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Hold a board on top of the bench with a vise dog. Although some say they love it, most should have it only by tradition in Western banks. Richard, perfect! We tend to call this the face vice. Start typing and press Enter to search. My trickiest work-holding problem is using a plough plane on thin stock. I did struggle early on with just the planing spike, but the constant feedback you get in using only the spike ensures you keep correcting until you do it right.

Mar 23,  · Your workbench should hold your work firmly & effortlessly, so your vice choice is pretty important. The best woodworking vice will be fast to open, with plenty of capacity & grip. But keep it simple. Going over complicated & having too many vices is a common woodworking mistake. Here's what I'd recommend instead. Apr 15,  · Secure Work Without a Vise April 15, By Reader Submitted & filed under Blog, Member Tips, Shop Tips, Skill Building. Not all workbenches have the perfect vise for holding stock, so I often use this cool trick. wood-jaw vises have this feature. 5. Hold a board on top of the bench with a vise dog. All metal-jaw vises come with dogs. Make your own dog hole in a wood-jaw vise. Types of Handles. Large-diameter handles are comfortable to grip. One metaljaw vise comes with a short metal handle (below, left), while two others have longer wooden handles (below.

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