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In August, Kenneth Copeland Jet Planes Group , MASS-2 was assigned to the newly activated Marine Air Control Group 18, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. In January , the Squadron assumed operational control of Vandegrift DASC. – ACTIVATED 1 SEPTEMBER AT DA NANG, REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, AS MARINE WING COMMUNICATIONS SQUADRON 1 AND ASSIGNED TO MARINE WING HEADQUARTERS GROUP 1, 1ST MARINE AIRCRAFT WING. Marine Aircraft Group (Helicopter Transport) 36 was commissioned at Marine Corps Air Facility Santa Ana on 2 June While VMO-6 was making history in Korea as the first Marine helicopter squadron in U.S. history to conduct combat operations, MAG squadrons, consisting Jambo Jet Planes Group of HMRs , and , were devoting long hours to testing and improving the techniques of employing their HRS

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