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Furthermore, users would find installing this bench vise very simple and easy and having a strong and stable design makes it the perfect tool for use either in workshops or at home. They are used in workshops and home garages alike and afford people best garage bench vise 70 versatility to tackle whatever project they need. You have several options. Vkse bench vise has a jaw capacity of 0. Handle — Do we really need to explain this component? Whatever the outcome, neither is good.

Those factors are explained below. Jaw depth refers to the opening of the jaws you can obtain from a specific vise. Smaller vises have smaller jaw openings, so they are used for smaller pieces of material, like a thinner wood sheet, for instance. More massive vises have a much bigger opening so they can be used for larger and thicker materials. This is the first factor to consider.

A small vise will have a jaw opening of 2 inches, while a large one of 5 inches. You need to match this to your requirements. The material used for the construction of the vises is a mandatory factor as well. You have several options. The first one is aluminum. It is are and used for vises that are made for soft and lightweight materials. For example, the last model on our list is made from aluminum, and you can get a better idea of why and when this vise can be used.

The next alternative is cast iron. It is a decent option, and it should be considered if you are looking for affordable and robust bench vise. The steel vises are the best, the heaviest and the most expensive. They are suitable for heavy-duty usages.

Clamping force is precise as its sounds, how strong a vise can hold the material in the jaws. We must explain that the average result is pounds. It is the most common and the most needed at the moment. Anything below that is below average and should be considered if you will use a vise for wood or similar materials. Anything higher than pounds is above average, and we are looking at bench vises designed for massive metal sheets, long pipes, or pieces of wood.

Most of you will be entirely satisfied with the average clamping force. It can be used for smaller projects as well, but it can help you hen a small vise is useless. A small bench vise is designed for those who will use it in different locations or who want to carry it due to work requirements.

It is up to you which version do you need, and we can only help you find the best model of a suitable weight. Keep in mind that the weight is determined by the size and the material used in the manufacturing process.

Massive steel bench vises are the strongest and the heaviest. This is an addition you will like to have. Basically, under the primary jaw, you have a small jaw that is serrated and has hex-a like shape. This is a jaw for pipes, and it should be used for this purpose only. The addition is common these days, and it is a nice feature to have. On the other hand, it may be utterly irrelevant to you.

In a nutshell, the pipe jaw is an excellent feature that can help you when nothing else can. Some models are made to be immune to rust and to stay like new as long as needed. Others are made from ordinary metals and come without rust protection.

Those models will rust if or when they are exposed to moisture, humidity, and obviously water. If you have issues with leaks and moisture in your garage, you need to consider this factor. If you use it in remote locations and on the open ground, you need rust resistance as well.

It is a small and simple feature that has enormous importance. A bench vise that can be rotated for degrees is very convenient and practical. You can use it for all sorts of projects, and you will like this feature. The next level down is degree rotation. It means that the base of a vise can be rotated by fewer degrees than the full circle. We prefer degree rotation, and we believe it is the best possible option. Models without it are not ideal, and they are basic units that are more affordable yet simpler.

A handle of a bench vise is used to open and close the jaws. You need a steel handle, which is as long as possible. Short handles are not very appealing, and they are a nightmare to use. The last thing to add is the finish of a handle. It must be ground, so there are Best Clamp On Bench Vise Zoom no injuries while using the vise. A handle must be as sturdy as possible, and it must not bend while closing the jaws of the vise.

For the best folding work table reviews click this link. Now you can take a closer look at the 10 models mentioned above, and you can pick one that is stunning for you and can meet all the requirements you will have. We tested all 10 models in real-life situations and with real tasks, and we were able to create a long and accurate list according to their performances. In the lack of a better word, these ten models are the best of the best bench vises, and you need to consider them.

See more garage equipment reviews. Editors Pick. Buy on Amazon. Editors Pick Photo. Olympia Tools Bench Vise , 6 Inches. Equipment 0 Comments. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Go to Top. Vises are also designed to come in various sizes and shapes which enables them to meet up with a wide range of needs.

Shopping for a bench vise might sound very easy but in order for you to settle for the best, you would definitely need to carry out research so you can get familiar with the best and reliable products. Thankfully, we have saved you lots of stress, time and effort that you would have spent conducting your research as all the questions you have already been answered in this review.

There are various brands and models of bench vise in this review that would fall into your budget. Sign in. Log into your account.

Password recovery. Best Bench Vise Ever Made — Buying Guide And Recommendation There are so many options for anyone to try and select from when shopping for a good bench vise but in this review, we have analyzed the best and reliable brands like the Wilton, Yost and even the Tekton brand and made our decision based on jaw width, jaw opening, throat depth and other important specifications.

Main Features Of A Bench Vise Bench vises are designed to be quite similar and they are all built sharing the same purpose. Jaws — The jaw is the most important feature of every bench vise and it is designed to open and close so materials can be placed in between them. Considering the size of the jaws and also its style is what you should take into consideration when shopping for a bench vise.

Mount Type — Bench vises are designed to have two mounting types and it is either the clamp style or the bolt-on mounting type. This mounting type is what makes attaching this bench vise to any surface easy. Swivel — This is a very useful feature that helps in adding flexibility to your bench vise and swivels can be commonly found at the base of the most bench vise. Swiveling an object means you can have better access to it whether you are sanding or cutting the object and this makes working on any project convenient.

Quick Release — This is a very important feature as it takes away the need to manually twist the spindle of a bench vise whenever you want to release an object. This makes the process easy and quick and you should watch out for this feature because not all bench vises come with this feature.

Wilton Wilton Bench Vise If you have been searching for a sturdy and strong vise which I am sure you are looking which explains why you are on this page then the Wilton Bench Vise is what you truly need and this bench vise from Wilton features a blue color coat finish which is the standard color of the Wilton brand.

Yost LV-4 Home Vise Still, another durable and top quality bench vise from the YOST brand and what this tells is that the YOST brand is actually concerned with the making of top quality, accurate and reliable products that would be able to meet up with your requirements and needs. Pros: Perfect for light home jobs Works great Has a solid construction Simple installation process Cons: Cracked easily Has a loose swivel base 4. Pros: An inexpensive tool which does all that is described of it Has a strong swivel base Ideal for basic home tasks Cons: Not as smooth as expected 5.

Yost Tools Vises Combination Pipe and Bench Vise This is another blessing from the Yost brand to make its way to this top ten list of bench vises that you can trust to get work done for you and being able to turn up to degrees is an incredible feature which sets this bench vise very much higher than most bench vises which you are bound to come across when shopping for one that would be ideal for you.

Pros: Ideal for use at home for a long period of time Perfect for medium and heavy-duty tasks Allows you embark on more projects Helps in mastering certain skills Cons: Arrived with a bent handle 7. Pros: Its swivel base makes movement very easy Its rotating jaw makes handling heavy-duty task simple Very strong Delivered quickly Cons: A customer complained that it snapped into the half after tightening it 9. Milling Machine Lockdown Vise This lockdown vise right here is one with a design that is slightly different from all other bench vises that we have talked about in this interesting guide and even though this tool right here might not exactly be the tool you are looking, it is one with a lot of features as well as an impressive design that would help meet your needs and requirements.

Pros: Has a coarse finish Easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes Functions great Cons: Has some small voids on its surface Conclusion Shopping for a bench vise might sound very easy but in order for you to settle for the best, you would definitely need to carry out research so you can get familiar with the best and reliable products. Top 7 Best Portable Workbench — Reviews. Brad Kuntz - March 19, 0. When visiting an online casino in Singapore, players should know what types of games you can access.

With too many game options, you may Many customers have also complained about the finish, citing chipped or uneven coverage upon arrival. Tekton has really been making a name for themselves in the tool industry over the past few years by offering good quality tools at a price at a price almost consistently lower than the competition.

This 4-inch vise is built from 30, PSI cast iron and has serrated steel jaws that can be replaced as needed. A degree swivel base with dual lockdown nuts and polished anvil make jobs easier. Turning the handle is almost effortless, and the Acme screw functions smoothly. This is a perfect starter vise for new users and will last a long time. Built from incredibly strong , PSI tensile strength austempered ductile iron ADI , this vise is four times stronger than standard cast iron and the strongest bench vise on the market.

Thanks to the adjustable guide rails, tasks are smooth and easy. This is an incredibly solid vise with no welds. The base incorporates teeth for a superior lock. While not essential to its function, owners love how the bright red stands out compared to the usual vise colors. A few people have reported receiving a damaged or defective vise. The Yost ADI-6 is just a great, no-nonsense heavy duty vise that will work flawlessly for many years.

Made in Taiwan. This 5 inch bench vise is solidly built like any other tools that come from Irwin. The degree swivel base, rotating pipe jaws, and incorporated anvil make a wide range of tasks possible. Weighing in at just over 33 pounds, this cast iron vise is sturdy enough for commercial use but will feel right at home in your garage. The vise jaws open just under 5 inches and it has a 3 inch throat depth.

Thankfully, the one report of a break also confirmed that Irwin stands behind this product and will remedy the situation. In standard configuration, the jaws will give you up to 6 inches of opening , but one of the nice features of the is that the jaw can be reversed, giving you more than 9 inches of grip when you need it.

It also provides two anvil platforms , which can be useful if you use the vise in reversed configuration frequently but still need the anvil surface to be available. But, if you need a heavy duty vise with a large opening, this one will serve your needs.

The Grizzly G is an excellent medium-duty bench vise that has two features setting it apart from typical vises. The shaft design provides smooth adjustments and a tighter shaft fit, and it can be swiveled vertically as well as horizontally. This gives you a virtually unlimited variation on the grip direction. Both the jaw opening and width are exactly 5 inches and the vise has a 3 inch throat depth. The main complaint with a Grizzly is that the vertical swivel is dependent on the jaw to lock it in place.

Holding your material in place while you tighten the jaws can be annoying until you get the hang of it. The Grizzly tool company was founded and still manufactures many of their tools in the United States but unfortunately, the vise is made in China like almost every vise on the market today. The Wilton will serve you well as one of the better vises for the money. The jaws open to a maximum of 4 inches with a 2.

Wilton uses a standard vise construction, with a solid piece of steel for the outer jaw.

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