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Your Review. Create custom wood-engraved signs with the SignCrafter. Signcraftsr Stock. Customer Care Talk to a friendly customer care representative to help with your purchase. You can create professional horizontal signs in no time at all. How do I make signs that standout?

Proceed to engrave all letters in the template assembly. Lower router bushing into letter opening. Lower bit into the wood. When the letter is complete, raise router bit.

Stop the router motor. If your router comes with a dust deflector, we recommend installing this before routing. This Ryobi router does not require special screws. After the paint is dry, sanding the entire sign with a belt sander will remove the paint from the high spots and leave paint in the areas that have been routed. Be sure to sand the workpiece evenly. Place Tuck Tape, or another sheathing tape, over the surface that you want to rout out.

The router cuts through the tape and into the workpiece. After routing is complete, spray paint over the lettering, usually two coats and once dry, remove the tape. This can be done with the help of a shop knife or Exacto blade. This method cuts down on sanding. When routing letters and numbers with inner fields A, B, D, O, P, Q, R, 6, 8, 9, and zero , hold the guide bushing tightly against the other perimeter of the template as you rout.

Even a slight wandering off the template wall could result in a botched character. It is best to use a test piece first. When routing the inside of open letters, it is possible to get a flat surface? It is recommended to make a full pass with the core box bit along the inside edge of the letter template. Light sanding may still be needed. You may decide to modify an existing slot or add hole s to better suit your router. The screws supplied may not fit your router. Need Help?

Contact Us Today! Phone: Fax: Monday - Friday a. C-Clamp Sub Assembly quantity. C-Clamp Only quantity. C-Clamp Screw Tip quantity. End Frame Sub Assembly quantity.

Adjustment Spacer for End Frame quantity. Universal Base Plate quantity. Base Plate Mounting Screws quantity. Rail Joiner Screw quantity. Out of stock. Average Review: 5. Join the Milescraft community and write a review for this product! Have not used it yet but everything is there and looks impressive. Please see the link below. Remove the existing base from the router by removing the appropriate screws. Insert appropriate end of the centering pin into router collet.

Place the BasePlate on top of the router so that the screw mounting recesses are facing away from the router. Loosely fasten the Base Plate to the router by reinstalling the same screws removed in step 1 or if necessary, the screws provided. Note: This is not an extremely tight fit as the centering happens from the convex area of the pin. When centered, secure the Base Plate into position by tightening the appropriate screws.

Remove the centering pin from the router collet. Do you offer additional fonts for the SignCrafter and SignPro? For your convenience guide bushings and router bits can be purchased separately. How do I keep my letters from falling out of the rails? Do you offer vertical letter templates? If using a plunge router: Lower router bushing into letter opening. Quick View. Add to Cart. Leigh - Super 12" Dovetail Jig.

Leigh - Super 24" Dovetail Jig. You can create professional horizontal signs in no time at all. The ready to use kit includes templates, clamps, template guide bushing and carbide-tipped router bit. The product is great, I would like to see some different letter styles such as Westeren I used this sign making jig to make Christmas gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews.

It was easy to center the name on the piece of wood and the low profile clamps held the lettering jig right where I placed it. I was concerned it may move during the routing process however there was no movement at all.

Letters all turned out uniform. The only caution that I can mention is to be careful when securing the parallel bars that hold the letters in place. As you tighten the screws to keep it together the plastic molded stay can start to bend. No need to over tighten as the clamps work well to keep the jig in place.

Definitely would recommend this sign making system. This is my third template set and by far the easiest to use. The slides work well and hold thanks to the end locks. Leary at first of the clamps I screwed the end plates down but I found my concerns the be groundless. The clamps that are included are more than adequate even in the hardest of woods. The clamping design is inadaquate.

It is not possible to keep the clamps tight so the templet frame doesn't move. To try and hold it solid I over tightened the rod screw and broke the holder.

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