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This species has good bending qualities, takes finishes well, and offers excellent dimensional stability. These cutting speeds may change if, for instance, adequate coolant is available or an wood router table fence yield grade of HSS is used such as one that includes [cobalt]. New standards were needed to increase [U. I'm thinking about twble the pre-drilled holes in the router plate a little larger to give the bolts a little more slack to release some of the binding. Uses: In the past, padauk was a favorite wood for boatbuilding, including structural elements, because of its superb decay resistance, luxurious appearance, and durability.
I purchased the "ultimate"horizontal router table system with the mortising accessory table top and the tilting accessory table top. I intended to use the mortising feature on inch thick stock. Much to my surprise, dismay and disappointment the table is unable to raise the router (DeWalt ) high enough to reach the center of inch. The router sled needs to be very straight and stiff, this is to prevent any bowing in the wood which can make low spots when planing. Plywood is a great choice for a sled as the cross lamination of the wood grain mean that it's dimensionally stable, and there's usually plenty of scrap plywood around. If the fence is slightly out of square to the table, the two angles offset each other, and the glued-up Wood Router Table Combo 700 panel will be flat [below]. Face-joint stock wider than your jointer bed by ripping the board in half, jointing each piece, including the ripped edges, and then edge-gluing the pieces with the jointed faces flush.

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