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Blankks Materials. Peter and Cliff are obviously very passionate about their product and were helpful every step of the way. Turning Tools. Sign Up. Please inquire about UPS shipping.

Most are taking over 4 weeks to arrive. Please inquire about UPS shipping. It is not available as an option through the website, but is available via email.

It is about the same price as USPS for shipping Pen Turning Blanks Wood Zip Code mixed kit and blank orders, but it is more expensive if you are ordering just blanks. However, Osage Orange Turning Blanks For Sale Zoom UPS shipments are arriving within about a week at this time. What's New? Ernie, I just completed one of your Winchester Mag kits Pen Turning Blanks Acrylic and the kit is a Buy Pen Turning Blanks 2019 winner. Love the fact t Join Our Mailing List. These are the Bear Tooth Woods Acrylic 1. My Account.

My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Brand WoodRiver. Woodcraft Woodshop. Featured Clearance. Color Blue. Black Purple. Black Red White. Blue Light Blue. Blue Red White. Black Blue Gold. Black Gold. Black Green. Black Green Brown. Black Light Blue. Black Orange. Black Purple Gray. Black Turquoise. Blue Silver. Blue White. Blue White Light Blue. Blue Yellow. Brown Cream. Gray Maroon.

Green Light Blue. Green Purple. Green Yellow. Orange Purple. Orange Silver Yellow.

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