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Like all WoodRiver V3 Hand Planes, the No. 1 features a ductile iron body precision machined to be flat and square, brass  The WoodRiver® No. 1 Smoothing Plane was the smallest of Stanley bench planes but was perhaps the most infamous, being sought after by collectors because of its scarcity. Originally sold to handle. WoodRiver Bench Plane. The WoodRiver® line of hand planes is based on the reliable Stanley Bedrock design featuring heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings, fully machined adjustable frogs and high carbon steel blades. The planes represent a live, evolving product line that incorporates input from users, experts and the manufacturer to produce the best working planes possible. Features: Based on the Bedrock design. Prices range from $$ for Bench Planes; Block Planes both low and standard angles are $ The WoodRiver Block Plane is based on the venerable Stanley #65 low angle and #18 standard angle Knuckle Cap design, generally considered one of best block plane designs around. With the widely recognized comfortable chrome plated Knuckle Cap, these block planes look like the standard and low angle versions of yesteryear. Upon closer inspection you'll notice changes to the base castings which not only strengthen historically weak points of the original design, but also improve the blade beddin. May 22,  · You can find a review of WoodRiver planes by Chris Gochnour online and on page 20 of our July/August issue. Seems a lot of Knots posters think the WoodRiver planes look too much like those built by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, makers of top-quality bench planes, and founded over 25 years ago in Maine by Tom Woodworking Ideas To Sell : Tom Begnal. Bench Dog 62 Low Angle Manufacturing Quality Problems. PM by LakesideWoodworker | 11 comments» I have been comparing LV, LN, Woodriver, and Benchdog Low Angle Jack Planes for some time. When Rockler had their Bench Dog plane on sale this month for $, I thought I would give it a try. Out of the box, it looked very good. Oct 28,  · I Woodriver 4 Bench Plane V3 Mp4 couldn't find it on the Bench Dog website either. It does not appear to be a clone of the WoodRiver / Quangsheng hand plane. They also don't say what alloy the blade is made from. It's $15 cheaper than a WoodRiver No. 4, so my guess is it's Chinese as well. There's also a Bench Dog .

Now that I own many more planes, I use the No. Admittedly, the block planes will cover most of the bases that I would cover with this plane, but time will tell. Well so far I am very happy with the purchase. Find a Store. Not saying it doesn't work, but it seems extraneous. A Lie-Nielsen No. I just know that in that price range a Lie-Nielsen is kind of a given.

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