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Scroll forward through the report remarks to view tables by county or see the table of contents for a list of all counties represented. Still half the cost of anywhere else I have lived but double WOW!! Canada Ottawa - Wages, and Shows wages and hours for dozens of occupations, including job titles in woodworking tool stores ottawa material agriculture, building and timber industries; as well as bartenders, restaurant workers, domestic servants, policemen, bookbinders, and more. Georgia and north is a bit more of a risk for ice but if you do get one have woodworking tool stores ottawa material plan B ready and ice is not a every year event in most areas at this tine. Tree roots have such interesting shapes!

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Want to win one of these amazing trophies next year? You folks refer to it as sleet I believe. At any rate I have poured warm, not hot, water on the fan blades until the the ice melts and is completely gone. Sometimes one bucket does it but never more than three. The point is, it only has to be warm enough to melt the ice. Water that is warm enough to comfortably leave your hand in is fine.

Repeat until all the ice is gone. And yes, turn off your compressor and use only the emergency heating unit of your system. It may cost a couple of dollars more to run it that way but it will still be cheaper than having to replace your fan motor and blades. Also, you might want to think about ice guards on your new metal roof to prevent the snow from sliding off onto your unit.

Outside air conditioner unit gets very hot very often. Is something wrong? The thermostat is set on 75 degrees and the outside temperture is between degrees. Our Lennox heat pump outside unit here in Maryland, during freezing rain at 2 or 3 in the morning, will grow icicles from the fan guard down to where the fan blades will strike them and sound like a lawnmower.

Or the wide fan paddles will collect puddles of water that will freeze in them and when the fan starts not all of the ice leaves and the unbalanced fan causes the unit to shake violently.

The noise awakens me and I have to dress for a cold, wet, manual deicing by flashlight. He also said my unit needs 48 inches of clearance, it was installed under my open stairs to my deck. I have the home videos of the fan hitting the icicles and the violent shaking from the ice puddle in a fan blade and will put them on YouTube.

My neighbor has a unit made by Trane which has the problem-free design solid top, vents on the side above the coils. Thank you for this Web site, I know I am not alone with my problem. I think I will put a piece of plywood on the underside of my deck stairs just above the unit, enough air will escape unhindered and hopefully freezing rain will stay off of the grill and fan blades.

Thanks for the laugh. And yes, a piece of plywood under the deck or a strategically-place out-door rug ON the deck should do the trick. Great tip, Tinkerer Putterer! I just opened my electric bill expecting to see a little higher bill due to the cold weather here in the Northwest to find it had doubled!!!

Still half the cost of anywhere else I have lived but double WOW!! I immediately walked outside to take a look at the AC unit and wow it looked like a huge ice ball covered 3 inches thick. Hope this resolves my double electric bill…. We will see next month. Georgia and north is a bit more of a risk for ice but if you do get one have a plan B ready and ice is not a every year event in most areas at this tine.

I also have the problem of my heat pump filling up with ice in the winter forcing me to use the emergency mode and causing an enormous electric bill.

I have had the circuit board replaced several times, the unit serviced, etc. My HVAC guy is very good, but each year the problem gets worse. I do think it has everything to do with the heat pump being the wrong type of unit in colder climates.

I am in Indiana. My HVAC guy says that the main problem I am having is that when the unit defrosts, the runoff freezes in the bottom and plugs up the drain holes — this does appear to be accurate as that is exactly what appears to be happening.

It builds up until there is a tremendous amount of ice in the bottom of the unit. Has anyone ever tried heat tracing their unit to allow the ice to melt and run clear? I have been thinking about trying this, but wanted to know if anyone has any experience with trying it.

Mine is programmable and set to stop the compressor if the temperature drops below 10 degrees F. Prior to having that sensor installed, my compressor would run no matter how cold it was outside. It now switches to emergency electric when it is too cold for the compressor to run efficiently. Just a thought. I am pretty sure mine does not have the sensor you describe.

I will have to ask my HVAC guy about that sensor. Thanks for the tip! I copied the compressor make and model number information and contacted the manufacturer directly then I passed along Woodworking Tool Stores Ottawa Group the part information to my HVAC guy.

It involved installing the sensor and a new thermostat to accommodate the sensor signal. It was 40 degrees here yesterday and still the unit is filled with ice.

I poured 3 buckets of warm water over it in an attempt to melt the ice, and still there is about 6 inches of solid ice in the bottom of the unit there was a foot before. I have had it on emergency for a week now, the temps have been over 30 during the day, and still it is iced up pretty bad. I am wondering if the freon or whatever is in there these days needs to be charged, or if maybe the evergreens I planted just south of the unit which have grown tall enough to block most of the sun it used to get, may be the culprit.

None of my neighbors units are iced up, and none of them have planted bushes to the south of the unit as I have. Been spending time looking at it to try to figure out why it has gotten worse over the years it is 10 years old.

Maybe there are environmental factors like the evergreens, etc. Maybe we can solve this yet! I went out for a few minutes this evening and when I returned, my daughter screamed she heard a loud noise just outside under our bed room window, prior to that when leaving my car I was hearing a metal scrapping like noise, which I thought was coming from the adjacent homes unit.

We to make a long story somewhat short, befor leaving home I was noticing my lights flickering faintly once in a while like something was turning on or off. Well something told me to investigate outside, and to my surprise, my unite was frozed with ice on the blade and covering the top and side vents. The Blade was also stuck. This was very helpful, and I will follow through with a maintenance check tomorrow.

Thanks all for your great! Sorry for being so long winded, I thought everylittle bit counts. Thanks to all above for this input. With flu and flu-like infection gripping Canada this winter season everyone is taking precautions and the public is being provided with steady updates on the number of reported flu cases in hopes of helping to stop the spread of this infection. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. Fantastic read! I used hot water and a gentle knock using a stick to free ice from the top and sides and got the fan to finally come on.

Is that the best way. We are going to seriously look at some way of putting a roof over the top of the compressor.. Same here this morning in TN, Bobbie. About 16 buckets of warm water later and everything is unfrozen. Thank you for this blog post, still relevant 12 years later!

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