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Both the fine and coarse whetstone birthday presents for woodworkers year have a flat side and a side covered in grooves of different sizes. The first idea that came to my mind while searching for woodworking gift ideas was a gripper or hand pushing tool. If you want some more examples from the internet, I am also sharing some of the examples with you; just have a look at these examples and you can select birthday presents for woodworkers year best one for making your project. The Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive is a tool no shop should be without. The handle, center leg and the support with the bridge set are adjustable. It would look beautiful when its gift pack would be opened. Skip to content Looking for gift ideas for woodworkers?

For more gift ideas for creatives check out the best gifts for crafters. The more they use a featherboard, the less likely they are to injure themselves. When using a table saw, instead of using your hand to keep steady pressure Best Presents For Woodworkers Name on boards during cutting, you can install a featherbaord to replace your hand. This keeps your hands away from the saw blade.

Traditional featherboards are a board with fingers cut in an angle but they take a lot of finagling to install correctly and are a pain to adjust when switching to different board sizes. You can see how easy the transition is in this YouTube video. The unique spiral shape of the Hedgehog means that once you install it into the miter slot, you just have to rotate it until you get the pressure you need and then use the center knob to lock the Hedgehog in place.

This Rak Magnetic Wristband has 10 built-in magnet sections for storing nails, screws, drill bits, and any other small metal hardware. Good Clean Fun contains funny shop stories, step by step projects, woodworker lore and history, illustrations, and even a few recipes. These four vintage patent-style illustrations are an original gift for the woodworker in your life.

Each image is printed on Archive Paper so the prints will be long-lasting and resist fading. They fit into eight by 10 frames Birthday Presents For Woodworkers Zero which are very easy to find—unless your woodworker ends up wanting to build the frames themselves.

It has a unisex fit for any woodworker with a sense of humor about living and breathing sawdust on a daily basis. The Why and How of Woodworking is written by famous furniture maker Michael Pekovich known for his beautiful style and approachable writing. This book has something for both beginners and seasoned woodworkers alike. It covers a wide range of subjects from the philosophical topic of why creating with our own hands matters to organizational tips and how to choose the correct wood for the project.

Pekovic includes projects in here as well and handy references like metric equivalents. A digital angle finder is always going to be faster and more accurate than a subjective eye using a manual measuring tool.

Woodworking leads to huge amounts of dust and while they can make an effort to leave most of the visible particles in their workshop, the smaller, invisible particles migrate into living spaces. This smaller, secondary filter is a second line of defense to keep the people in the home happy and healthy by removing allergens.

Having a quality air filter will help to remove those microscopic particles and keep the air in the house cleaner and safer. This uses a three-stage filter so it can help capture both dust and other particles as well as reduce any smells of wood stains, paints, glue or other chemicals that may have been brought from their workshop into the home on their clothes.

It would also help with normal odors from pets or cooking. If dust migration is a concern of yours, check out this article from Wood Magazine on how to keep dust in the workshop. The durable canvas has been waxed to resist water, connections have heavyweight steel grommets, pockets are double stitched, and waist-level pockets have sawdust flaps to protect them from filling up with dust as you work.

The apron also has extra hammer loops and padded shoulder straps to support the added weight comfortably.

Even the color is meant to hide sawdust. Lots of tools in their workshop are loud enough to cause hearing damage over time so help protect their ears effectively and comfortably with the 3M Peltor X5A. The X5A model has the highest-rated protection of the Peltor over the head muffs at 31 decibels, meaning that the muffs reduce a sound by 31 decibels which can be enough to bring some power tools down out of the damaging range into a safer level. They also recommend the Peltor line of ear protection.

Spoil them this year with a gadget that will make the rest of their year easier. This professional Bosch laser measuring tool replaces their old measuring tape. As a laser, it eliminates some of the common measuring errors that can happen with traditional measuring tapes like the tape slipping or not being exactly straight.

There is less bending and reaching with this digital measuring tape which can save a lot of time and back strain. The black, backlit display with white text makes it much more readable in the sun than other models that use black text on white. Beyond taking simple measurements this device has loads of functions like digital leveling, angles, volume, indirect measurements, and real-time measuring that adjusts instantaneously as you move closer or farther from the target.

Does anyone ever have enough pegboard bins? The answer is no. These are a nice neutral black and come with color-coded labels. They are compatible with metal and non-metal boards. Dust collection machines can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars but the Dust Deputy is a dust capture system that works with your existing shop vac.

This is better for the life of your vacuum, reduces the need for filter cleaning and replacement, and makes it easier to contain and dispose of woodworking dust. The Dust Deputy uses a two-stage system to prevent dust from reaching your vacuum and can work with dry and wet dust. Both the fine and coarse whetstone blocks have a flat side and a side covered in grooves of different sizes.

These specific ridges that are built to work with unique shapes and curves of woodworker chisels and carving tools. The blocks fit into the wooden base with a non-slip bottom making it easy to use. Get them a Custom Wood Branding Iron so they can proudly stamp their name on all of their creations. There are a couple of ways to choose your logo depending on if you want something full custom or one of their pre-designed images with a customized name.

You can either upload a drawing of your own design or choose from 36 images, most of which are woodworking-themed. Find the perfect gifts for woodworkers in your life. These functional, simple, and useful gift ideas are sure to be appreciated!

There are great stocking stuffers for Christmas too! When you are shopping for gifts for woodworkers, you might think you need to buy expensive tools! Items like clamps, jigs, gauges, bits etc. Many of these making perfect stocking stuffers too! I have gathered a few of my very favorites below. Most of these are simple little things and will also make perfect stocking stuffers for woodworkers at Christmas too!

You can never have too many pencils…and these carpenter pencils work double as hard with the printed rulers! Be sure to add in the sharpener too! I love this silicone brush set!

It spreads glue well and the clean up is a breeze with the silicone. This is a great upgrade to the glue bottle.

All the glue applicator attachments make applying glue uniform, easy and less messy! Have you tried getting glue out of a bottle? You have to turn it upside down and shake it till the glue makes its way to the nozzle.

The Glu-bot glue dispenser is absolutely brilliant! All you need to do is squeeze at any angle and the glue is out. It helps saves so much time in the woodshop! It can measure so many configurations. It even has a built-in level. Ever since I got one of these, I use it all the time! A woodworker needs to deal with fractions — lots of fractions. This quick-read tape measure is absolutely life-changing! It saves time with all the basic fractions marked right there including their decimal equivalents!

These bench cookies are used to elevate and hold a project off of a work surface without clamps. I use it when sanding, staining or painting. This pipe clamp is super affordable and the best part is that there is no restriction in the size of the clamp because you buy the pipe that goes in it! You will never hear a woodworker complaining of having too many clamps. Wooden pallets are good for more than just stacking goods on — with the right tools and knowhow they can also be used to create fabulous rustic furniture, and this book shows them how.

Glubot Bottle. Easy to fill, the Glu-Bot comes in three different sizes and was designed by cabinet makers to make both horizontal and vertical application of glue a doddle, with no drips in sight. Wooden Labyrinth Game.

The path to contentment runs right through this beautiful wooden labyrinth puzzle. Handmade from sheesham wood by Indian artisans, five metal balls need to be guided through the maze to reach the middle.

Give them the gift of comfort with an anti-fatigue mat to take some of the strain. Carhartt Men's Duck Nail Apron. The Furniture Bible. If someone you know is serious about furniture restoration and would love to know all the best techniques, this book will become their invaluable go-to guide to getting it right. Flex Grip Work Gloves. Made with synthetic leather, these heavy duty work gloves feature shrink-resistant technology which makes them ideal for outdoor work, along with cold weather insulation to keep hard working hands warm.

Festool Domino Joiner. The unique, patented rotating and oscillating action of the Festool Presents For Woodworkers 360 Domino makes joining easier and faster by ensuring that every single cut is perfect the first time. Papa's Workshop Sawblade Sign.

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband. There are few things as annoying as dropping a screw just when you need it. This magnetic wristband will hold all their screws, nuts, bolts and more and keep them close at hand.

Hearing Protector with Bluetooth. With a Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB, these 3M headphones will stream music and allow them to make and receive calls wirelessly, while protecting their ears from noisy machinery.

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with Backlight. Festool Tape Measure. A decent tape measure is one of the best woodworking gifts you can give, and this one includes both imperial and metric scales, and features a clear window for measuring tight spots. Makita Cordless Impact Driver Kit. With a charge time of only 30 minutes, the Makita cordless driver allows for a multitude of fastening jobs, including deck, TEK, and cabinet screws, as well as lag bolts and more.

The Wood Father Woodworking Shirt. Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp. Black and Decker Compact Refrigerator. DIYing can be thirsty work, so make sure they have access to cold, refreshing drinks with this compact refrigerator, which holds 2 liter bottles and a variety of smaller cans and jars. State Topography Sculpture.

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