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На этой странице вы можете бесплатно скачать популярные альбомы и песни RAP MUSIC LIVE № в mp3-формате, а также слушать их онлайн.  все песни от: RAP MUSIC LIVE (бесконечная прокрутка). слушать. (скачать). Rap music live - Многоточие /Москва/. (добавить в избранное) (текст песни) слушать. (скачать). RAP MUSIC LIVE - 7. Третий Глаз /Питер/. (добавить в избранное) (текст песни) слушать. (скачать). RAP MUSIC LIVE - 3. Каста /Ростов на Дону/. (добавить в избранное) Best Rap Wedding Songs Lyrics (текст песни) слушать. (скачать). RAP MUSIC LIVE - 1. Шеff /Bad B./ - intro. (добавить в избранное) (текст песни) слушать. (скачать). RAP MUSIC LIVE - 8. Экипаж /Москва/. Скачай Легальный Бизнеss Мелодия души () (Рэп 90 х) и Eminem Role Model () (Зарубежный рэп 90 х).  Рэп х. Слушать сборник. Легальный Бизнеss — Мелодия души () (Рэп х). Eminem — Role Model () (Зарубежный рэп х). Опубликовано mad_ugw в , CD, MC, Микс Медиа, Сборники | Комментарии к записи Rap Music Live , (Микс Медиа) отключены. Rap Music Live , (Микс Медиа) MMCD / MMMC Слушать / Заказать CD/MC. Обнаружены кассеты 2-х видов, с 6 и 4-х страничной полиграфией. Так же найдена пиратская версия релиза. Шеff [Bad B.] • Intro () Rap Music • Best Rap Songs About Depression Oткрытие () Каста • (Ростов-на-Дону) () Банги Хэп • (Николаев) () Williams, F. The real start of an epic career that would make Em a worldwide phenomenon qkality one best rap songs 1999 quality the best-selling artists in music ever. Jerkins, S. Songwriter s : V. A must-have for fans of that original West Coast g-funk gangsta rap. Songwriter s : Big Daddy Kane, E. Gamble, L.

Williams, C. Hugo, D. Harry, C. Thompson T. Pointer, T. Griffin Jr. Callaway, R. McNaire, K. Lewis, C. Stephens P. Miller, Z. Dick, F. Perren, C. Johnny "J" W. Calhoun, M. Thompson, J. Williams, F. The Grand Negaz, S. Storch T. Trotter, A. Thompson, M. Abdul-Bash, C. Jerkins, S. Goodman C. Smith, J. Olivier, S. Barnes, D'Angelo, Q. Micheal, J.

Duplessis D. Owens, P. Michael, N. Whitfield, B. Dre, Johnny "J" T. Shakur, A. Young, R. Troutman, L. Troutman, N. Durham, W. Cunningham, J. Jackson, M. Eric J. Anselum M. Wilson, E. Fulmore, S. Varner, J. Wilard, A. Shaw, W. Parks, H. Davis, D. Cuzin Bawb, Starang Wondah J. Bush, S. Price, H. McNair, R. Duren, Q-Tip, A. Muhammad, M. Taylor, E. View Charts Legend. Ghetto Cowboy. Songwriter s : S. Producer s : A. Watch For The Hook.

Gains in performance. Songwriter s : A. Producer s : Organized Noize. Greatest gainer this week. Songwriter s : C. Broadus Jr. Producer s : MP, Craig B. More Freaky Tales. Songwriter s : T. Shaw, M. Dinkins, S. Producer s : Mike D, Sonny B. Pushin' Weight. Songwriter s : O.

Jackson, Mr. Short Khop, J. Producer s : N. Doo Wop That Thing. Songwriter s : L. Producer s : L. Songwriter s : M. Bass, J. Bass, M. Mathers III. Producer s : M. Bass, Eminem. Whatcha Wanna Do? Songwriter s : R. Wilson, O. Producer s : Odell, Craig B.

Producer s : E. Producer s : W. Broady, Yogi. Da Goodness. Noble, I. Mills, E. Ellington, J. Producer s : R. Money's Just A Touch Away. Songwriter s : D. Producer s : Slice, Rhythm D. The Real One. Ross, Ice-T. Ross, C. Wong Won, C. Songwriter s : W. Dixon, L. Dechalus, Sadat X, K.

Gamble, L. Producer s : C. Free Your Mind. Producer s : D. Enjoy Yourself. Murphy, G. Producer s : Sugarless. SuperThug Andre 3000 Best Rap Songs Roblox What What. Songwriter s : V.

Producer s : The Neptunes. Take It There. Just The Two Of Us. Smith, W. Withers, Jr. Salter, R. Producer s : Sauce. Lookin' At Me. Betha, C. Hugo, P. Williams, S. Lost In Love. Cardenas, T. Producer s : MC Magic. Goodbye To My Homies. Songwriter s : P. B Da Outta Sight Child. Still A G Thang. Better Days. Producer s : Johnny "J". Who Let The Dogs Out? Come With Me. Songwriter s : J.

Page, R. Plant, J. Bonham, S. Combs, M. Producer s : Diddy. Woof Woof. Producer s : K. Producer s : The Grand Negaz, S. Throw Yo Hood Up. Songwriter s : Mr. Money Loc, Above The Law. Moody, W. What a comeback! He would go on to release a myriad of excellent albums and collaborations — and Doomsday is up there with the best of his work. The real start of an epic career that would make Em a worldwide phenomenon and one of the best-selling artists in music ever.

Internal Affairs is the solo debut from former Organized Konfusion member and brilliant lyricist Pharoahe Monch. After three acclaimed albums with Prince Po as Organized Konfusion, Pharoahe went for a harder sound on his first solo outing. High energy and consistently good, this album may not be the ultimate classic some of us expected after his work on the O.

An excellent follow-up to Dr. Dre just holds it down. Other than that: simply is another Dr. Dre classic. This album is up there with Dr. Dooom killing the Dr. Octagon persona. Lyrically he is in top form here: flow and delivery are excellent and the lyrics are wonderfully and characteristically bizarre. Gotta love that No Limit parody cover too.

Progressive, soulful, stylistic, and inventive production and exceptional lyricism by Gift Of Gab, truly one of the most underrated and poetic emcees in the Hip Hop game. Nia is a gem. Fresh beats and dope rhymes throughout — without a doubt, this is one of the best concept albums in Hip Hop ever. Soundpieces: Da Antidote is their debut, and it is now recognized as an underground classic.

The album especially shines because of the wonderfully inventive and creative board work by Madlib, and also because of the point Lootpack tries to make — to be the real Hip Hop alternative to the materialism and violence in the dumbed-down mainstream rap.

Nothing surprising or substantial here: just great fun, wit, and wordplay Best Rap Trap Songs Zone by two great stoner emcees who complement each other styles perfectly.

Heroz4Hire is the third album by Jeru the Damaja. It was entirely produced by Jeru the Damaja himself, unlike his first two albums which were produced by DJ Premier.

Jeru represents true Hip Hop at its rawest and this album is more than a worthy part of his catalog. Underrated or overrated?

Opinions are divided on this one. Whatever the case, Inspectah Deck still comes correct on this album. Admittedly, the beats could have been better here and there, but lyrically Deck is on point as always — so this album is better as some say.

The Rugged Man, and many more, with a dope early Eminem track — this album is fire from start to finish. A must-have for fans of that original West Coast g-funk gangsta rap.

One of two releases from Nas, and the best of the two. Even so, I Am… is a bit of a mixed bag. Not a bad album at all as some would have you believe , but from Nas, we just expect more…. The album was mostly produced by Q-Tip himself and J-Dilla, so quality ensured. Despite the lack of lyrical substance, Amplified is an enjoyable enough listening experience — mainly because of the dope beats throughout. A non-fatal self-defense shooting in which a bystander got hit too and trouble with US immigration services landed the England-born Slick Rick in prison, just when he was getting ready to capitalize on the success of his landmark solo debut Great Adventures of Slick Rick.

His legal woes were the cause he could never fully dedicate his artistic abilities to creating another classic, but this album — his fourth and final one — was somewhat of a return to form. As the World Burns is the independently released debut album by underground crew Arsonists. Excellent album. Great turntablism and great lyricism from a bunch of Stones Throw talent Rasco, Planet Asia, The Lootpack, and others over vibrant soundscapes cooked up by Peanut Butter Wolf himself — this is a dope album.

Public Enemy sort of lost their momentum after their first four brilliant albums, two of which — Nation of Millions and Fear Of A Black Planet — are all-time classic masterpieces.

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