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Jul 18,  · The Ferrex bench sander has been a tool i've owned for a year now, it's one of those tools that you think you Aldi Belt And Disc Sander Review 51 can do with out, but, that is until you buy one. Aug 25,  · #Ferrex #Aldi #onehandedwoodworkingIn this video I offer an honest assessment of the new belt and disc sander from Ferrex. I go through some of the issues. Sep 03,  · Belt and disc sander by ALDI Workzone. For AU.

Jul 21,  · - kg (approx.) This combined disc and belt sander from ALDI provides a smooth and clean surface easily. It's powerful settings removes material quickly, including paint and varnish. It also features a bench-mountable cast iron base for added stability/5(). Use different abrasive grits on your sander’s belt and disc. For example, use an or grit belt for shaping, and a or disc for detailing. Sanders create choking dust that must be sucked up by a vacuum or dust collector. A single 4" port on the Jet JSGOS and Powermatic serves both belt and disc; the Jet fared best. Effective works can be done with such gadgets by Aldi and DIY products are absolutely cheaper with Aldi Catalogues. From Aldi Workzone Belt And Disc Sander Data DIY section we may give more examples advertised by the catalogue. Belt and Disc sander, suction vice and more popular DIY products can be found at Aldi Supermarkets. * Digital Caliper, $ * Table Vice or suction vice, $

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