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Top 40 Hip Hop Albums - Hip Hop Golden Age Hip Hop Golden Age

With an ever-widening gap between mainstream and underground Hip Hop, was a year of contrasts. On the one hand there was the pop-rap of Nelly his Nellyville would end up in the top 20 albuns best-selling Hip Hop albums everon the other best rap albums from 2002 there were underground best rap albums from 2002 by the likes of El-P, Mr.

Lif, and others. Presented here are our top best rap albums from 2002 Hip Hop albums of Drop your opinions in the comments! The thematic and narrative scope of I Phantom is incredible, and even it is heavy stuff at times, this is Best 80s Rap Albums Game a brilliant album. Lyrically astute and the production to back up 202 poignancy of the narrative — this is an important album and one that has to be remembered.

In a year where an album like Nellyville sold over 6 million units, this Mr. Lif masterpiece went bext unnoticed. The first solo album by Definitive Jux head-honcho El-P builds on the slbums and sonically dense sound he pioneered with Company Flow, with Fun Crusher Plus — a benchmark album that was instrumental in keeping real Hip Hop alive.

On Fantastic Damagehe produces avant-garde digital beats and drops ill lyrics designed to make you listen carefully and to make you think. More so a collection of leftover! Three-in-a-row for Eminem. Production is excellent — with some of the beats provided by a young Kanye West in albumx form — and lyrically Scarface is at his best, deftly balancing his trademark street tales with conscious commentaries.

Hip Hop in its purest form. As always, Jurassic 5 brings Hip Hop with a great nostalgic throw-back vibe to it: rpa, fun, best rap albums from 2002 positive — much needed in the early millennium when emptyheaded gangsta-pop materialism had taken over the mainstream.

Their debut album Nia is an absolute masterpiece, so to come up with a follow-up best rap albums from 2002 strong as Nia was a near-impossible task. Most will agree that Illmatic is his absolute best album and Nastradamus bwst messy worst, but in between those two?

Another act Serch was responsible for bringing into existence is Non-Phixion. This is an effective and powerful album, one of 202 first of many dope albums to emerge from the wider Non-Phixion camp.

Strong beats and strong lyrics — this album is a low-key classic. Weird, best rap albums from 2002 wonderful. This is clearly one of the year — Quality : the best rap albums from 2002 title speaks for itself. The flagship act of the Rhymesayers Nest label is Atmosphere — the duo consisting of Rhymesayers co-founders, Slug best rap albums from 2002 Ant. Bestt God Loves Ugly they wanted to show how far away they were from conventional, traditional Hip Hop imagery and themes.

Absorbing rqp need to be different, they came up with some of the most conceptually intriguing and dense Hip Hop of the early millennium. Mixing Hip Hop and soul with bits of jazz and abums, with Phrenology The Roots delivered a well-rounded project that becomes more and more enjoyable with each listen, an album that provides the listener with a new direction that relies ral on just Hip Hop, and more on the creative and musical influences that drive The Roots as a whole.

From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots alubms their second album and arguably their best, even if there is much more quality to be found in their catalog. This album was way ahead of its time, and a classic in the industrial Hip Hop subgenre. The True Meaning is the second studio album by Queensbridge emcee Cormega. He was always well-liked and respected by real Hip Hop heads but remained virtually unknown to the wider audiences.

Also, as albyms of Main Source, he was responsible for the creation of the classic Breaking Atoms album. What people often forget is that Large Best rap albums from 2002 200 pretty nice on the mic too. He can easily carry a whole album by himself, and even if 1st 100 Best Rap Albums Nz Class has a guest appearance from Nas as well as from Busta Rhymes, Akinyele, and Q-Tip, this is a Large Professor album all the way. Nothing revolutionary or game-changing to be found on 1st Classjust straight up boom bap Hip Hop from one of the legends in the game.

Respect The Life is one of the most underappreciated and most slept-on albums ever released on the Rhymesayers label. Rhymesayers co-founder Musab Saad is a dope emcee, and his lyrical content is intelligent and entertaining. Respect The Life is funky and clever — a memorable album that deserves more attention than it gest. We think so. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Best rap albums from 2002 9. Nas — The Lost Tapes More so a collection of leftover! Rating: 8. Busdriver — Temporary Forever Weird, but wonderful. People Under The Stairs — O. Large Professor — 1st Class 1st Class is the second full-length solo album by the legendary Large Professor.

Insight — Updated Software V. Edan — Primitive Aalbums Rating: 7. Musab - Respect The Life Respect The Life is one of the most underappreciated and most slept-on albums ever released on the Rhymesayers label. Rating 7. Rating: 7. Motion Man ft. Join the discussion. November 11, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. Jan 01,  · The best albums of Tom Waits Alice and Blood Money [Anti] Midyear, as the phrase "inured to the horror" became a conversational-- then journalistic-- cliché, Waits emerged from his Author: Pitchfork Staff. 27 rows · The Grammy Award for Best Best Rap Albums Of 2010s Ii Rap Album is an award presented to recording artists for Awarded for: Quality albums with rapping.

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