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By making your project, you can amaze your guests with your style, while 2x4 woodworking projects 50 sure that your things are organized accordingly at the same time. Just cut them into blocks, maybe add 2x4 woodworking projects 50 design with scrapbooking paper and then a nice little quote fit for a teacher. In just a few minutes, you can turn those 2X4s into beautifully rustic picture frames. These little guys are perfect for dressing up your home for the holidays and you can leave them out all winter long. Light emitted from candles look even better with wood as background. Rather than use the usual plastic or metal ones, porjects porch swing that is made of wood offers a unique sense of style.

You may adjust the size of the shelves depending on the need, or be more creative by painting the wood or using other wood treatment techniques such as staining. Instead of using actual bar stools which are highly prone to early damage, spice up your bar with some wooden stool pieces.

They may be heavier, but they are sturdier and longer lasting. Your family and guests will certainly love this amazing addition to your patio. Rather than use the usual plastic or metal ones, a porch swing that is made of wood offers a unique sense of style. Need a storage solution where you can easily place little things and gadgets for a more convenient placement? Installing a narrow console table will do the trick for you.

By using wood, you are creating a sturdy furniture item that will surely catch attention as well. Light emitted from candles look even better with wood as background.

This can be achieved by using wood as the main material used in creating this rustic lantern. You can experiment with the design of the lantern, depending on the number of candles that the wooden lantern can accommodate. Interested in creating an outdoor couch that you can proudly call your own? You can choose the color of the paint depending on your preferences, 2x4 Woodworking Projects Canada even matching it with the other devices you have at home.

Having a console for your living room or other areas in your home can serve as a good storage space for items. It can also double as a decorative feature at the same time. A console made of wood gives that rustic feel that makes the ambiance even cooler.

Want to create a unique lamp that will grace the decorative feature of your space? Make good use of 2x4s and come up with this funky modern lamp. Bring out that creative side in you and come up with a design that surely represents your personality and style. Wooden dressers are known to last a long time. Having one in your bedroom will guarantee this while making sure that you have the storage solution that you need for your clothing or other items.

You can also change the design to suit your needs, sick as the number of shelves that are built into it. What is more elegant and lavish than using a wooden coffee table? To make it even more stylish, the mirror can also be used for its upper surface. This may look like the ready-to-use ones that are available for purchase, but creating one from scratch, out of 2x4 wood pieces make it more special. These flag blocks can prove to be great addition to you living room tabletop.

You may want to create one for yourself, or even give one as a gift, especially to someone who values a nationalistic spirit. Tie a ribbon to the finished output just like the sample for a more elegant item. Play with your creativity and use some 2x4s in creating a simple coffee table. The actual design may also vary, depending on how you work on with your imagination and creativity.

Do you find the list above helpful? The thing about woodworking projects is that there is a limitless amount of ideas that you can take into consideration. I find this list extremely helpful especially those who, like me, are beginners in this endeavor.

Instructions: Our House Now a Home. Instructions: Shanty 2 Chic. Instructions: More Like Home. Instructions: One More Time Events. Instructions: Funky Junk Interiors. Instructions: Infarrantly Creative. Instructions: Mom in Music City. Instructions: Her Tool Belt.

Instructions: Designs by Studio C. Instructions: H2O Bungalow. Instructions: The Wolven House Project. Instructions: The House of Wood. Instructions: Thrifty and Chic. I love simple and cheap projects, and particularly when those projects end in rustic or farmhouse furnishings.

Check out these 55 farmhouse furniture projects that you can make yourself. If you have a few 2X4s on hand, you can build so many wonderful things. Some of these can also be made from reclaimed wood.

I love reclaimed wood projects. There is everything in here from stocking hangers and wood block snowmen to beautiful outdoor couches and even a wonderfully easy to build porch swing. I hope you find as much inspiration in these DIY woodworking projects as I have! You can make these adorable stocking hangers from leftover 2X4 pieces from other projects.

You just have to nail the two pieces together, add a hook for hanging the stocking, and then decorate they however you want. This charging station looks just like those expensive ones you see at department stores, but it will cost you much less. You just need to cut a piece of your board, measure the hole that you need to fit your phone and then stain the board.

You can obviously do whatever message you want on this, but I really love the Journey To Forever theme. The blocks are all made from leftover 2X4 pieces and then you just paint and add your wording. Or, you can use scrapbook paper and adhere it to your blocks with Mod Podge. What a beautiful display for the mantel or coffee table!

If you need a sawhorse for all of those woodworking projects, this is an easy one to build. You just nail your 2X4s together to create it and since those boards are a bit heavy, this little sawhorse is rock solid. Take those old 2X4s and put them to great use building this easy DIY bike rack.

If you have kids, and those kids have bikes, you know how those bikes can be left out or topple over, getting in the way of everything. You can build this great basic bike rack in the garage, on the porch, or wherever you normally store your bikes. You can make this great outdoor bench and side table in a weekend. You can afford to put one on each side of the bed! If you tend to love woodworking projects, this workbench is certainly something that you should build.

You can turn those scrap 2X4 pieces into these lovely candle holders that fit a tealight candle perfectly. Just cut your candle holders all to the same size, use a drill bit to create the hole for the tealight candle and then sand and stain. Or, you can leave them plain if you prefer that great rustic look. This great floating shelf has a nice rustic quality to it.

This little shelf is really easy to build and will only take you a couple of hours at the most. A few 2X4s and some other materials will net you this gorgeous rustic styled dresser. I love the crate style look. It gives off such a nice farmhouse vibe.

You can build it for much less than a new one would cost, especially when you build it in this beautiful rustic style. You only need a couple of 2X4s to build this beautiful farmhouse style entry table. I love this entire project. Add some beauty and charm to your dining room table and use up those scrap 2X4 pieces at the same time.

Once you stain it, and maybe distress it a bit, and add your vases, it transforms into a beautiful centerpiece that has a really nice rustic look to it. You can display these great flag blocks any time of the year, but they would be really great for the Fourth of July. Just cut off the ends, sand them down, and paint them to resemble a flag. This one has small holes all around the base that you can put bud vases in.

Just fill those little vases with whatever flowers you want to display. You just put all the pieces together, drill the holes and then stain or paint. You can use test tubes for your vases and then just add your favorite blooms. You build the base, which is pretty high by the way, out of your 2X4s and then just add the lighting kit and a nice lampshade. You can make the lamp as short or as tall as you want or need, just cut those boards however long you need them before assembling it all together.

Imagine having your friends and family over to play this life size Jenga game! This is probably the most fun project on this list and it really does look simple to make.

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