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Domestic & Exotic Hardwood Lumber Project Packs. We offer set pricing for 10 and 25 board foot lumber packages which includes shipping. These lumber packages are great for all your wood woodworking projects as we offer a wide range of both domestic and exotic lumber. 25 Reclaimed Wood Projects the 'Barnwood Builders' Crew Would Love The five West Virginians of DIY's Barnwood Builders never met a piece of wood they wouldn't or couldn't use. Follow in their steps and take on a reclaimed wood project of your own. These reclaimed woods may not look very nice anymore but wait until you see it refurnished. You will be surprised on how a little tweaking, cutting, drilling, and painting can do. Call it wood make over. Even these woods deserve it as well. These 22 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects that Even Beginners Can Do .

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