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Weight Rating is an important consideration because you want to have a drawer slide that lasts for a lifetime of use. How do you install undermount drawer slides when the bottom area of the drawer is hard to access? The common groove slices are 17 mm and 27 mm. There are five basic types of mounting options offered today. Until this slids meets the previously made line. The test drawer is pulled open from the center of the drawer and cycled to a predetermined number of cycles according to industry standards. These slides mount in a groove milled into the side of the drawer box and bottom corner mount drawer slides quick commonly identified by the groove height.

Hettich Drawer Slides Hinges. Ultimate Guide to Drawer Slides Description. Choosing the Right Drawer Slide When deciding which drawer slide is right for the job Bottom Mount Roller Drawer Slides Not there are several important things to consider. As a side note, if you are unfamiliar with any of the topics terms used in this tutorial, feel free to jump over to our Drawer Slide Term Glossary for a quick explanation.

The Different Mounting Options. There are five basic types of mounting options offered today. The amount of space available for the drawer inside the cabinet, weight holding capacities, visibility, and cost usually determine the type of drawer slides that people typically choose. Bottom-Mount Drawer Slides With bottom mount drawer slides, the slides attached to the bottom left and bottom right-hand sides of the drawer box. These are generally are a roller guided drawer slide instead of ball bearings.

Also the most common is the partial extension, but are also available in a full extension. The bottom mount has an angle flange that supports the drawer box which also has the benefit of indexing the side for easier and quicker installation. These are most commonly used and were designed for frameless cabinets, but have also been adapted and used for face frame cabinets here in the U.

Side-Mount Slides. With side-mount drawer slides, the slides themselves attach horizontally to the drawer and the cabinet body.

Side mount drawer slides are useful across a wide variety of applications because of their weight bearing capacities and durability. Side-mount slides are available with either a ball-bearing or a roller mechanism. OVIS sells more of the ball-bearing variety because of their load-bearing capability, their increased durability over time and little deflection.

If the horizontal width is a concern, you might consider getting an undermount slide with comparable features. Most of our Side Mount Slides are here , but there are many more available in other categories Center-mount slides Center-mount slides are single slides that mount directly under the center of a drawer. Center-mount slides may restrict the height of the drawer and you need to mind the size of your cabinet. One benefit is that center-mount slides are easier to install.

However, most center-mount slides hold less weight than side mount alternatives. Undermount slides mount to the sides of the cabinet and connect to locking devices that are attached to the underside of the drawer body inside of the cabinet. Undermount slides are ideal when you want to highlight the quality of your cabinetry itself because the slides are not visible. It is important for users to consider their ideal slide length and extension when choosing drawer slides.

Because drawer slides can last for years it is worth making an investment in the exact configuration you would be most likely to enjoy over a long period. Nothing is more frustrating than having shorter drawer travel than you need or having your nice granite countertop keep you from being able to access the items inside your kitchen drawers.

In general, most people buy slides that range in size from 10" to 28". For side-mount and center-mount slides, typically measure the distance from the front edge of the cabinet to the inside face of the cabinet back and then subtract 1".

For undermount slides, measure the drawer length. Slides must be the same length as drawer to work properly. One thing to be aware of when choosing drawer slides is how large the drawer space is in the cabinet.

While there are a variety of options for how a drawer will ultimately extend, you also need to buy a drawer that is the right size for your cabinet. Furthermore, when there is a lip, or overhang from a countertop or the top of a cabinet it is ideal to get drawers with over-travel so that you can easily access everything in the drawer.

Some important features to look for when purchasing drawer slides are:. Weight Rating is an important consideration because you want to have a drawer slide that lasts for a lifetime of use. In general, most slides are rated to hold 75, or pounds. OVIS offers you expert guidance on the usage and installation of heavy duty drawer slides which can handle up to lbs.

The slide should support the load without buckling 2. Installation Considerations. The slides need to go right onto the underside of the drawer. There are however certain types within that works well with sole installation on the box bottom. If these fit well with your drawer then choosing an under-mount drawer slide seems the right choice and you can proceed with the installation.

How do you install undermount drawer slides Bottom Mount Pantry Drawer Slides As when the bottom area of the drawer is hard to access? Well, you turn it upside down on a surface to work on the opposite body side.

This needs to be on the left side of the drawer box against the front of course. And then you grab some mounting screws to attach those brackets on this place. Then do the very same thing for the right-side mounting bracket.

You also need the measurement by placing the tape along edge with lower left-hand corner of box all the way to top edge on back. Make pencil marks and extend this along with the due. This distance between the lower edge of the box and the lower face of bottom should be half an inch typically. Until this basically meets the previously made line. Both of these lines should be making a perpendicular outline that refers to a notch.

So that it can hold the slides. Create a similar mark for the right drawer slide as well. Use a jigsaw to cut two notches. Between the front bracket and back notch of drawer, place the left slide. You need to mark the pin location onto the back of drawer slide.

This is where a hole need is to be drilled. Do the same for the right-side slide too. Then for the roller drawer slides, you need to use a quarter-inch drill bit and create holes. It should be just shallow enough for holding the pins at marked position on back of the drawer. Use a level to span distance from the bottom left edge of drawer to carcass back portion. You can make adjustments until the level shows perfect centering for both lines. Then make a pencil mark on carcass back referring to the level on bottom edge as a guide.

Do the same thing for carcass right side.

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