his bad breaks where he sees a mysterious man in a jumpsuit Kelly Perine.

A dissatisfied tabloid magazine writer Linda Cardellini gradually becomes obsessed with relying on a fortune teller Method Man who provides her with uncannily accurate predictions about where her life is headed.

A flower shop employee Taryn Manning finds herself struggling to convince people a troubled pet store employee Devon Gummersall suffering from dissociative identity disorder is stalking her. A celebrated hip-hop artist Wood Harris with a privileged life and a loving family experiences confusing visions that plague him to the point where the thin lines separating fantasy from reality start to blur. A compulsive gambler Eddie Kaye Thomas discovers a way to beat the local casino owner Ben Bass after being gifted with a tape cassette recorder with the power to go back five minutes in time.

A gang member and street tagger Todd Williams becomes consumed by guilt after killing a man caught painting over his mural and seeing the mural transform into a real-life portrait of the crime. A high school English teacher Samantha Mathis ,set on resigning due to lack of interest from her apathetic students, develops the ability to look into a person's face and predict if they are going to die.

In a sequel to It's a Good Life , a single father Bill Mumy who terrorized the residents of an Ohio town with amazing mental powers as a child discovers his young daughter Liliana Mumy has powers that are stronger than his.

In an updated version of an episode from the original series, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street , an unexpected power and water failure prompts the residents Andrew McCarthy , Titus Welliver , Kristi Angus , and Peter Williams of a quiet suburban neighborhood to grow increasingly suspicious of their new neighbors and accuse them of being sleeper cell terrorists.

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