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Woodworking places near me site to me tells me personally that they care about what I want wodoworking they do there neae to give me the best deal. We are observing all local, city and state regulations related to Covid safety requirements woodworking places near me site ask that you do so as well. Join the Rockler team! Marble and granite installation and repair All about stone countertops. HGR is open to the public for necessary visits, but has a total capacity of people including employees. Who is a carpenter and what do they do?

One you add shipping costs on to a listing, it can make the item cost prohibitive to purchase. Typically, buying and selling of tools on eBay is limited to small items that can be easily packaged and shipped via normal transportation options such as USPS, UPS or Fedex. For sellers, this is a nice feature because you are clearly stating upfront that you are not willing to ship the item.

For buyers, this can be an advantage because you can get great deals in your area with low competition from other buyers. Buyers pay no fees.

Another place to consider when buying or selling used woodworking tools is local auction companies. In my city, there are auction companies that list these types of online auctions about every week or two. The great thing about these sites is that the auction houses will usually give you weeks to place your bids.

This allows buyers to research the items prior to bidding to ensure they are paying a fair price. This allows buyers to visit the location of where the auction is being held so they can carefully look over all the items listed. This way you can check to ensure the pictures tell the full story and see for yourself what kind of shape the item is in before bidding. This option may be appealing for someone who is trying to liquidate an estate and does not have a solid understanding of the tools they are trying to sell and their values.

The auction company will take care of everything from start to finish. When you contact these companies, they will want to come out and look over the items that you are wanting to sell. If the company representative thinks the items will sell, they will have you sign a contract. In my area, once the contract is signed, they bring a team of workers on to the property to photograph and write descriptions of each of the items.

Then they upload everything to their auction site and soon after the auction begins. Once bidding had ended, the auction company will come back to the property and people with winning bids will stop by to pay for their items and take them home.

The structure of payment for the sellers varies between each auction house. Expect to pay a flat fee in addition to a percentage of total sales. Over the last few years, Facebook has made more of an effort to bring buyers and sellers together on their platform. They have used Facebook Marketplace as their means to do this. It works by sellers using their Facebook profile to post items they are selling. The primary intent of these listing is for the buyer and seller to meet locally to complete the transaction.

However, sellers do have the ability to offer shipping options. Sellers can also take advantage of advertising in Facebook by promoting their listing. Facebook offers numerous options for the seller to choose from so their focus their promoted listing to a specific group of buyers.

There is no cost for the buyer or seller. Buyers or sellers of used woodworking tools should look at joining groups on Facebook that are devoted to woodworkers.

Many times, these groups will have listings for equipment people are looking to buy or sell. Depending on your area, you may even find a regional group of woodworkers. Again, no cost on this Facebook option either.

Craigslist is probably the most obvious option to make our list. Craigslist actually started in as an email list. My experience on Craigslist list has always been hit or miss. I was lucky because I responded to the seller within minutes of him posting it. He had several people in line behind me had I passed on it.

So if you are looking for a good deal on a particular tool, you have to be watching the site constantly and quick to not only reach out to the seller but actually pick up the item too.

Buyers can be very indecisive and just plain inconsiderate. If selling, you will need to be patient and fully expect people to commit to meeting you at a particular time and then never showing up.

For both buyers and sellers, there is also the safety concerns. Buyers and sellers are able to remain anonymous for the most part. Customer Support Chat. Industrial Surplus Inventory Filter:. Enabled Filters: Woodworking Clear All.

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