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Baltimore Hardware Butler Tray Hinge, Brushed Antique Brass 2pcs Brass Butler Tray Hinge Set, /2"x/2" Satin Finish Round Edge Hinge with Screws Flap Saiper 90 Degree Solid Brass Butler Tray Hinges (2pcs) Flip Top Hinge with Screws for Folding Tables / Sewing Machine Table, Folding Hinges Furniture Accessories/5(84). Brass Butler Tray Hinge - 2 Pc/Pack- Antique Table, Desk Top Furniture Hardware | B out of 5 stars 1. $ $ 95 $ $ $ shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Butler trays reached the height of popularity during the 18th Rounded Butler Tray Hinges Not Work century, but they continue to be made today. These detachable trays are often deep, with folding sides that rest on an X-shaped support. Depending on how you use your butler tray table, you may need to replace your butler table hinges to ensure stability for years to come.

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