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Final Descent Duck Calls with Tim Morley

Vuck dried duck call turning blanks 1. We woid plenty different types of top fkr wood for making duck calls. Beautiful sinker cypress of many different colors. Pecan, spaltedd sycomore. All kiln dried to desired moisture level. We also sell the cut offs of our sinker cypress besf those of you who appreciate driftwood turming cypress outdoor art.

Every since a friend showed me this art and one of the best in the business "Brent Freed" I have really admired the craft along with call making. Let us know nest We can help with your passion. We hope you enjoy our products. Yours trulyLuke j. I posted a few times now let everyone I calla know to book em a hunt at "The Run Out". In Deerpark Louisiana 15 minutes south of Natchez bridge.

No mallard, no charge. Still plenty openings for timber hunts, no mallard, no charge! People may say I'm crazy for trying turnlng guarantee clients a mallard, but I did it last year and didn't get burned. Okgot folks already wanting to book hunts for duck and deer this coming up season.

Best wood for turning duck calls 15 same guarantee for mallards applies. If I can't get the green heads over our spread u don't have to pay! PM me for any other details needed. Luke jennings look forward to seeing everyone again! Well there it went, duck and deer season over. It was a heck of a year. Wife and son got there first bucks! May best wood for turning duck calls 15 well say I got my first decent buck.

We also had many clients to get there first nice buck or deer. I honestly can say that I enjoyed guiding hunts again. I believe that next year can be even better, as we plan on making many improvements at the "Run Out". Look forward to seeing you guys next year! So the word on the street isain't no ducks in this area yet. How much yaw want bet I'm back qood with a fist full of green by 10?

It's getting close to duck season! This will be the first year I can remember in long time that we have more then enough water in our rivers to really put a hurting on these mallards. Don't miss out on tturning awesome and easy hunts, Best Wood For Turning Duck Calls 60 with lots of options for the afternoon as well. I'm so confident in this year with level of our water ways, that I will do this for my clients, if I don't get ducks in our spreadand I mean in our spread you don't pay!

Good wood calls" we don't gouge prices we gouge the honey hole". Well happy to announce that this year I will best wood for turning duck calls 15 stepping back callss into the guiding world of duck hunting. Haven't guided in a long time. But looks like my knew occupation will allow it. If you or someone you know would like to kill some mallards call me at Between all my old honey holes and some friends honey holes too if we need themI m sure I got you covered!

One more chance to get you some duck calls and apparel todayin Vidalia at the Jim Bowie festival. They have classic carsgood band, fun ruck food for kids, and "Good Wood Calls"! Glad to know this young cat appreciates the sound of Black Betty, at 16 Blake knows woor to control her every pitch and tone!

Good luck Blake with the competitions! And best wood for turning duck calls 15 if you Ain't got good wood best wood for turning duck calls 15, what's your point?! Ok the new shirts are in with Luke Reeves slogan on them " we put em in your honey hole "!

So it's that time again I need slogans from my peeps! How bout these few new slogans to vote on? Gwc " life is wood! Ducks and Bucks. Pluck em! Sound byte. New good wood lure hats are in! Reserve em before they gone. Vote today.

JC Standard Wood Duck Single Mylar Reed Game Call Kit $ Compare. Quick View. JC Standard Squeaker Rodent Distress Reed Game Call Kit $ Turners Select Game Call Turning Kit $ Compare. Quick View. Henry Taylor 1/4 Inch HSS Coving Tool $ Compare. $ Compare. Quick View. Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish. JC Standard Wood Duck Single Mylar Reed Game Call Kit $ WATCH VIDEO. Compare. Quick View. WoodMaster Game Call Mandrel $ Game call kits are fun to turn and are exciting to use. Imagine calling in game using your own handcrafted call. Along with our game call kits, we have an excellent selection of domestic and exotic wood.

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