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If your router is on the list Bench Dog supplies, and you purchase the corresponding router plate, no, you will not have to drill any holes. I purchased the Ridgid Combo router knowing I was probably going to get this router table. I didn't need an ultra-powerful router so I went with a 2hp group A router and ordered the corresponding group A plate.  Also, yes, sadly, bench dog does not supply the plate with the router table. However, this seems reasonable because there are different versions of plates for different routers. I would not expect them to include all 4 router plate groups. Бренд Bench Dog. MPN Купить Rockler Bench Dog® ProMAX Cast Router Table without Plate () из категории Таблицы Маршрутизатора в разделе Электроинструмент из каталога Инструменты с доставкой в Россию, Казахстан, Беларусь, Украину, Молдову, Армению, Азербайджан, Грузию и другие страны на уникальных условиях сервиса E-Pard: гарантия доставки, страхование посылки, единый тариф, никаких скрытых расходов.  Your table saw needs to be 27 deep and /2 thick to work with the Rockler Bench Dog® ProMAX Cast Router Table. The holes on the Promax should match at least three holes on your saw or you may need to drill additional holes in the Promax table. Axminster Folding Router Table Bench Dog Router Table Insert Kit. Good Working. out of 5 stars based on 1 product rating(1). £ New. Used. Pair of Trend WRT Router Table Down Pressures Wrt/1. No ratings or reviews yet. £ New.  Product Identifiers. Brand. Bench Dog. MPN. Then again, I think if budget is the biggest concern, the OP really ought to consider building his own, or trying to find one on CL, I suspect those are going to be rare though I am planning on doing the cat litter tub dust bucket for the underside, and a regular dust port overhead on mine. Login or Sign Up. Every power tool that I own is either Ridgid or Ryobi. Yes No. Which is all I bench dog router table extension youtube now.

Waiting for BD lift to go on sale so I can put it on the other wing Here's the ptree brand. Just scroll down a bit. Last edited by jussi ; , PM.

Comment Post Cancel. Very flat, very stable, and very easy to make. I would not consider MDF due to the extreme humidity I deal with here, but if you were in a drier climate it might be worth doing. One caveat though.

I have my miter slot a bit far out for the Rockler featherboards I have. I have the longer reach Kreg models which will more than make up for my mistake. Just Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Top With make sure if you build yours, that you can use featherboards, or whatever custom sleds or whatever with your miter slot Of course Harbor Freight sells phenolic router plates super cheap The biggest drawback I have experienced with the router wing is dust collection. I am planning on doing the cat litter tub dust bucket for the underside, and a regular dust port overhead on mine.

Not sure how you would attach a cat litter tub to a piece of cast iron though. Plywood is easy, just attach some turnbuttons, and a piece of aluminum angle at the back that allows you to catch the lip, rotate it up, then lock in place Now if it were me, and I had to replace my BT with say a cast iron topped hybrid, well my shop space isn't magically growing, so I would definately do a router wing, and most likely grab the MLCS with the aluminum plate Last edited by dbhost ; , PM.

Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please check out and subscribe to my Workshop Blog. You might want to have a look at the one from Grizzly. The T Comes with a nice fence. Sometimes my mind wanders. It's always come back though The saw, which was selected as Jet Table Saw Router Extension Youtube best value in Taunton's Tool Guide and favorably reviewed elsewhere, includes excellent large 36 inch rip fence, two cast iron wings, a mobile base, stout trunion design, and a poly-vee belt.

This table is rock solid, and has an excellent easily removable fence with dust collection port. Also included is the original cast iron wing of the table, which is not pictured. But wait, there is more. What is a router table without a router? Rest of router equipment is either unused or barely used. If I just went with the table saw and router table, what would be a fair price for this? Tags: None. Well, in my opinion, I think that is a fair price for everything.

I have owned a BT, and currently own a TS To be honest with you, and no offense to many of the loyal owners here on this site, I think the Ridgid is far superior to the BT. Now, bang for the buck, the BT is the hands down winner. However, for the long haul, I once again, believe that you will be happier with the Ridgid.

Every power tool that I own is either Ridgid or Ryobi. The best bang for the buck as far as brand names are concerned. Comment Post Cancel. Ken Massingale. But, if everything is as he advertises, it's a good deal. That setup is about all you'll ever need. I'll assume he mounted the Benchdog on the left as it is intended to be, that will leave the factory left table available to mount between the rails on the right end of the saw.

Good luck with your decision, whatever it is. What Ken said! These are great when you use large router bits so you can adjust the fence and keep it close to the bit and your work. You can easily mount the Bench Dog Feather-Loc featherboards and other accessories which improve productivity and safety.

The slots also help improve the versatility of the table saw by adding a second miter slot which works great for a cross-cut sled.

The router table also comes with dual slots for mounting the ProFence. This allows you to cut on either side of the router which gives you the option to cut on the right side with a much larger table surface. Working safely in a workshop is extremely important to me. I really like the adjustable bit guard on the ProFence.

This combined with the dust port allows for a clear view of the work area without danger of materials flying out towards you. This router table offers a great value combined with versatility and quality construction. I definitely recommend this router table for anyone looking to save shop space while having a professional grade router table.

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Search for more articles here. Enter keywords like, 'insulation' or 'kitchens' etc to find your topic. Hubby was just talking to me about needing one of these. Can you do a comparison and let me know. The Bench Dog one is really great though! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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