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WATCO® TEAK OIL FINISH специально разработано для плотных пород дерева, таких как тик, красное дерево и др. Также подходит для мягких пород. Глубоко проникает в поры древесины, защищая её изнутри и создавая тёплый, сияющий вид дорогой отделки ручной работы.  Не встряхивать! Обильно нанесите масло на поверхность и оставьте на 30 минут. Наносите добавочные слои каждые 15 минут. Далее, безворсовой тряпочкой начинайте растирать не впитавшиеся остатки масла до сухого покрытия. ВРЕМЯ ВЫСЫХАНИЯ: зависит от температурных условий, влажности и типа древесины. Regular store-bought Danish oils (like Watco or Tried & True) each have their own special concoctions, and provide a really beautiful finish. But if you prefer more control, you may want to just make your own to really get the results you want. While the Danish Oil wiki page claims that most variations use polymerized linseed oil, and lack a thinner, everything I found online about making your own is a bit different, which I’ll lay out here.  Additional Tips About Danish Oil. You should not apply this finish over wood that is sealed, because it works by soaking into the wood, and sealed wood won’t absorb the oil. That means it shouldn’t be put on painted wood, or wood that is sealed with a varnish, lacquer, or poly finish. Морилка-"Датское оригинальное" защитное масло WATCO Danish Oil цвет натуральный. Корзина заказа. Количество.  Пт.- с Сб.- с Реквизиты: ООО «ЛесПроф-Дерево» ИНН КПП ОГРН © «ЛесПроф Дерево» , Московская область, г. Химки, ул. Коммунальный проезд д. 2 +7 () , +7 () , +7 () les-proff@www.-

By Karl. Danish oil is a penetrating wood finish applying watco danish oil 15 is related to both Tung oil and polymerized linseed oil. It often a top choice of finishes because it can be used on just about all types of wood surfaces. It adds color, shine and a hard layer of protection. Danish oil can be used under other finishes and it can also act as its own finish. The finish produced by Danish oil can be described as satin. It is commonly used on kitchen cabinets, dining room tables and countertops.

The above image shows Danish Oil being applied to a cabinet door to add color and freshen the old existing finish. The most highly recommended brand of Danish oil is Watco. This brand of Danish oil is available in many colors and it provides professional-looking results.

Everything you need is right in the can! Applying watco danish oil 15 oil is a finish that requires a little bit of maintenance. You should plan on applying a fresh layer of oil to your furniture approximately every year or two. Repairing furniture that has a Danish oil finish is simple. If an area becomes nicked, dented or scratched, use the same color Danish oil that was originally applied, and add a layer to the damaged area.

Make sure to let it sit for 30 minutes before wiping it off. Repeat the process until the area matches the color of the rest of applying watco danish oil 15 furniture. Then, apply wood furniture wax and buff to a shine. You must be logged in to post a comment. House Painting Guide House painting tips and advice to achieve lasting results.

Login Register. Remember me. Lost your applying watco danish oil 15 Applying Danish Oil. If you have an article that you would like to publish, then you may submit an article and it will be listed on this site. Post a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Stripping the Finish. Applying Wood Stains. Furniture Refinishers. This site uses cookies: Find out more.

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dispersed before application. Stir occasionally during use. Apply a test sample on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire job. Apply one coat of stain liberally with a brush or clean lint free rag. Allow to penetrate for minutes then remove excess by . Feb 11,  · Okay, I have a a folow-up question to my earlier one concerning sanding thru finish coats. To summarize, I am going to be applying multiple coats of Watco Danish Oil and after the 2nd coat start wet sanding with grit. Applying Danish Oil. Step 1: Materials. Danish Oil Micro-fiber tack cloth Lint-free cloth or rag Foam Brush Disposable gloves Ask Question. Step 2: Prepare the Piece for Finish. Step 3: Apply the First Coat. Step 4: Reapply Coats. Step 5: Wipe Everything Dry.

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