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Oliver, E. And while the selection isn't quite as versatile when it comes to mainstream artists -- unless you're a SoundCloud Pro member, that is -- the numbers remain impressive all the same, as detailed in SoundCloud's official PlayBack summary. Though the SoundCloud rap sub-genre that seemed ubiquitous in has since fizzled off into fad territory, the streaming platform remains best rap songs on soundcloud 2020 popular place for listeners to frequent, especially given that best rap songs on soundcloud 2020 free. Producer s : Pxcoyo. Rappers know they can upload their songs to the platform, but what are some ways a new artist can use SoundCloud to grow their brand? SoundCloud was once the best music app on the planet.

XXL : Obviously, there are a bunch of places to share music. What makes it so important for artists to use SoundCloud to post their songs? Erika Montes: I think, first and foremost, think of SoundCloud as a social media platform.

As we know, social media is a place to get yourself out there. We allow a place for them to easily upload, comment, repost, just engage with each other.

This is how creators have started to meet each other. You hear about these great tracks that come about, these great scenes that come about. Here, we provide you the platform. You can DM each other, comment, trade facts back and forth and just collaborate. Rob Caiaffa: To add to it, when the marketplace is so crowded [and] everybody's trying to find who the loudest is, SoundCloud gives you the opportunity to create your own bullhorn of sorts.

So that you're uniquely out there yelling, but attracting the people that are going to be unique to what your creative ecosystem and atmosphere [are]. It's a huge developmental tool. We call it an incubator. It's a platform that's judgment-free that allows an artist to really experiment with who they want to be as an artist and upload music and have the community of creators and artists and listeners really contribute towards the development of this person, the type of artist that they're ultimately going to end up being.

Rappers know they can upload their songs to the platform, but what are some ways a new artist can use SoundCloud to grow their brand? Montes: We are an audio platform. You have to figure out ways that we can figure out who your persona is without looking at you. All we have is your music, your voice, your audio.

This is where the social media aspect comes in. So it's like, you start following Best Rap Eps Of 2020 Q2 certain artists or producers or something, or you start reposting them and it makes me immediately think, Ooh, why is he following that person?

Should I be following them? So we start getting an idea of who this person is. The other part that I really appreciate, because of our community aspect, these artists start making their audience. They start getting their audience accustomed to things. I think artists are super savvy on our platform and sometimes have better marketing ideas than I feel most people have these days.

Caiaffa: I agree with Erika. Simply put, they have creative autonomy on this platform. It allows them simply to go to the bank with it. There's no idea that's not a good idea. What are some underutilized SoundCloud tools that artists can use but don't know about?

Montes: Commenting back to someone that comments on your track. It's one of the easiest things that you can do.

What was once 50 comments, if you just start commenting back, it's a hundred comments. Underutilized also [are] stats. Look at your stats. Get savvy as far as looking back there. You can see the top 50 people who have listened to your tracks. You can go by seven days, 30 days, all time. That's like your street team at that point. If you start DMing them like, "Thank you for listening. Caiaffa: I agree. I think for me it would be the obvious ones, which I think people take for granted.

It would be the repost and sharing and even providing playlists. That's all part of the engagement. It also helps define for the listener what kind of personality you are as an artist.

We're getting the same questions, "How do I move? How do I propel? Do you know who's sharing? Which brings us right back to what Erika said earlier about the stats. In the golden days, we used to tell artists if you're trying to have a tour get into the stats, it will tell you your top cities.

Engage your top fans. What is the biggest factor that led to SoundCloud becoming synonymous with rising rap stars? Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Chris Eggertsen. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. The enhanced iteration of the streaming service's existing artist discovery program will include direct investment in "dream collabs," Best Rap 2020 Albums Yellow merch and more.

SoundCloud is amping up its First on SoundCloud artist discovery program. Artists Mentioned. Payday year-old artist Payday spent her childhood bouncing state-to-state, with music becoming the one reliable source to express herself. Sofia Mills Sofia Mills got her start releasing her indie-pop infused demos on SoundCloud in , written and recorded in her bedroom in Rockport, Massachusetts.

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