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Craft Supplies has the Raptor series in and They do not need and it is recommended NOT to use Powertec Bgss801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder 8 Android water with them other than a spritz on occasion to keep the dust down if you want that. Subscribing also. Which leads me to the slow speed grinder with cbn Powertec Bgss801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder 8 Inch Price wheels full of questioning some opinions I lied, but only gently - I'm questioning, not disagreeing. It is very slow RPM? Congrats on your upgrade.
Apr 06,  · I am planning to go to CBN wheels for my sharpening. I have a slow speed Rikon 8 in grinder. I recently read an article in the June issue of the "American Woodturner" by Tom Wirsing about steels and grinders. He recommends, for a one grinder set up, using a Slow Speed Bench Grinder Vs Regular Classification and grit CBN, steel, electroplated wheels. Jul 30,  · I bought the 8" Rikon Slow Speed grinder, equipped with 2 CBN wheels (both 1 1/2" wide; one 80 grit and one grit) from Wood Turners Wonders. I bought this after a friend had one of the old style wheels came apart while he was using it. The little voice in my head said "Time to invest in CBN!" Ken Rizza's customer service is excellent. CBN wheels are the single biggest advance in sharpening in a very long time Our all-aluminium CBN wheels run with tap water on all slow wet grinders with 12 mm shaft that take mm wheel: Tormek, Scheppach, Jet 8 Slow Speed Bench Grinder Engine Jet, Record, Grizzly, Triton, Elmos, Saber etc. Suitable for all knife and tool steels.

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