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I asked for woodslicer bandsaw blade reviews data about alternatives to the Resaw King and they just kind of shrugged their shoulders. I have rarely acquired any tool that lived up to its hype this well. But that period of time didn't last very long. Thanks for selling a great product. An old, buy very true, saying
Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade Reviews and Kudos! We recently received these comments from our woodworking customers and we're so proud of our Wood Slicer band saw blade that we wanted to share them with you: I recently purchased a 3/4 inch Wood Slicer blade. It . Nov 17,  · Our famous Wood Slicer bandsaw blade cuts smoother and quieter than any other resawing blade on the market. Its outstanding performance is due to its tpi variable tooth pitch design, in which uneven spacing between the teeth nearly eliminates vibration during a cut/5. Our legendary Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade for resawing was selected as Best All-Round Performing Resaw Bandsaw Blade by Fine Woodworking Super sharp thin-kerf precision resawing blades cut quieter and smoother and the quality of cut is simply fabulous.

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