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You are your own voyeur. I Got it Made E. It certainly was a bestseller, selling upwards of ten million units in the US best 80s rap albums game. I'm a gamf believer that every day, we have a choice. A timeless classic. Track Listing - Disc 2. This album is one of his most consistent ones and contains a few classic tracks.

A young, hungry and ambitious Jay Z paints a compelling picture of his life as a hustler. Masterful production, brilliant lyricism, Reasonable Doubt shows us Jay Z at his peak as the Hip Hop artist he was and not the business mogul he would become. A female emcee who can spit with the best of them, male or female. Also one of the best-produced albums of It never achieved the same legendary status that the seminal release of the year — Dr.

This album is FUN. It should be, though. Another Gang Starr album, another classic. After discovering their signature sound on Step In The Arena , Premier and Guru perfected it here, dropping another gem that can be played from beginning to end without having to skip any tracks. In the gangsta theme still had originality and authenticity, which makes Ice T a true O. With this sophomore effort, Freestyle Fellowship really deliver the goods.

Conscious, humorous, clever, versatile: emcees Mikah 9, P. This highly original album is a slept-on lyrical masterpiece. The debut album of the Jungle Brothers , and the first album of a group affiliated with The Native Tongues collective. Dope production, mellow rhymes — another classic, arguably the greatest year in the history of Hip Hop.

Overall Apocalypse 91… may lack the special spark of its two predecessors, but there are enough strokes of brilliance here as well.

Apocalypse 91… is a strong part of P. Philadelphia rapper Schoolly D was all about attitude. This second album shows Schoolly D in top form — hardcore lyrics over minimalist, hard-hitting beats. The first two Schoolly D albums belong in any Hip Hop fans music collection. This album contains their well-known first hit singles and is solid through and through, no filler tracks here. By BDP had already two very different, but equally classic albums out. The real start of an epic career that would make Em a worldwide phenomenon and one of the best-selling artists in music ever.

A few weaker songs aside, The Slim Shady LP is a great album and the perfect introduction to the world of a unique talent.

The third album in an incredible three-album run. Bizarre and humorous lyrics delivered in that typical crazy Redman flow — Muddy Waters is an album that is not to be missed. The Diary — his third solo album — is short and tight 10 full songs with only one guest Ice Cube , which makes it all the stronger. Maybe because of the epicness of their first two albums, this one is often overlooked in best-of Hip Hop album lists.

It should not be though. The beats are excellent and the emcees are dope as well. The album that put Houston Hip Hop on the map. Redman is one of the most underappreciated emcees ever. With this debut album, he immediately sets a high standard for himself. No weak tracks and filled with bangers, Redman never takes himself too seriously and drops a fun party album with tight production all around.

Although commercially even more successful than his monumental debut Ready To Die , it is not quite as good. Even though Biggie stepped up his already off the charts storytelling abilities and rapping style a notch, the album is not as cohesive and consistent as his debut was. Had they left out the Puffy shiny-suit pop songs and the skits and released the 14 best songs as one tight album, Life After Death would have been a super classic.

Great production and plain awesome lyricism by one of the best emcees ever. Too many skits and some filler songs stand in the way of an even higher ranking on this list.

Internal Affairs is the solo debut from former Organized Konfusion member and brilliant lyricist Pharoahe Monch. After three acclaimed albums with Prince Po as O. High energy and consistently good, this album may not be the ultimate classic some of us expected after his work on the O.

The lyrics are written by Ice Cube, The D. The production is handled by Dr. A little less consistent than N.

Chicago underground Hip Hop heavies All Natural dropped one of the most slept-on albums of If you for some reason missed out on this hidden treasure, you will not regret checking it out now — never too late to catch up! This album has it all. Consciousness, politically juiced tracks, party anthems, story-telling — Prince Poetry and Pharoahe Monch pull off a perfect display of clever lyricism and dope wordplay.

This is a forgotten cult classic that is a must-have for anyone who likes clever, layered Hip Hop. The excellent follow-up to Dr. Dre just holds it down. Other than that: simply is another Dr. Dre classic. The first Hip Hop band: Stetsasonic came out with a bang with this album in First Come, First Served is up there with Dr.

Dooom killing the Dr. Octagon persona. Lyrically he is in top form here: flow and delivery are excellent and the lyrics are wonderfully and characteristically bizarre. Gotta love that No Limit parody cover too. This crew from Cincinnati, Ohio dropped an underground sleeper classic with Doom. Atmospheric and melodic production complemented with clever lyrics — this is real Hip Hop at its finest.

The album features production by Hi-Tek and guest appearances by Talib Kweli and Wu-Tang-affiliated group Sunz of Man, and this album can be seen as a springboard for all their careers. Funky Technician is slept-on by many, as is Lord Finesse himself. After his perfect and yes — slept on debut Word… Life in , he returns with another outstanding and slightly more accessible album. Nobody with the exception of Rakim touched the mic skills of BDK. Organized Konfusion was responsible for three excellent albums in the 90s — Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch show some unparalleled lyricism on this dark, dense, complicated and intellectual album.

A Golden Age underground classic. Originally released in , it suffered from lack of promotion and several re-releases, which ensured it never really got any spotlight. The album stands heads and shoulders above most other albums released in the late nineties, however. Great synergy between emcees Ryu and Tak, who sound like confident veterans even though this is their debut.

Excellent production, dope sampling, clever rhymes, and wordplay — this album is an underground classic. Two superproducers working together, that has to result in something special, right? Taken as the fantasy it is, it is a fun album with a wonderfully dark sense of humor.

Excellent production and top-notch emceeing — this is a classic, strangely enough with underground as well as mainstream appeal.

With the experience of a few Geto Boys albums under his belt, Scarface hammers out his Best Rap 2020 Albums Yellow solid debut, much in the same vein as what he did with the Geto Boys. Souls Of Mischief — part of the Hieroglyphics collective — succeeded in dropping a West Coast album without the gangsta cliches, and that is what makes it a classic Hip Hop album that sounds as fresh today as it did when it came out.

Amazing, rapid-fire wordplay by Opio, Phesto, A-Plus, and Tajai, who flow together really well with intelligent, funny, and clever lyrics.

Dope beats, dope rhymes — dope album. Now, some of you will get all upset because you want to see this album ranked higher. Of course, because of the number of units sold and its iconic status, All Eyez On Me is a classic.

It certainly was a bestseller, selling upwards of ten million units in the US alone. No, and no. The album would have been better with fewer guests, too. Sonically slightly different yet again from the previous albums, we see a Rakim who lyrically still has no peer and who even drops some socially conscious rhymes this time around, along with his usual skill-flexing.

Aceyalone is an incredibly talented and unique MC, always pushing lyrical boundaries and succeeding effortlessly in all styles he employs. He released a string of excellent creative and innovative albums throughout his career, and this one is his very best.

A Book of Human Language is a left-field masterpiece. The album has more to offer, though. On top of that Willie D, Bushwick Bill and Scarface are all dope rappers, with their own, distinct voices. A strong album and an early Southern classic. Progressive, soulful, stylistic and inventive production and exceptional lyricism by Gift Of Gab, truly one of the most underrated and poetic emcees in the Hip Hop game.

Nia is a gem. The classic debut of one of the most naturally gifted and best punch-line emcees ever. Big L, rest in peace. All about positivity and empowerment, Digable Planets sadly flew a bit under the radar in a time when gun-toting gangsta posers started to get more and more of the spotlight. The Next Step is the independently released full-length debut by Los Angeles duo People Under the Stairs, the first in a string of excellent albums.

PUTS always comes with that authentic, real boom-bap Hip Hop and this first effort is a slept-on gem. Original, both lyrically and musically. Sadat X, Lord Jamar, and Grand Puba lyrics are alternately thought-provoking and fun; and sonically the album is dope as well.

Arrested Development was rather a unique act. Hailing from the South, but having nothing to do with stories of crime and violence. Instead, they brought a mix of spirituality, political content, black awareness, intelligence, respect, and positivity.

One of the earliest N. Another Marley Marl production from the Juice Crew golden era. Biz Markie always was the joker character from that group of artists — originally a beatboxer, but a pretty decent emcee as well. Our favorite Too Short album from his extensive discography. Already a Hip Hop veteran by , Too Short came into his own on this album. Trademark explicit lyrics, with his typical laid-back flow and music to ride to.

This album is one of his most consistent ones and contains a few classic tracks. An underground treasure. Production is handled by Yogi and is excellent throughout. Yogi and Chaddeo share the mic on mostly all of the tracks, with a few guest appearances by the likes of Ras Kass, Black Rob, and the legendary Slick Rick to add extra spice. If they would just have left out the unnecessary and annoying skits, Cru would have had a true Best Rap Us Album List classic on their hands with Da Dirty This is DMX at the top of his game: introspective, hardcore, and emotional at the same time.

He would never top or even equal this album, even though the follow-up Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood , which came out later in this same year, was a pretty good album as well. It got slammed because it contains two or three admittedly pretty bad love songs, but the album is long enough to be able to redeem itself. And it does. His production work is always incredible smooth and funky.

He may not be the best emcee ever, but he more than holds his own on the mic. An important album, one of the cornerstones of the rise to dominance of West Coast Hip Hop in the early 90s. In an era when consciousness in Hip Hop was on its way out in favor of tales of violence and materialism, Jeru kept doing his thing.

Insightful and profound, Jeru is relentless in his condemnation of gangsta posturing and the pimping out of Hip Hop by the big money suits, a condemnation which turned out to be highly prophetic. Quirky, humorous and fun — Del always had his own style. Much like a West Coast version of Masta Ace, he was always able to constantly reinvent himself and turn his talent into a decade-spanning career full of creative highlights.

This album is great start to that career. Eclectic and creative as always, and more in tune with a pure Hip Hop feel that was less in evidence on their previous two albums, Hello Nasty shows us the Beastie Boys at a new peak of their artistic powers. A very solid debut by MC Shan. Kool G Rap sophomore album proved G Rap was one of the top lyricists in the game. Also, they faced the impossible task following up their mega-successful third album, the hugely influential classic Raising Hell.

They pretty much succeeded with Tougher Than Leather. Wrong year, wrong coast? If this outstanding album had dropped in NYC a few years earlier, it probably would have been bigger back then and universally recognized as a classic right now. Nothing wrong with his lyrics and emcee skills either. Why this album is so underappreciated is a mystery, but it deserves its props. Fresh beats and dope rhymes throughout — without a doubt, this is one of the best concept albums in Hip Hop ever.

Because of their unique style, their undeniable chemistry and the eery vibe of the album, E. A long, but an excellent album. It could have done without the skits, but it is pretty much dope from start to finish. Essential Golden Age material. This is a supremely underrated and slept-on album. One of the most lyrical albums in Hip Hop ever, by one of the most underrated lyricists.

Musically reminiscent of The Roots, this smart and seductive album is one of most creative and interesting releases. A timeless album, that sounds as fresh today as it did in Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nas - Illmatic One of the very best Hip Hop albums in history, period. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders Faced with the impossible task of following up on the flawless masterpiece that is The Low End Theory , Tribe delivered an album that is every bit as awesome as its predecessor.

Ice Cube - Death Certificate Still angry, still hungry. Mobb Deep - The Infamous An album that will forever polarize opinions. Public Enemy - Yo! Octagon Dr. DJ Shadow Endtroducing Gang Starr - Hard To Earn Markedly darker — both sonically and lyrically — than their previous albums, Guru is great and especially DJ Premier is in top form as always, cementing their combined status of one the most consistent acts in Hip Hop ever.

Public Enemy Apocalypse - Redman - Muddy Waters The third album in an incredible three-album run. Eric B. Geto Boys - Grip It! Redman - Whut? Thee Album Redman is one of the most underappreciated emcees ever.

Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion This album has it all. Dre - The excellent follow-up to Dr. Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda Organized Konfusion was responsible for three excellent albums in the 90s — Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch show some unparalleled lyricism on this dark, dense, complicated and intellectual album.

Scarface Mr. Aceyalone - A Book Of Human Language Aceyalone is an incredibly talented and unique MC, always pushing lyrical boundaries and succeeding effortlessly in all styles he employs. Cru - Da Dirty 30 An underground treasure. Dred Scott - Breakin' Combs Wrong year, wrong coast? Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - E. Hieroglyphics — 3rd Eye Vision Ice Cube — The Predator Jurassic 5 — Jurassic 5 Beastie Boys Check Your Head UGK — Super Tight Poor Righteous Teachers — Holy Intellect Lootpack — Soundpieces: Da Antidote The Beatnuts — The Beatnuts Track Listing - Disc 2.

Fantastic Voyage. Roxanne's Revenge. The Breaks. I Got it Made. Knockin' Boots. Treat 'Em Right. Fight the Power. The Message. Human Beat Box. How Ya Like Me Now. I'm Not Havin' It.

Funky Cold Medina. Young MC. Wild Thing [Chemical Toast Remix]. Vanilla Ice. Kool Moe Dee. Grangsta's Paradise D. Wipeout R. Fat Boys. Jam on It D. Positive K. Supersonic D. Biz Markie. I Go to Work K. Fantastic Voyage F. Roxanne's Revenge M. The Breaks J. Kurtis Blow. I Got it Made E. Knockin' Boots W.

Treat 'Em Right M. Chubb Rock. The Message J.

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