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1 Best rap artist, #2 Most lyrical, #1 Lose yourself, Best rap song of all time, This Dude is COMPLETLY Overrated, This site is wayy to 1 sided to Eminem. -_- Definitely Em's best album with Role Model, If I had and Still Don't Give a F. Favorite Eminem album of all time. Great debut album. 4 Ready To Die - Notorious B.I.G.  This album revolutionized gangsta www.- of if not the greatest rap albums of all time period. 8 Aquemini - Outkast. My favorite album of all time, how is this ranked 33 that's blasphemous. Best album of 90s. Should be wayyy higher. 9 Illadelph Halflife - The Roots. Along the way, some of the greatest rap albums of all time were released: The Low End Theory. Life After Death. 36 Chambers. The Chronic. All rap fans know these classics, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 90s hip-hop. There was so much great music being made in so many different places and spaces that it's far too easy for great things to get overlooked.  With that in mind, we've ranked the Best Rap Albums of the 90s. The classics you’ve played every day since elementary school, to the records you forgot existed, and maybe an album or two you didn’t even know about—all compiled in one place. Hit the jump and take a journey through hip-hop’s most vibrant decade. We do this for our culture. Here are the best Extended Plays of the early '90s era.  Led by Brad Laner, who spent time in the '80s in L.A. cult post-punk band Savage Republic, Medicine were arguably the U.S.'s best shoegaze band, with a firm grip on melody, noise and dynamics, and they weren't afraid of sampling or dance culture. They also had rare bonafides for an American band; they were signed to Creation in the UK. (Rick Rubin's American Recordings put out their records at home.)  Curve released three EPs in , all of which are great but the first, Blindfold, is the best with the seductive single "Ten Little Girls" featuring something no other record on Best Rap Bars Of All Time 90 this list has: rapping. Extended listening: Curve’s second EP, Frozen, is also killer, featuring “Coast is Clear” -- one of their best-ever tracks.

Jan 29,  · The 90 Best Albums of the s. (Best Rap Album, Best New Artist) and millions in sales. The songs were an original fusion of hip-hop, blues, soul and funk with an easy Southern vibe. He is in charge of rap and martial arts tricking. Before joining GOT7, Jackson was also a former national fencer (sabre) Best Rap Diss Tracks Of All Time 8th of the Hong Kong fencing team. He was ranked 11th in the Summer Youth Olympics and eventually won first place at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship in Kim Min Jae, also known as www.- , is a South Korean actor and rapper. He starred in television series Second 20s (), My First Time (), Dr. Romantic (), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (), Tempted (), Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (), Dr. Romantic 2 (), and Do You Like Brahms?

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