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NFPA mentions in C, “There is an absolute necessity for a predictable amount of time between the detection of the spark and the actuation of the abort gate.”. The only way to achieve this “high speed” is with our spring assist and our robust “honeycomb” gate design. Feb 02,  · “Our recommendation and thoughts on abort gates are that they should only be installed on the clean side, because they’re just too high risk of failure,” he says. “The blade fluttering is the most common issue for all abort gates, whether it’s installed on the dirty or clean side, but we’ve observed that it’s typically caused by poor duct design or using the undersized abort . For dust collection systems that handle combustible dust, our High-Speed Abort Gates provide protection of the workspace against potential explosions or fires, meeting the requirements of NFPA Abort gates are generally installed on the downstream side of the dust collector, where clean air is being recycled to the facility workspace. In the event of an explosion or fire in the dust collection system, the abort .

Abort gates are mounted in the return air ductwork from a dust collector, and help to prevent smoke, fire and potential explosions from returning into the building. They can be triggered by a variety of safety sensors, including spark and smoke detectors. Our abort gates are constructed with heavy gauge metal for longevity and reliability. The WP high-speed abort gate is designed to protect a downstream filter from a spark or, possibly, fire. The abort gate is activated by a spark detection system which directs sparks or fire away from a cyclone or filter. All abort gates include an electric actuator for resetting the gate after an abort event as mandated by NFPA. These Hi-Speed Abort Gates are located at the inlet to the baghouse or cyclone to prevent sparks or flame from entering. The gate release mechanism hold the gate in the normal operation position. An electrical signal activates the Magna-Latch (MLC), thus releasing the gate to abort .

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