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Plus, it is super simple to make, and any beginner at DIYing can also nail it like a pro. Hardwood Floors Visit Galleries. You will need 1 x Square Pallet x cm and 1 x Pallet x cm for table! On top woodworkinb it and in the crate as well. With its woodworking projects boxes zip code wood and copper details, it is going to be a major hit. All you have projedts do is mark the holes in the wooden plank and make holes with a drill press.

Inside the woodshop on Lyndon Lane, Rob Medcraft is in his element but he didn't always do it for a living. From small jewelry boxes to large interior design pieces, Medcraft does it all with his own two hands.

People come to the shop with an idea and Medcraft turns it into a reality, putting his own spin on it along the way. I don't like to copy other people," Medcraft said. I like to design my own things that I make. Sometimes it takes weeks to complete a project. When it's all done, Medcraft said it's an overwhelming feeling seeing what he's created. Medcraft said he wants people to know that custom furniture doesn't have to be expensive.

He explains that the benefit is getting a piece that fits perfectly in a space, exactly how you want. To check out the website, click here.

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