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Делать подборку из десяти лучших альбомов десятилетней давности уже стало доброй традицией на www.- Год назад мы вспоминали , а два года назад – Сегодня мы освежим память и окунёмся в атмосферу с его десятью лучшими рэп-релизами. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Начнём не с самого обязательного альбома сегодняшней подборки, однако очень знакового для самого Big Boi. Первый сольник второго по значимости артиста в дуэте Outkast должен был внести ясность – представляет ли он какой-либо интерес для слушателей в одиночку, когда рядом с ним нет его партнёра п. Грибы, Скриптонит, Oxxxymiron, Баста, Ассаи и другие рэп-исполнители в актуальном рейтинге альбомов за год.  На The Flow заканчивается партнерский проект The Flow и re:Store "20 главных рэп-альбомов х". Его предыдущие выпуски можно найти здесь. 20 рэп-альбомов х. 13 марта 20 рэп-альбомов х. Скриптонит «Дом с нормальными явлениями». На The Flow стартовал партнерский проект The Flow и re:Store "20 главных рэп-альбомов х". Его предыдущие выпуски можно найти здесь. 20 рэп-альбомов х. 06 марта 20 рэп-альбомов х. Oxxxymiron «Горгород». На The Flow стартовал партнерский проект The Flow и re:Store "20 главных рэп-альбомов х&q. Голосование за лучшие рэп-альбомы десятилетия () Vote for the best rap albums of Decade (). Rules / Правила: Yours Top 20 albums of Decade /// Ваша 20ка лучших альбомов десятилетия. Counting system: First place - 20 points, second - 19 points and so on /// Система подсчета: Первое место - 20 очков, второе - 19 очков и так далее.  1: Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty 2: Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager 3: Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers 4: Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV 5: Eminem - Recovery 6: Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't 7: JAY-Z, Kanye West - Watch The Throne 8: Dirty Money - Last Train to Paris 9.

HipHopGoldenAge was founded to celebrate classic Hip Hop and the pioneers of the music and culture we all love, and also to provide a counter-weight to the emptyheaded bubblegum rap that took over the mainstream from the mid-nineties on. Our focus is not just on the eighties and early nineties though — we are also here to show that quality Hip Hop has always existed. If you only follow the mainstream you would not know it, but quality Hip Hop best rap albums of 2010s ii always been there.

While we will always consider — the best ten-year period in Hip Hop ever, this past decade has been exceptional too. Hip Hop is the dominant cultural and best rap albums of 2010s ii force in the world now, and its dominance is reflected best rap albums of 2010s ii its diversity.

Listed here you will find what WE consider the top Hip Hop albums of the s decade, based on criteria such as cohesiveness, creativity, replay value, potential longevity, enjoyability, and overall quality, and to a lesser extent on criteria such as impact, influence, and popularity.

Some of the albums listed here have received general critical acclaim and have enjoyed commercial success, some best rap albums of 2010s ii completely ignored and slept on by the media, critics best rap albums of 2010s ii the general Hip Hop audience alike.

Which albums are missing, which ones are ranked too low or too high? Weigh in with your opinion, here or on Social Media! This album is special, in a once in a generation kind of way. With good kid, M. CityKendrick Lamar had already released a near-flawless project, but this follow-up turned out to be even bigger and better.

This best rap albums of 2010s ii not an easy, straight-forward listen, but it is an important one. To Pimp A Butterfly is a timeless genre-blending masterpiece that will forever reside in the highest echelons of the Hip Hop pantheon. That record was epic and unstoppable enough, but this one is even better — more layered and even darker. The out-of-the-box combination of El-P and Killer Mike has proven to be unbeatable — this album is lyrically intelligent and hard-hitting as well as sonically brilliant, RTJ2 easily is one of the best and most important Hip Hop albums of this decade.

This album is pretty much amazing, unlike anything you have ever heard before. At ten songs, Black Up is a tight presentation, but not a second is wasted. To really do justice to this musical treasure you need to listen to it on a quality system or with really good headphones or earbuds — otherwise, you might miss the deepness of the bass and other sonic intricacies. The album could have done without some of the skits, but all-in-all this powerhouse of an album truly is a masterpiece.

GKMC is a total experience and not just a collection of songs. A perfect example of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The album cover and the inside sleeve work in harmony with the narrative of the album, which is a great touch.

We love it when everything we value in Hip Hop comes together in one project. Music Rebellious African People Music is such a project, one that fires on all cylinders. Hard-hitting, kick-ass beats for Killer Mike to spit his uncompromising and thought-provoking lyrics over, this is what Hip Hop is all about.

Music was an instant classic, reminiscent of the Source 100 Best Rap Albums Vpn fire and fury early Ice Cube and Public Enemy albums brought — this album has that same sense of intensity and urgency. Killer Mike was already able to boast a strong discography before the release of R. Musicbut this album is on another level. His synergy with DefJux head-honcho El-P is awesome — something they would continue to prove with the three excellent Run The Jewels albums that would follow this collaboration.

Music was too real to best rap albums of 2010s ii big-time mainstream media attention, but it is an important album and a modern classic. On the four CunninLynguists albums preceding this project, Kno already amply proved that best rap albums of 2010s ii can put a big stamp on an album in terms of production. In the CunninLynguists producer released Death Is Silent : a solo album on which he also accounts for a large part of the lyrics. The production on this album is nothing short of spectacular, and the beats and the stories blend together like gears on a machine.

The whole album has the same feel, without ever sounding best rap albums of 2010s ii. This is an album to zone out on, to press play and let it run from start to finish — no need to skip anything, there are no fillers tracks and no stupid skits.

But even if Kno will always be a producer before he is an emcee, he can carry an best rap albums of 2010s ii on the microphone as well. He calls himself the Emo Premo on one of the tracks, providing lyrics that should shame most full-time rappers. Death Is Silent is one of our favorite albums released ina true musical gem in a world full of fake thugging, bling-bling, dumb-ass b. From start to finish, this is a masterpiece of music not just Hip Hop.

Anyone with an interest in quality music with substance will like, if not love this melancholic best rap albums of 2010s ii. Danny Brown hit a home run with Atrocity Exhibition.

This album feels like a feverish nightmare that gives us a glimpse of the insanity, depression, and hedonism of the Danny Brown psyche. This album is deep and dark and at times over the top, both sonically and lyrically. Production is superb though, and even those who gravitate towards more traditional styles will find a lot to like here. Paak, and Busta Rhymes to spice things up some.

City and To Pimp A Butterfly. Musicforming a duo was nothing but a logical step. Although not even their strongest outing, Run The Jewels still is one of the better projects of the decade, laying the groundwork for even better things to come.

Like RTJ2 and RTJ3this project is aging very well, and with three straight near-perfect albums under their belts, there can be little discussion about the fact Run The Jewels is one of the greatest if not THE greatest duos in recent Hip Hop history.

After having made a big enough impression with two mixtapes and his excellent debut project Bucket List Project inyear-old Chicago rapper Saba dropped a modern classic with his sophomore album Care For Me. In an interview, Saba spoke about the mental process and how writing the songs on the album were therapeutic saying:.

A lot of it had to do with losing my best friend and older cousin, [John] Walt, which is throughout the album. Care For Me is a subtle and intimate concept album dedicated to the memory of his cousin. The emotion involved can be felt throughout the 10 tracks on Care For Meand this is one of those albums where the instrumentals and the lyrics complement each other perfectly, the minimalist but tasteful soundscapes Saba cooked up himself serving only to enhance the poignant emotions reflected in his lyrics.

This is a fantastic album, one of the best released in Ab-Soul tells us about the rare virus called Steven-Johnson Syndrome he contracted as a child, which would hinder his vision and cause a skin condition that would render best rap albums of 2010s ii lips very dark.

He relates how this caused much teasing in his adolescent years, but how he found true love anyway — only to see this love ended tragically after a 7-year relationship.

The question was if they could do it again — and the answer is a resounding yes. Bandana is cut from the same cloth as its seminal predecessor and is just about as good. With Pinata they showed that their apparent differences only served to create a result that was bigger than the sum of the two parts; with Bandana they prove it was not a fluke. He is an incredible producer AND a great lyricist. He is responsible for two near-flawless albums as one-third of the Diamond District trio, and he has released a string of great solo-projects.

Tangible Dream is his best solo-effort of this decade, along with The Good Fight This album is full of great songs. Best rap albums of 2010s ii Dream offers smooth and intelligent Hip Hop of the highest quality — this album should be a part of any serious Hip Hop collection.

Apollo Brown is one of the best producers in the game today. The number of top-quality projects he has put his stamp on in this decade is amazing. Trophies is 16 tracks of straight to the point Hip Hop; no frills, no gimmicks. There are no guest emcee appearances, no hook singers, no skits, no wasted moments — and despite the album is about one hour long, it never gets boring.

The Impossible Kid is the seventh studio album by Aesop Rock. Aesop Rock is a master of intelligent, poetic lyricism and on this album his flow perfectly blends with the highly original beats he crafted himself. What do you know about billy woods?

Musically this album could have been part of the Def Jux realm with its dusty and experimental sounding musical backdrops. History Will Absolve Me is a challenging and intense listening experience, but ultimately extremely rewarding. One of the best albums inwhich was sadly ignored upon its release. It is standing the test of time though, so it best rap albums of 2010s ii never too late best rap albums of 2010s ii check it out. Distant Relatives is a seamless fusion of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, and African musical elements, with uplifting afro-centric vocals about freedom, family, spirituality, and ancestry.

At 65 minutes, Distant Relatives offers both quantity and quality — all killer, no filler. Distant Relatives is aging really well and sounds as timely and timeless today as it did the day it was released.

Unfortunate, because Distant Relatives is much too good to be ignored. The chemistry between Nas and Damian Marley is palpable, and they complement each other perfectly. More than a Hip Hop album — all fans of music in general need to have this one best rap albums of 2010s ii their collections.

Room 25 is an understated poetic gem. Noname expertly mixes jazzy neo-soul vibes with her conversational rap style. The result is a mellow sounding journey — overseen by fellow Chicagoan and multi-instrumentalist producer Phoelix — where Noname guides the listener through her light and dark best rap albums of 2010s ii, being consistently compelling all the while. This album is boom bap Hip Hop at is very best. Golden Age Hip Hop fans who turned away from Hip Hop around the turn of the millennium because all the mainstream offered up was watered-down dumbed-down rap music, should check out albums like The Element Of Surprise and have their faith in and enthusiasm about Hip Hop restored.

With Eve she did just that though. On Eve Rapsody continues her exploration of black empowerment and female strength, cleverly conceptualized by naming all 16 tracks after strong and inspiring black women. Holding momentum throughout a track album is not a given, but Eve is sequenced perfectly — not a second is wasted and there best rap albums of 2010s ii no filler. This is without a doubt one of the best double albums in Hip Hop history. The key to its success is the smart decision to divide the album into two distinctly different parts.

Wuz Here and Return Of 4 Eva did. With this album, Big K. Iz Here was kind of disappointing. El-P has always been a class-A producer, an essential presence in underground Hip Hop in the late 90s, instrumental in keeping real Hip Hop alive when Puffy, Jay-Z and the mass-production rap factories from Cash Money and No Limit were flooding the market with generic rap fare. El-P has always been pushing creative boundaries and on Cancer 4 Cure its evident he keeps evolving. Musicand of course for this gem — both albums would prove to be perfect stepping stones to the monumental projects he would go on to create with Killer Mike as Run The Jewels.

Mar 12,  · Top hip-hop/rap albums of the s: # Kendrick Lamar, IDK and Vince Staples round out this week's rankings of # of the top hip-hop albums of the decade. 94 rows · Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager: Universal Republic (,) Gold .

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