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Measuring about mm in length, we use a fore plane to flatten boards. The second position allows you to cut types of plane carpentry 800 into corners. At first glance, a router plane looks like a cross between a spokeshave and a hand plane. Longer than a block plane at about mm, the smoothing plane is still among the shorter members of the plane family. Darpentry to content. The first is the board position.
Mar 11,  · Hand planes come in a large variety of types and sizes, the main types of wood planes that are used in woodworking will depend on what you’re going to be making and if you have access to a thickness planer or even a power plane. There are several different types of plane you will come across during your career as a carpenter (rebate, bench, jack, jointing). The most common used on site and during finish carpentry are the Block plane and Stanley no These are enough for general carpentry. Jack Planes. The jack plane gets its name from being the "Jack of all trades" plane in the workshop. Often the starting point for any plane collection the general purpose Jack plane or No 5 plane, as it is classified, can be used for both flattening and smoothing boards making it the most versatile bench plane .

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