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Mar 25,  · Waterlox recommends sealing the wood first with their sealer prior Waterlox Finish For Wood Countertops Model to applying the satin. Note: Satin is available in Original and a low VOC Formulation. Both formulas go on easily and offer superior results but should not be used together. Produces a Waterlox Tb6044 Original Satin Finish Pro satin sheen appearance Pocket Hole Machine Harbor Freight Quart ( gloss level). Our lowest gloss level offered.4/5(1). Waterlox Original Satin Finish is designed as the top coat portion of Waterlox Finish On Cherry Oil our finishing system which performs best over bare wood Apply all intended coats to a small, inconspicuous area or a scrap piece of wood from the project and allow to dry prior to applying to the entire surface. Waterlox - Satin Finish VOC Original Solvent Based Quart $ $ (8).

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