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Even a small amount could ruin the finish. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The purpose of sanding at this finiah is to create a smooth coat for the CA glue application. Thread starter TreeBits Start date Aug 17, woof The point of smoothening it with a dry paper towel is to remove any lines that might have been created during the application process. January 05, Once you achieve a smooth surface, clean any dust and debris on the ca glue for wood finish valve and the lathe.

What else might be causing this problem. I work in my garage - closed if it's cold out, open if it's not. I know I've seen this topic here before but I searched back a few months and couldn't find a releavant post. It's not just frustrating, but humiliating whn a customer is returning a pen for this reason.

Joined Aug 12, Messages 3, Location No longer confused Clouding happens when there is to much heat, also accelerators can cause that. Last edited: Aug 17, Craftdiggity Member. Could also be moisture. Even a small amount could ruin the finish. Another possibility is oil from the wood. If you're working with oily woods like cocobolo or ebony, etc. Tom, with the clouding occurring so long after the pen is completed, it seems like it has to be moisture.

Heat or accelerator would cause clouding rather quickly. Though it has been a rather dry summer around here, your wood could still hold plenty of moisture. Joined Jan 15, Messages 5 Location Dixon. I ran into the same thing about a week ago.

I finished 2 tubes in paduak. Got the best finish on any of my pens so far. About a week later I noticed that one tube had a cloudy mark. The mark goes down and around the tube, but not all the way, just about wide enough that it could have been a finger. The bottom tube is completely clean, and the rest of the top tube is good. I finished them both at the same time, on a mandrel, with accelerator. DannyHeatley Member. Joined Feb 15, Messages 46 Location St. I used to get clouding but now that I use ez bond ca and ez bond accelerator I don't have a problem.

Thanks all for the answers. I was away all weekend. I knew that mositure could be the problem. I did not know about heat or accelator being a problem. I learned about how to do this by watching the Penn State Industries video on their website. I don't think I am introducing heat into the process anywhere but do use the accelator every other coat or so. I wonder if the humidity is just too variable working in my open garage in all manner of weather conditions - I'm pretty sure my blanks are dry - but could be holding more or less moisture due to the ambient weather conditions?

Thanks a lot everyone. Then repeat,1 shot every 4 coats. Maybe experiment with using less accelerator like you were thinking? Just my 2 cents worth Moisture IN the wood, not in the air. If you are wet sanding the wood should not be at all that would do it. Personally I don't use nor recommend ca accelerator's. I like the deep shine,and mostly it can make up for my overturning errors. My fit quality would be lost without CA I guess it's kindof a crutch for me.

I get the best glass-like finish by going a little bigger,then using to get it totally smooth and sized before micro meshing it. I'm getting better at sizing with my calipers,that's really improved my fit quality.

When using other CA's from various vendors, I almost always have some sort of clouding problem, either immediately or after some time passes. I also use denatured alcohol to clean and dry the blank before I start the finishing process. Hmm, Ok. I can see the glass like finish but the number of coats was what I was wondering about. You can do just one thick coat and sand it to size and be done with it.

Really no need for multiple coats at all, just make things harder on you with more points of failure and more time spent. I use the ca and accelerator from woodcraft, normally put between 4 to 10 coats on wood with my lathe on the slowest speed, i hit it with accelerator after every pass, give a few seconds, run my finger on it to make its dry and hit with the next coat.

I use the medium ca and havnt run into any cloudy issuses yet. Click to expand Moisture can get into a CA finished pen blank from the ends of the blank. The end grain there has very open pores and moisture readily passes in or out. I have been sealing the ends of my finished pen blanks with thin CA just before I assemble the pens as insurance against clouding.

Before you begin this step, it is advisable to place a towel on the lathe bed to protect it from any glue that might drop off. Place the bowl on the lathe and set it to rotate at a slow speed. During this step, you will have to have your protective gear on.

It is recommended to use a respirator and eye protector for the fumes that might come off from the paper towel. Fold the paper towel four to five times and put a few drops of the glue on it. Preferably 10 to 12 drops. As the lathe is spinning, just hold the paper towel onto the bowl and let the CA glue to evenly coat its surface. Do this for about 10 seconds.

If you take more time the paper towel will start bonding to the bowl. After the 5 minutes, take another paper towel, fold it four times and hold it on the still spinning bowl.

The point of smoothening it with a dry paper towel is to remove any lines that might have been created during the application process.

Do this for about 10 seconds and let it rest for another 5 minutes. Once you are done smoothening the bowl, give it a final sanding evenly with a fine grit paper and then work on it over again with a dry paper towel.

The bowl is now ready for a polish. The Beall wood polish buff has a three-stage polishing system. It has three different polishing wheels; Tripoli, white diamond, and Best Router Bits For Wood Carving You carnuba wax. The main purpose of the Beall polish is to bring out the luster and depth of the polish. As I have just mentioned, the Beall wood buff comes in threes. Start with the tripoli. Polishing is done just like sanding. Rub with the tripoli evenly across all the surfaces that you applied CA glue.

Do the same with the white diamond and finally with the carnuba wax and your bowl finishing process with CA glue is complete. Finishing wood turned bowls with thin CA glue is a difficult process and this is Diy Wood Projects For Gifts Quotes no doubt one of the simplest turning tutorials you can get. It is my hope that this guide is going to help you in your woodturning and finish projects. Recent Posts. January June May April March February December October

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