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The Kreg Deck Jig is a fast and accurate way to fix your decking and fence panels, too, depending on design. Kreg Jigs are mreg from a nylon material reinforced with fiberglass. So it's possible screwed joints can work loose over time. Instructions are included with your jig, including recommendations when fixing much wider best kreg accessories sdn bhd. Shelf Pin Drilling Jig. Quality cuts made easy Guided cutting gives you peace of mind — and unbeatable accuracy. Buying best kreg accessories sdn bhd for best kreg jig systems A well-made mortise and tenon joint is a pleasure to see, but most of us lack the skill — or the time — to produce them accurately.

Drill bit with adjustable collar to set correct depth; Too shallow and the joint won't be strong. Too deep and the point of the screw might go through the joint, marring the outer surface. The Kreg Tool Company doesn't just make pocket-hole jigs. There is also a handy decking jig so you can fix your boards without ugly nail heads showing , a specialist drawer-side jig of particular interest to cabinetmakers , and several other additions.

However, they are all variations of the pocket-hole idea, so that's what we're focusing on here. The accuracy of the drill guide is vital. Some manufacturers use aluminum. It's light, so it's easy to move around, but it's prone to wear, particularly from a high-speed steel drill bit. Kreg Jigs are made from a nylon material reinforced with fiberglass. The tough composite then has hardened steel drill guides inserted, which come with a lifetime warranty.

This ensures precision and repeatability. Clamping the workpiece firmly in the jig is another important aspect. Wood is soft, so the clamp can't be too aggressive or it will mark the surface.

Some makers use a threaded version. Kreg favors a toggle clamp which has more positive closure or, on the top-end K5, an adjustable ratchet. If the material is too large to move to the jig, Kreg drill guides are all demountable, and each has its own specific clamping point.

This gives unrestricted mobility, and it means you can often carry out furniture repairs in situ. If you buy a full Kreg Jig system, you'll find a clamp included the K5 model is even self-adjusting. Many DIY woodworkers, as well as professionals, already own C-clamps that will do the job.

Setting up the jig has to be clear and simple. Measurements on Kreg Jigs are molded into the body so there's no mistake. Hole depth and screw size charts are also provided. Nothing is left to chance. You have a choice of jig systems. You can buy a comprehensive system like the K5, or start smaller and add components as you need them.

Kreg will even sell you a case to keep them all in! Waste always presents challenges to woodworkers. The bench-mounting Kreg jigs have expanded recesses for better chip clearance. Some have dust extraction ports. We looked at a number of cheaper pocket-hole jigs that compete with Kreg. The main problems with them are excessive play in the components which makes accuracy very hit-and-miss and less robust construction.

In general, they aren't as versatile, and most are two-hole rather than three-hole systems. Kit contents can appear impressive, but the numbers are often padded with small items like screws or dowels. A Kreg Jig is an investment, though it doesn't have to be a large one.

That's not a great deal extra for the long-term accuracy and durability that has made Kreg the market leader. With any jig, setup is key. Don't rush things, particularly when you first get your jig. The old woodworker's adage of Best Raspberry Pi Accessories Sdn Bhd "measure twice, cut once" is true here, too.

The most common mistake comes when setting the jig and drill collar to the thickness of your wood. Check twice, drill once. Although pretty straightforward, initial testing with a few pieces of scrap wood is a good idea to get used to the way the jig works.

You can fix errors. If you do make a mistake, you can make almost invisible repairs with a Kreg pocket-hole plug cutter. This cuts wooden plugs the same size as your hole. Glue in the plug, sand it down, and nobody will be any the wiser! In theory, no. In practice, many professionals recommend it. Wood — even plywood — will expand and contract as humidity changes. So it's possible screwed joints can work loose over time. A little wood glue will ensure your joints remain solid.

Kreg Jigs are designed to allow you to make strong joints, regardless of material widths. For instance, if you have boards two to three inches wide, you would use guide holes A and B. For narrower material, you would use B and C, and so on. Instructions are included with your jig, including recommendations when fixing much wider panels. Lots of places. Besides the Kreg website kregtool. Both have clear tutorials, dozens of tips and tricks for using a Kreg Jig, and literally hundreds of interesting projects, too.

Beware, though — Kreg joinery can get a bit addictive! Hands down the best jig set Kreg has to offer. If you have small or large woodworking projects that require pocket-hole drilling, no other system will do. It's the one to get if you are planning on building a deck.

This jig kit will eliminate most guesswork and help you create a strong, sturdy build. If you want a jig system but don't need a large set or simply want numerous tools for a reasonable price, this handy option is both practical for most jobs and value-priced for most budgets. Change to Lee Valley Canada website to see content specific to that region and the best shipping options. This image has not been loaded. To print the images, close the print view and scroll to the bottom of the article.

Once all of the images have loaded, select the print option again. From that simple concept, he developed the versatile Kreg jig system, which Best Kreg Jig For 2x4 Uv uses drilling guides to position counterbored screws, creating strong, concealed pocket-hole joints in a straightforward, consistent manner. Since then, Kreg has developed a broad line of workshop accessories, from router tables to work-holding clamps, designed to improve the accuracy, convenience, safety and versatility of common tools.

They are well designed and durably constructed. Durable, adjustable jigs that let you confidently install knobs, pulls, hinges, drawer slides and shelves with professional-quality results. The Kreg system offers the capability, versatility and durability you need for true precision routing.

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