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Disc sander table measurements: 7 5/16 inches x 4 inches. Measurement of platen: one inch x three inches. Warranty: Included, parts and labor based warranty, good for one year from sale date.  The 1SM belt grinder for knife making by manufacturer Kalamazoo is a beautiful machine to behold. This impressive belt grinder can sharpen tools and blades in minutes, and is one of the fastest working grinders on the market today. The Kalamazoo 1SM can also sand and shape a large variety of materials, even with the less-than-ideal one-inch belt surface. The above-mentioned features make the 1SM a true powerhouse for blade smithing and knife development. The belt grinder also works wonderfully on composite materials, wood, and even plastic. 6'' Disc / 4" x 36" Belt Sander Delivers Precision Sanding to Your Shop Fine shaping, smooth finishes and jobs well done.  Craftsman 1/3 hp bench top disc sander uses a 4 x 36 In. belt and 6 in. disc Belt operates at FPM (operates vertically and horizontally and every angle in between) Disc rotates at RPM 45 degree tilting worktable delivers accurate sanding Universal cast aluminum worktable works with belt or disc Single sawdust collection chute with a 2-in. port.  The little aluminum table can apparently be switched from the belt side to the disc side, but it needs to be bolted on both sides, so the whole table needs to be removed each time you want to change belts, which for me, is very often. Belt Sander/Grinder Work Rest Table - Builder's Special [Knife Making]. Войти в систему для оформления покупки. Оформить покупку без регистрации.  4" x 36"/ x mm Sanding Belt Sandpaper Grit. ,68 руб. Бесплатная доставка. 50x/set Air Finger Sander Sanding Belts Grinder Woodwork x10mm Grit New. 1 ,32 руб. 1 ,56 руб. Бесплатная доставка. Heavy Duty W mm Bench 36 & 60 Grit Grinder Sander Polishing Machine. 5 ,06 руб. доставка: + ,30 руб. доставка. Mini Electric Belt For Sander Grinder Polishing Machine Sanding Belts Sharpener. ,15 руб. Бесплатная доставка. Benefits The Grizzly H allows you to work on projects such as contour sanding and dry sharpening. Manufacturers are waiting to tempt you with the mesmerizing tv commercials and giving numerous discount offers. Bushclass II. It would be good to see if you have or can add a platen. Using traditional knife makers reduces the structural integrity of the knife as more and more metal is shaved out of it. There are 4 x 36 belt sander for knife making table dials which you can use to adjust the speed of your sander. It can angle from 0 to 45 degrees so that you can get the most extreme adaptability during the work.

The last cut will also determine the size of your jigs "Foot". The bigger the more stable but not so big that it can't be gripped and easily manipulated.

Hope this helps. Would Drum Sanders For Sale On Kijiji Knife include pictures but I don't have any, sorry. Good luck. Jnsbinford Guide Bushclass I. I don't have an answer to your question, but I would like to see the rest of that knife. Thanks for posting the picture of your works could you also post a picture of the sander your using? It would be good to see if you have or can add a platen.

Its a plate that will help stabilize you work on the belt and help you control and keep your angles consistent. I also make sure not to let the steel heat up in my, making me rush through a pass also changing my bevels. Not everyone grinds steel the same way no matter the tool, maybe since this is your second knife you may want to try something a little different.

You could always grind away the bulk of the material with your sanders and finish the blade bevels with a slower method of material removal like draw filling. Happy grinding. Sterno Tracker. Joined Aug 5, Messages 12 Likes 3. Look up a guy named "trollsky" on you tube. He drilled a hole in the center of a 6" - 8" piece of a 2x4 about an inch from one long edge. Then he puts a bolt thru the hole and uses different width nuts to change the angle of the 2x4 on the grinder.

He doesn't have many videos so it shouldn't be too hard to find. I didn't explain it very well. Once you see it it'll make sense. Jnsbinford said:.

Quill Scout. Either a jig or time to allow you to get the feel of how to hold it. I found this jig, and a YT video of it in use. Crazysanman Village Idiot Supporter. Bushclass II. The 4x36 Craftsman Belt And Disc Sander For Sale For Sale belt sanders have a lot of "structure" around the belt. To properly grind a blade, you need to have the ricasso and handle "beyond" or "behind" the belt and you can't do that anywhere on a 4x36 because of the overbuilt arm that supports the belt.

Here is a picture of the 4x36 that I have, you can see what I mean about the arm built around the belt: Most 1x30's have an area at the table where there is a steel backing behind the belt, but then the rest of the belt up to the top pulley is nothing but belt. That's what you need for grinding a blade. Here is the 1x30 that I use. You may be able to find a way to grind out a blade on a 4x36, and if you do please show me how.

I use my 4x36 for woodworking and for some handle shaping and use the 1x30 exclusively for grinding blades. Last edited: Sep 27, Benefits The Grizzly H allows you to work on projects Belt And Disc Sander For Sale Port Elizabeth Mac such as contour sanding and dry sharpening. The Grizzly sanding machine shortens the time spent on any woodwork project as it sands down areas fast and with precision.

It also has a removable belt platen and idler roller guard and two dust ports. Now that you have a sufficient amount of information on the best bench sanders on the market, how do you decide which one to get? Well, it all depends on what you need done and how versatile you need your sander to be. Assembling these sanders can be difficult as you will need to install a work table for the disc and a T-square.

Motors on a stationary bench sander are a lot more powerful and can be used for heavy duty construction work. This can be used to sand down large pieces of wood that get fed through the system. The weight of the machine prevents it from moving around and vibrating on the table. Many people use stationary bench sanders to make knife handles and to sharpen blades. But you can control the movement of these devices and the speed to which the disc is moving as they usually have adjustable speed dials.

Although portable devices are light in weight they create no vibration or wobbling when you work but some machines can leave circular marks. Make sure your rotary disc is completely flat with no arches so you can have an even finish on your work. How intense is the job you need to get done? Is it heavy duty construction work or is it a basic DIY project?

Be aware that motors on sanders do tend to run hot and get bogged down under too much pressure. Machines that can do more than one job are probably better value for money. Most sanders have dust collection systems that suck debris and small particles into a bag or box. You can remove the bag or the box to dispose of the contents.

Make sure you get value for money by getting a model with this component included. Dust collection systems prevent you from inhaling particles and the keep your work station clean at all times. When selecting a bench sander, make sure the overall construction is well made and there are no loose parts or fragile pieces that can break.

Test the machine to see if it wobbles or vibrates when in use as this can cause unwanted scratches and dents on your work. There are so many projects you can do with bench sanders and people use them to construct amazing products.

It can be overwhelming to purchase a power tool especially because they can be quite pricey. Testing out your bench sander before buying can save you a lot of hassle in the future. Invest in your own bench sander and perhaps you can create something that can inspire others. Your construction and craft projects have never been this easy.

Change the way you work and produce the finest quality designs by getting your very own bench sander. Your next project awaits. Contents [ show ]. View Price. Why we like it: Built for reliability and convenience the Wen is a sturdy versatile belt sander that knocks hours off of any construction or homebound projects. Pros Versatile Heavy duty construction Easy to change belts when needed Four different types of sanding styles.

Cons Small belt guard Belt shifts slightly. This versatile machine can sand, grind and prime those hard to reach areas on any outside surface. Pros High-quality construction Ideal for arts and crafts at home Inexpensive Stationary and mobile type. Why we like it: The Rikon belt disc sander may seem expensive because of its quality construction but this unit is actually moderately priced for what you get. Pros Can be used to sharpen knives Robust construction Easy to assemble Inexpensive Can sand down any type of wood.

Why we like it: This is the most heavy duty sander on this list which is important if you want minimal vibration and no wobbling for those bigger tasks. Why we like it: The Kalamazoo is used for all types of woodwork tasks such as sharpening, resizing, smoothing out surfaces and deburring. Cons Sandbelt may not be durable Can shake during heavy duty project.

Pros Inexpensive Ergonomic design Portable Produces minimal noise. Pros Dust prevention Creates no swirl marks Powerful motor Interchangeable speed Easy dust canister removable Comes with a carry case. Pros Light in weight Easy changeable disc system Adjustable handle Compact design Comes with a hard carry case Leaves no marks Gives a smooth even finish. Cons Uses a lot of discs Dust collection is faulty. Pros Versatile Easy to use Can be used for contouring work.

You know the meaning of constant speed in a sanding knife. It is the only sander in our rundown that is powered by 2 hp motor. The motor makes the total system indomitable and unbeatable for cutting and precision, letting you moderately control the sander.

What else do you expect from a sander? It is a one-belt sander and equipped with three high-quality wheels of different sizes for keeping the track constant until the last second. There is no point in worrying about wobbling if you shop it. Satisfactory is in its tradition. Having no speed control and power switch might be a threat at the first move, but the actual application of the sander will remove the shadow of the doubt.

The downside of this tool might be with the price tag. Check Price on Amazon 3. Kalamazoo is a famous name for manufacturing quality power tool range abrasive saws, grinders, belt sanders, disc sanders, and dust collectors since it came on the production in If you want to buy your sander from the renowned brand, we appreciate your choice.

You can apply it for a variety of purposes, including deburring, sharpening, sizing, sanding, smoothing, shaping. Well, what about the motor? It additionally has a tilt worktable that can be balanced effectively to deal with sanding or honing venture. The sander likewise includes a 4-inch contact wheel go about as a belt supporter for included accommodation. Check Price on Amazon 4.

Thanks to its maker. As indicated by our discoveries, this combo Drum Sanders For Sale Used Quantity unit that comprises a seat belt sander and plate sander is one of the most dependable and flexible apparatuses you will at any point go over. Accuracy constructed and intended to last; this sander is equipped for conveying an exceptional completion each time you use it. It empowers you to get into little openings while taking care of odd shapes.

Check Price on Amazon 5. Presenting another belt sander for knife making in our rundown: G from Grizzly. According to the manufacturer, Grizzly G Knife Making Sander is a sander that is supposed to deal with a knife only.

But the machine means more than that. You can give it the charge of carpentry, for example, crushing, smoothing, and wrapping up. Grizzly G suffers from a poor design.

Does it make sense if a good-looking sander fails to satisfy your taste and needs? The only thing that is, in any way, important is its capacity to convey momentous outcomes easily. Considering its sensible market price, this adaptable blade belt sander is suggested for first-timers and people chipping away at a strict spending plan.

The engine uses V for ideal execution. The primary feature of this instrument is the belt size. It has 2 inches by a inch belt that can deal with velocities of up to 3, SFPM. This belt size is viewed as a definitive measurement for proficient knife making.

Check Price on Amazon 6. Goplus Belt and 5-Inch Disk Sander present to you the rock-solid circle sander. This apparatus comprises high-grade steel that it will keep going for quite a while.

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