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We found 66 results for you in New York City Clear all filters. View Map. Pizza School NYC The League of Kitchens Mirta was a wealth of information and we had so much fun learning and cooking! Art of Intuitive Photography North Cove Sailing One Show-Score See 2 Experiences.

The Rockette Experience Trapeze School New York I would recommend this for anyone fit enough to climb a ladder and willing to go beyond their comfort zone. LaRue Woodworking has a selection of kiln dried wood, reclaimed barn wood, old barn Workshop Woodworking Projects Design beams, and a nice selection of large unique one-of-a-kind wood slabs for sale. Contact us for your needs! It doesn't matter if you have a broken spindle in the back of a dining chair that needs to be replaced, or a stain spot on a table that needs to be refinished, or a full size horse drawn sleigh that needs to be restored--we can do it all while working within your budget.

All of our work is done right hear in the USA. Not only do we use wood that comes from properly harvested domestic trees, all of the exotic woods the we use are legally cut and imported into the USA under the strictest rules Wood Workshop Newtown 2019 and regulations. We offer way much more then providing our customers with the highest quality in Woodwork Workshop Newcastle News a custom wood piece, it is also our mission to educate the public on the impact the large mass production furniture and cabinetry companies are having on our environment from the deforestation to the inferior products that don't last the test of time causing the consumer to purchase more furniture causing more deforestation, a vicious cycle that needs to end to protect our world.

LaRue Woodworking At LaRue Woodworking, Master Craftsman William LaRue along with their highly skilled employees, not only offer the highest level of quality in their solid wood fine furniture and custom cabinetry, they are also highly sought after for their specific skills in repairs, refinishing and restorations. About LaRue. About Us. Our Process. View the Process. Handmade Wood Products. View Our Portfolio. Style of Furniture Because we build custom ordered pieces, we don't have any specific style that we offer.

Quality Master Craftsman William LaRue has more than 30 years experience, along with the more than 30 years of combined experience of his employees, LaRue Woodworking only offers the highest quality achievable. Outdoor Project? Are you a woodworker? Recent Projects Interior Oak Doors. Terrace Dividers. Laser 3D Art.

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