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Wood Crafts. Plane. It Cast. Bench. Contents. #/2 Jack Plane. The WoodRiver V3 line of hand planes is based on the reliable Stanley Bedrock design featuring heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings, fully machined adjustable frogs and high carbon steel blades. The planes represent a live, evolving product line that incorporates input from users, experts and the manufacturer to produce the best working planes Woodworking Ideas To Sell WoodRiver V3 No. /2 Bench Hand Plane is /8" wide, /16" long, has a /8" blade, and weighs slightly over 7 Fine Woodworking Jointer Planer Review In lbs. The Woodcraft Products. Wood. So between Veritas and Woodcrafts Wood River planes what would be the better choice? Can say about the Wood River, but I got a Veritas log angle block when they   Whenever one of the woodworking mags does a comparison review of planes and such things, it seems that Lie-Nielsen and Veritas are always the top two. Sometimes Veritas is on top, as with their shoulder planes, sometimes it's Lie-Nielsen. The September/October Fine Woodworking did a comparison review of low-angle block planes, and their top choices were the Lie-Neilsen 60 1/2 and , and the Veritas DX60 and Low-Angle Block Plane. Unfortunately they didn't specifically discuss, or even list, the other nineteen contenders. A ranking chart would have been helpful. WoodRiver is proudly made by Woodcraft, America’s leading supplier of saws, planes, power tools, hand tools, wood stain and paint, routers, sanding, wood, kits, dust collection and more. Our award winning family of brands includes WoodRiver, Highpoint, Woodcraft and Woodcraft Magazine as well as the greatest selection of woodworking books, videos, and plans. Reviewed in the United States on November 26, This is my second Woodriver plane, I bought this # 7 Jointer after purchasing their #5 Jack plane and was very impressed with it. The plane comes sealed in a plastic bag and coated with rust preventive/5. Wood River V# #62 jack plane. I've wanted a bevel up jack plane for a while. When Wood River brought out their #62, I agonized over paying extra for the lee valley. I have a V3, #4, #5, and a low angle block plane that I'm very happy with. I had a discount coupon so I bought the wood river # Out of the box, it was a beauty/5(8). WoodRiver® hand planes feature the same heavy castings (6 lbs) and fully machined frogs. Lightly finished Bubinga handles provide comfort and control. Tools require minimal tune-up prior to use. Commonly known Jack Wood Planet Eclipse Kitty as a “jack” plane. Soles and sides are machined flat .

Apart from smoothing, its long design also makes it ideal for trueing surfaces. Time and time again, I have found that woodworkers have the biggest hearts in giving back when it comes to helping others. What a great tool! Technically necessary. Permanent plan preservation.

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