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One Year Later WEN Air Filtration System. PM by fivecodys | 14 comments» I wanted to wait a year before giving Workshop Air Filtration Unit Valve my review of the WEN Air Filtration System. I added this unit to my shop at the same time as I installed my dust collection system. In most home workshop situations, you will want to filter the air between six and eight times per hour. To calculate the volume of your shop, multiply the length by the width by the height. Multiply this number by the number of times per hour Workshop Air Filtration Unit Network you want to filter the air (6 – 8) and divide the result by Jan 13,  · A Hook In Your Eye – Safely Hanging Your Shop Air Filtration System Hook two of the chains to one end of the unit. Then close the S-hooks around the eyes enough that they cannot come loose. Some shop air filters come with hooks on top, but most have eye bolts.

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