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What colour stain did you use!? Glad you like it. Yes, you could definitely do that, but I would recommend using a wood that is more weather resistant, like cedar, cypress, or treated wood. I have a rooftop deck so no roof over it to attach to. Do you think if I build a stand it could support a swing bed like this?

All four kiddos played a role. Would love to send you a pic. Great plans! Used pine and just used outdoor spar poly over the natural wood. Love the way pine turns to gold. So the eye screws I used bent. Any input on the eye screws would be great!!

I guess I should have mentioned that in the article. I used Minwax Polyshades Mission Oak. Curious though, how many coats of stain did you cover it with for protection? Also, I want to thank you for taking the time to post the plans of this beautiful swing. I put one coat of stain on it, and then a couple of coats of polyurethane.

The Minwax Polyshade in mission oak looks so much darker than the color of your swing. Did you dilute the color before applying? Thank you, in advance! My husband made this swing for me in a short afternoon! I covered the mattress and made the pillows and that took much longer. Now if the weather cooperate so that we could actually sit out there at night!

Thanks for the plans and inspiration! Love the plan. Planning to make the arms a little wider. Nice work — Thanks for sharing! Hi there Rhonda. Check out the step right after the picture of me with the jigsaw. We just built one and ordered the burlap world market cover. Trying to find a mattress that will fill the 13in thick cover, but they are all about 8in thick.

I noticed you said yours was about 8in thick — was there any sag since the cover is about 5in thicker? Should I order two mattresses or do you think one 6in mattress is fine for the cover? Thank you! Hi Tammy. I think we got this one at BigLots. Thanks for the help. I just followed these plans and wound up 4 boards short. I definitely think some boards are missing in the materials list. The mattress cover dimensions you ordered are not comparable to a twin size mattress that I can see.

Can you provide the mattress dimensions you have? Hi Brenda. I screwed eye screws into the ceiling joists in the porch ceiling. Then ran a rope through them and through each eye screw on the bottom of the swing, and tied knots as you can see in the pictures.

Do you guys actually use it for sitting? We have a traditional porch swing and use it all the time. I love the look of these but wonder how they are for functionality. Hello Mike! Yes, we actually use the swing bed lots! We use it for sitting and taking naps on…lol.

If you were to hang in a location that had a little more room, Im sure it would be just fine. Henry made one for my mother and she the placement of it is perfect for swinging and the grandkids use it tons for that! Hi Lisa. We used a standard twin bed mattress, and the cover is from World Market.

You can find the link in the link in the second to last paragraph. We were wondering why you put the top cap on the back?

Does it get in the way when you sit back on the swing? Thanks for the plans they seem very straightforward and easy to follow! Do you think it would be possible to use screws everywhere instead of nails? I already have a drill, but I do not have a finish nailer.

Henry, Do you have a rough estimate for the final costs including the mattress? Great job! Thinking of trying to surprise the Bed Rail Brackets Near Me Usa wife with it. Hopefully comes out as good as you did. Hey Patrick. Do you have the measurements for a full instead of a twin? Does it ever get wet? Thanks and sorry for not replying sooner. Just now saw your comment. So you would just need add the additional width onto the pieces of wood on the side frame and rails.

Our mattress has done very well, although it is completely shielded from the weather. The only time it gets wet is when wet kids coming out of the pool hop on it. Good luck with yours! The swing is beautiful… can you please tell me what is the space between two eye screws in ceiling…? It seems close, I have two joist running 24 inches apart..

Would that work..? And also how far is this two screws from the other two..? Thanks for the nice easy plan. I had to place them like that to keep the rope away from the fans. It was poor planning on my part. We should have went with three fans. And the two sets of screws should be the length of the swing apart from each other, or close to it. Hope that helps! How would you suggest doing this if the swing were not covered?

If its going to be out in the weather, I would use a different wood, maybe a cedar or some type of treated wood. As for the mattress, maybe do a google search for some kind of outdoor cushion. Many people have used air mattresses for the outdoors. You can also use a foam mattress with waterproof mattress covers then add your fabric cover — even double up on the waterproof covers.

Love the swing. I plan to build this swing this week and wondering about how long it took you to frame this all out before staining. My son and I built this swing and it took less then 3 hours and I have very little wood working experience.

GREAT job on the instructions. I also used a jog saw and rounded the front of the arms. Turned out really nice. Love this guys. WhAt stain exactly did u use. Thanks so much. Do you have a suggestion on what screws to use if utilizing a drill over a nailer? Would deck screws be ok? Deck screws should work just fine. Just make sure they are not too long. Also make sure to drill pilot holes. The downside to using screws is that it will take longer to build and the screw heads will be showing in a lot of places.

Hey Henry, I was planning on using a crib mattress. I know a lot of measurements will change. But most changes would be with steps 1 thru 3 correct? The others I would have to do accordingly.

Do you have plans for a crib mattress by any means, or is that something you can adjust simply on your end? Hi Patrick. The main measurements to change would be , and then all other measurements on the x and y axis. Then subtract those values from the current measurements. Do you have a supply list for a swing that would fit a crib mattress by chance?

My mom and I are building and need it as idiot proof as possible haha. If not I understand but wanted to ask!! Hi April. It should be a fun project for you and your mom!

Then subtract that from the measurements in this plan. Hope that helps. My 1st project and though it took me much longer to make. It looks great!! Hi Justin. Ours is about 1. But something to keep in mind is that the rope with stretch some over time. So you may want to hang it a bit higher than where you want it to be. Hello Elise! So happy you like the look of the Wood Bed Rail Brackets Tab porch.

The stain is Cabot Gold that we purchased from Lowes. I do love the look and it is so easy to clean. The biggest negative I have with it is it can get very slippery while wet. I would think that burlap would be a rough surface.

Just exactly what kinds of material did you use for your pillows and other accessories. Sunbrealla is so expensive. What is the thickness of the mattress. Looked at burlap cover and some reviews said it did not fit the thickness of their mattress well.

Can I ask how much this cost for material, not including the power tools? What length of rope did you end up using to hang the swing? Do you know the approximate weight? I want to make this and wonder if I could hang it off of 1 joist? Hey Lilli! Im not sure what the exact weight is on the swing, but I would recommend hanging on at least two joists. I feel like it is a little too heavy for just one.

For the finish nails, is it important to use 16ga, or would 18ga Brad nails be strong enough for the twin bed load too? This looks great and I plan on building it this week. Did you put a cover on your mattress? If so can you share what it is? Thanks again for sharing.

So, do you guys have any plans for a frame that, when I make this swing, I could hang it from that instead? Hi Erika. Sorry about that. Building this for my first wood project ever! What length eye screws did you use for this? This is so great! Thank you for the fantastic instructions.

But do be aware of the movement of the swing. Might be hard to keep drinks for falling off. I just wonder if pocket holes might be good for at least the base? Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks so much!! Yes, they are strong enough. Keep in mind that the corners have 3 layers of wood that are overlapping, glued and nailed through each other.

The first swing I made using this same technique is about 7 years old and is still going strong. I just built this and love it! But my husband is going on and on about finish nails and glue not being enough to support any significant weight once hung. Has it held up pretty well for you? Is there anything additional I could do to reinforce it?

I understand his concern, but keep in mind that the corners have 3 layers of wood that are overlapping, glued and nailed through each other. Very quick thanks to your awesome tutorial.

We have a patio cover with beams that are roughly 5. Will that be enough support. Great stuff Henry and super helpful. Thoughts on other wood options than pine? Can use PT pine for that 2 by innner piece. Great plans and thank you. Great work! Thanks for sharing! We made something similar with a crib mattress. Hello, We love this plan.

Do you know of anyone who has hung this from a screened in porch that has a deck above? Hello Heather! Sorry for the delay on getting back to you. I would really prefer having those ceiling joists for as much weight as it is. Hi there I love this! What would you say the weight limit is?

Love this swing! Wondering if you have any suggestions for hanging when you have vinyl soffit? This was such a well explained guide to building this swing!!

My husband just made it for our new house and it went so smoothly and there were no questions! It was like a recipe for built! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge! Curious how a matress will hold up with humidity, etc. Hello Christine! I would say either one you prefer, but keep in mind if you paint it before you will just need to do some touching up after.

Im sure this is going to look great! What diameter, i. Thanks, Patrick. Hello Patrick! Henry purchased it at our local Home Depot. Hi there. Finished and love my new swing but ran into a problem that no one else seems to have mentioned. We used 2 eye hooks, just as you did and when you sit on the bed — unless you are sitting directly in the center — the rope shifts through the eye hooks and the bed tilts forward drastically.

How can we rectify this? Any ideas? This can be a problem on a newly installed swing. Once the swing has some weight on it for a while in the proper position, the rope will form indentions where they overlap the hooks.

Which will keep the rope from sliding. Build the swing and love it. However, the rope is slipping through the eye hooks on each side at the ceiling and the swing tilts and seems unstable. We were able to locate the 1 inch rope at Home Depot. I bought the world market burlap cover and the dimensions said 74x39x13 on their website and my twin beds got from amazon are 74x38x6 still waiting for them.

I got two twins to stack them to fill in the burlap cover so there would be less wrinkles. What do you suggest? I really love this pattern. I shrunk it down for a 24 x 62 dense foam cushion. Basically a 5-foot swing. Big enough to lay down for one person. I inadvertently did not take this into account. The arms feel way too high with a 6-inch foam cushion. Each post is made from two pieces. I applied a bead of glue down one edge. Step 3: Add the Rails After all four posts were in place, I cut all of the rails.

Step 4: Fill Holes and Stain I filled all holes with wood putty and to round off the corners a bit and get rid of any splinters I sanded the swing with fine sand paper. Step 5: Add the Eye Screws Once everything was dry. Previous Post Next Post.

You may also like How to Install a Door. How to Build a Bunk Bed Ladder. Reply Tatiane Great job Henry! October 1, at pm. Reply Kaeleigh Hi — this is beautiful! March 11, at pm. Reply Kathleen These directions were awesome! It only took 2 days and I am so proud of what I made April 2, at pm.

April 15, at pm. Reply Jamey Sharon, it fits a twin perfectly. Reply Andrea Dillon Do you think legs are an option? August 3, at pm. Reply Ashten What colour stain did you use!? Reply Deborah Great directions! I want to make one like this for a Queen size Mattress. July 18, at am. Reply Kim B. Could I use a jig saw for all cuts instead of both miter and jig saws? April 19, at am. Reply Josh Henry What size eye screws did you use?

April 23, at am. Reply Henry Thanks! Reply Cilek Beautiful. June 22, at pm. May 25, at am. Reply Chad S What size eye bolts did you use? And also what rope? June 30, at pm. Reply Chad S So the eye screws I used bent. July 24, at am. Reply Julie Crow Kid you happen to remember what size depth of twin mattress you used?

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