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Would you rather have a larger sink cabinet 30" vs. Bpttom between drawers Moreover, slides on the underside of drawers makes cleaning up spills much easier. You are missing that she is right. Paste as plain text instead. Please read the specification sheet for details and weight ratings.

The biggest factor to keep in mind when looking for slides is how much space between the drawer box and cabinet side you have. Under mount Full extension under mount slides function exactly as their name implies. They mount to the underside of the drawer box, which give it a cleaner aesthetic without a bulky slide showing on the outside of the drawer box.

Locking devices are also necessary to attach the front of the drawer to the slide member. There are many different options of locking devices to give you the optimum adjustability.

KV, Hettich, and Salice also have unique features that make them comparable. KV offers more sizes than any other brand we carry, giving you exactly what you need for your application. Salice is one of the more price competitive under mount slides with the same great quality. No matter what application you are looking for, either style, side mount or under mount slides are a great way to keep your drawers up to date and running smooth.

Hardware All the hardware needed to handle any job. Never be without a Tool. We've got your back. The Perfect finish for your project. Oodles and 10 Bottom Mount Drawer Slides 30 oodles of supplies. Monthly Specials Bargain Bin. Our Articles. Types of Drawer Slides: Side mount vs Under mount. Categories: Uncategorized. Posted By: wwh.

Once you live with those I will get full extension, soft close for sure. Just can't decide on Accuride side-mount or Blum under-mount. Decisions, decisions! Would you rather have a larger sink cabinet 30" vs. Or vice v. Under mount sink disaster- what would houzz do!? Slide-in range vs. Side mounted looks stronger, but the standard models have similar rating to the Blum undermount. For some extra money you can get sidemounted slides with a load rating far higher than anything Blum has to offer.

If you store concrete blocks or gold bullion in your kitchen drawers they may be worth looking into. Thanks for the info!

Guess the space difference between the two types of slides is negligible as far as space goes. As for my gold bullion Colibri5 - not sure if you're still out there, but wondering what you decided to go with. I am at the same cross-roads. Can you post a picture of what you did? Sorry for the delay, I don't use the email account associated with Gardenweb much anymore. Hope I can help you - I ended up using side-mounted drawer slides, the brand I used are Accuride.

I'm happy with them, though I have to say that the soft close feature does not always work perfectly. On some of my drawers, I need to give the drawer a nudge to get it to close properly, not a big deal. I will say, though, that my carpenter did say that he thought the Chinese knock-offs really worked better than the Accuride brand. Against his advice, I insisted on Accuride, as my research convinced me they were the best.

But, keep in mind that my installation was 4 years ago now. I am happy that I went with side-mounted slides as maximum depth has made the drawers more useful. Colibri5 - Thank you. My cabinet maker is coming by tomorrow with some samples of drawers mounted with KV and Accuride. Hopefully one of these will work. Not sure why he doesn't use Blum. Thank you again! Blackchamois: Just wondering which slide you decided to go with? My cabinet guy used KV on my bedroom wardrobe drawers and I pretty much hate them like poison.

Don't glide at all. I wonder if it's his install that is the problem as I've had way crappier glides that worked way better. Heck, my current kitchen drawers have wood runners and they work better than those things. Deedles - Hi!

I actually decided to switch to the Blum undermount glides. My cab maker had done a prototype of a cab box and drawer so I could "test" the side mount glides. Let me know if you need addtional info or if I can be of any further help! Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card! Free Shipping. Outdoor Storage and Organizers.

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