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The other driving factor was that this allowed me to put the shop-vac above the ceiling. I really like your set-up. Regular Drops Eurovac drops have either a single or double inlet. I'm not Wood Shop Job Descriptions Qq good at writing conclusions, or writing at all for that matter, so I end here I guess. By having compressed air lines at the drops, hose reels are usually unnecessary. Woodcraft Magazine. DBat Question 2 years ago on Wood Shop Dust Collection Design Free Introduction.

Aug 15,  · Small Shop Systems Are Simpler Than You Think. Designing a central dust-collection system for a small shop is really straightforward. Complex calculations involving cubic feet per minute, air velocity and static pressure are important for large industrial systems with long runs to big machines all running at the same time/5. Now that the basic criteria for the system are in-place it is time to focus on the heart of the system, the central vacuum. The world of vacuums is a tough one to navigate; you have HEPA vacuums, shopvacs, dust collectors and vacuum pumps. If you have allergies or asthma you may want to consider a HEPA vacuum to drive your system. Oct 30,  · Live right I guess. The hose reaches everywhere in the shop, even the cobwebs in the corners, and standard attachments all fit. Thanks, Steve Update - 12/4/ Replaced the small dedicated vacuum system on my mitre saw with an extension ran across the ceiling. The $20 vac has never quite handled the air flow generated by the saw.

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