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Made in Canada. Made in Canada. Please try again. Sign Veritas carving vise 9.1 Your session has timed out. The vise is an easy retrofit to an existing bench, requiring only the addition of two pieces: an end cap drilled for the vise nuts and fixing bolts, plus the vise jaw itself. Even better, a spring-loaded lock pin lets you disengage the chain for controlled jaw skewing needed to equalize pressure on slightly out-of-square work. We recommend using strong passwords carvinh are at least seven characters long and combine uppercase veritas carving vise 9.1 lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
www.Small Wood Desk Ideas : wood carving vise. Carving from Veritas Tools. Carver's Vise Adjust your work exactly to your liking without needing three hands. The vise can be bolted directly to a bench or clamped in any standard vise; the base has two flats on it. Alternatively, the vise can be side or top mounted through any standard 3/4" dia. dog hole using the Brand: Veritas.

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