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Check out our guide and find the best tape measure, and get a tool that will last years and years, helping you with countless projects and tasks!  The tape is backed up with a heat-treated spring to provide a longer lifespan from this key component. Finally the tape is crowned by a corrosion resistant Tru-Zero hook for accurate measurements. All in all this is a high quality, if very simple, design. Key Features. 25 Foot Tape. /4 Inch Tape Width. Best tapes measures I’ve ever used. All test perfect and stay that way thanks to excellent design. Readability is outstanding.  They specialize in Japanese woodworking tools. Wonderful store for woodworkers. So many temptations. Tajima tapes have most rigid and best hook and rivet design I’ve ever seen, a true shock absorber to cushion retraction and the best readability and construction of any tape I’m aware of. As a bonus, they’re compact, colored bright yellow and come with out-of-the-box perfection. They cost a bit more than the tapes you’ll find at a home center, but for me, at least, they’re well worth it. For the first time, every tape I’ve purchased is perfect. I’m so enthusiastic that I now buy cases of them a. The Milwaukee Stud tape measure features a recess at the bottom so you can safely use your finger to slow or stop the blade from retracting. Some other tapes have a button in this position. Locking methods: A few tapes have an automatic spring lock that holds the tape out and must be released to retract it.  Today, as editor of FDMC magazine he has more than 20 years experience covering the professional woodworking industry. His popular "In the Shop" tool reviews and videos appear monthly in FDMC. View All Posts. Simply start Measure, point the camera to an object on the screen, then select two points Best Wood For Turning Pens Keys to measure the distance between them. Check Today's Price. This model is recommended for highly trained professionals so that they can make the most of it! The blade comes coated with nylon to maximize resistance against accidental drops, work abuse, and abrasion. Cons Not best tape measure for woodworking key durable Blade is not quality material.

The tiny brake can work with the middle, the index, or even the ring finger. Included the double-sided magnetic tang and double-sided gradation markers to lay conduit, cord, and ranges. Besides that, this tape lovely adds some more handy advantages for you like a belt clip, a nylon-coated hammer, the tape lock, and even a duct bending table for offsets and saddles. Anti-slip rubber surrounds with stainless coated shell, grips in the most challenging conditions.

It bounces off concrete many times without breaking down completely. Ultimately, we knocked it up a bit and snapped off some parts of the thumb lock, which ensures that when you eventually drop it below belt-height. Best overall performance for longevity and accessibility, EMPIRE 25FT Tape Measure adds tremendous value to the measuring world with its auto-locking, nylon-coated blade and fractional markings.

The tape naturally locks the blade into place instead of forcing the thumb locks down to hold the edge extended. When it is time to retract, a light push in the button, then the blade will release and rewind automatically.

Finally, you can check out the most extended range of all measurements. As a particular need, the robust case made of stainless steel offers a slip-free surface and prevents drop damage. OX 35FT Tape Measure is a reliable tape measure that the end of the bullhead is useful to hook stuff and get an exact measurement without slipping off. For the significant applications, the necessary fractional markings approved by the industry, more catching to read and calculate.

So, the buying decision is yours now. I would like to prove it for you; therefore, I list out here five main things to consider and check with notice before picking it home. Tip for you before choosing the field for your tape measure. You should estimate the average range of your daily measurement, specific them in feet and meter, then pick an item that is over your average scale.

And a typical tape ranges from 10 to 25 feet. Notice that you work in different environments; therefore, find the one that can flexibly fit from the darkness to the sunlight. My advice for you is a backlit screen, which can help you with the display as simple as you can ask. It is important to find a reliable power source that can stand for long hours. Too much time for charging will remove your mood of applications.

Moreover, the auto shutting off function can save the tape battery, especially when it is a household item. In case you need a better back up, you can consider a tape measure that has the rechargeable or replaceable power source.

The more complex your job is, the larger the mind your tape measure needs to have. Some small models can store a variety of databases, which can minimize your taking note time. However, you should not bias the storage if your demand is a fundamental task; a lower mind is suitable enough to please you with the price tag. You are a professional pro or a home buyer; you all have your ideal tape measure. Various modern features are the best fit for a real measurer; for example, the laser feature can help you reach both volume and area.

The others do the calculation based on theoretical geometry. One more thing this is the portability. Lightweight for more accessible storage and the portable feature can comfort you even in the most stressful situation such as a band that you can quickly add to your Best Digital Tape Measure For Woodworkers Error wrist. After having your dream tape measure, you have to checkup this product daily as a routine for a better partnership. Carefully note down my advice, and start maintaining your tape now!

Every metal tool requires dry condition but not the heat from the sunlight. The direct light and heat will revenge the blade from swelling or stretching. Besides that, water on the edge will lead to rust and scrubbing down the film as its rewinding. My experiments measured feet recoil, many inner parts ripped off, and the others twisted their blades. Your tape produces to bear the brief as well as the rapid shock over and over again.

It is also dangerous for you and the people around; therefore, you should control the speed blade when it returns. Quickly go through these FAQs to find out which will be miss when you own yourself a top-ranking tape measure. You can read by counting how many marks a given length is short of a full inch. The tape is ordinarily set-supported while the tape measure is a flexible one, which can measure size, distance, and length without a tape tab.

There are four basic standards of tape measure accuracy. Unclassified cassettes do not have a mark on their blade. Can alternative in some case but not a centralized situation one as well as a professional one. The program seems to be quite easy to use.

Simply start Measure, point the camera to an object on the screen, then select two points to measure the distance between them. That is all for my suggestions. I appreciate all the time you have shared Best Digital Tape Measure For Woodworkers Man and happy to say that I have been so close to my tape measure.

I believe you are all clear that the reason I pick this tape is its financial advantage. However, the most attractive to me is the modern outlook and its unique features.

I fall in love with the block button for the first time since I soon know that this extra will support me a lot on my woodworking projects. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shop now at Amazon. Pros Long-lasting usage High rate accuracy Reliably light and sturdy Included protective case. Cons Bending through time No extra accessories.

Cons Blade prints in one side The belt hook loosens via time. Pros Bold metrics and numbers both size Magnetic handy hook Highly protective structure. Cons A little bit heavy Rubber smell displeasure. Pros Reasonable price Suitable for self-working Small with ergonomic design. Cons Hard to stop moving backward while staying out Need to have a magnetic tip Metric measures improperly marked on tape better inch marking.

Pros Straight stand out for more reaching and efficiency Convenient stiffness of the first feet Heavy duty case Long working period. Cons Need to have a bigger clip size Heavyweight. Pros One-hand locking available Smooth for both retraction and extension Conveniently work in wet conditions Nice and easy to roll out Numbers print with bright color. Cons Tape graduations printed in low quality A little thin blade.

Pros High steel tape to give up bending and collapsing The self-making system to draw circles quickly and perfectly Suitable length, no need to start marking over and over Covers with a durable case. Cons Lack of card of instructions Too large to operate Difficult to lock this tape.

Pros Modern look and ergonomic design Minimize troubles of calculating Durable case attached. Watch video: Lufkin Tape Measure Review. Pros Color diversity Affordable price Outstanding re-zero range. Cons Moving in a quite slow speed Lack of laser measure. Pros PVC locks conduct and valve up to 2 inches in diameter Durable blade with nylon coat Numbers are clear to read in both side A nylon coat protects prints.

Cons The end hook faces loosing Not a stable brand suggestion. Pros Much more accuracy than you can imagine Convenient clip design Ergonomic structure Eyesight catching scale.

Cons Minimalism hook Need to have a bigger clip size. Watch video: Toughest Tape Measure in the World. Pros Easy to roll out The sight curves comfort hand while using Good size and lightweight. Cons The stake breaks quickly on the hard grounds Requires Ace Hardware Digital Tape Measure Key a better clip than the old metal one. Watch video: Tape Measure 25' 7. One had a weird button to lock the tape that simply did not work. A couple had numbers too small to read, one had numbers so big it looked like it belonged in a cartoon strip.

It became obvious I would never find true love through the internet so I turned to family and friends. I like a lot of the relatives in the Festool family, so I took home a Festool tape. The first time I tried to hook the clip over my jeans pocket, the clip broke free and flew across the shop. The screw that held the clip was irreparably stripped, so now the little broken tape measure is on its way back for a refund. One day, while drinking coffee and staring out my shop window, my eyes wandered over to my marking and measuring tools.

A small little LED light bulb went on above my head, and sure enough, it turns out that Starrett makes tape measures. Who would have thought? Starrett makes dozens of different models and sizes, in fact. Naturally, many are not perfectly suited for woodworking, but a couple are. Alas, Highland Woodworking, who carries the Starrett Combination squares, did not have the tape measure.

But I got one, and it was instant love. Brad who? Figure 2 - The 12' Starrett Exact tape is just about perfect for woodworkers. Note the rubberized bottom half and the attractive color. The Starrett tape is 12 feet long. It could really be as short as 10 and still be perfect for woodworkers, but even with the extra couple of feet the tape is small enough so as to not be obtrusive on the belt or clipped to your pocket, and will easily fit in an apron pocket without weighing it down.

The reddish color is not nearly as ugly as yellow, easier on the eyes than chrome, and easier to find than black or dark blue. The tape is well built, put together with real screws.

The tape itself is covered with a nylon material that gives it a soft, satin look that is easy on the eyes and easy to read without any chance of glare. Glare was a small peeve with my old favorite tape. Look at Figure 1 above and you will see how annoying this can be. Figure 3 - The nylon coated blade is anti-glare and easy to read.

The end hook is perfectly sized. I checked the accuracy of the tape against the only measuring instrument I consider to be perfect, my Woodpeckers Rule.

The Starrett tape and the Woodpeckers Rule matched exactly.

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